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The Story I Heard  Blind Pilot


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"The Story I Heard"
Blind Pilot
3 Rounds and a Sound
Capo 1
All chords relative to capo.
Chords used:
F7/C (F7) 1x3210
F11 1x3230
F7sus2/C (F*) 1x3010
Fadd9 (F9) 1x3213
C (C) x32010
Cadd9 (C9) x32030
Notes to playing it JUST like Blind Pilot:
1) He does this little pinky thing with his F chord. First he'll emphasize the open E
the F7, then he'll emphasise the D on the F11, then back to the E string on the F7, and
 he'll do a sort of melodic fall from the F9-F7-F11-F7. (emphasize the notes, G-E-D-C). 

In fact, in that video he breaks his A string (on purpose!) to avoid hitting that nasty
(which I included for the C chords)
2) When strumming verse, he does a weird pull of thing with the 2nd fret on the G
but it's VERY brief, don't over do it! The idea is a F7-F*-F7- real quick.
3) When strumming the bridge (Amin chord), he uses pull offs on the 2nd fret of the D
G strings. He also plays the f7 chord for only 1 strum!
4) He changes the strumming pattern towards the end (on the chorus section) to
a melody involving the D on the B string (3rd fret). I'm too lazy to tab it out,
use your ear. Check out the video, it'll help loads!
F7-F*-F7 F7 C C9 C C9
F7 F* F7 C C9 C C9
[F7] Hey, JoJo.
[F7] Yeah, I know your[C] n[C9]ame[C].[C9]
[F7] I thought I s[F7]aw you
[F7] jump the U[F7]tah tr[C]ai[C9]n,[C] [C9]
but I could not s[Amin]ay.[Amin] [Amin] [F7]
I co[F7]uld [C]not sa[C]y.[C] [C]
[F7] Heard you t[F7]ried to
[F7] keep your h[F7]at on a sh[C9]elf[C].[C9] [C]
[F7] Marry the w[F7]oman,
[F7] went off and l[F7]oved som[C9]eone el[C]se.[C9] [C]
Could be as w[Amin]ell.[Amin] [Amin]
I [F7]cann[C]ot te[C]ll.[C] [C]
[C] Oh, no I cannot tell!
[F7] [F9] [F7] [F9] [C] [C9] [C] [C9]  
[F9] [F9] [F9] [F7] [C] [C9] [C] [C9]  
[F7] Hey, J[F7]oJo,
[F7] don't you f[F7]orget your n[C9]ame[C].[C9] [C]
F* F7
Might try to keep you
F* F7 C9 C C9 C
from the man you have been.
So, don't go that [Amin]way.[Amin] [Amin]
Don'[F7]t go[C] tha[C]t wa[C]y.[C]
Oh, 'cause the s[F11-F7]tory I heard[F11-F7]
is the peo[F11-F7]ple are [F11-F7]bored
and the mea[C9-C]sures y[C9-C]ou take[C9-C]
to wr[C9-C]estle with your Lord[C9-C].
All the m[FF11-F79]oney you take‚?[F11-F7]
All the m[F11-F7]emories you spi[F11-F7]ll...
Will He me[C9-C]asure your tongu[C9-C]e?
Will He me[C9-C]asure your will?[C9-C]
Oh, now‚?¶
[F11-F7] [F11-F7] [C9-C] [C9-C]  
O[F11-F7]ne of these mornings[F11-F7]
[F11-F7] we'll be the loudes[F11-F7]t you‚??ll hear.[C9] [C] [C9] [C]
[F11-F7] You'll write your stor[F11-F7]y on firecrac[F11-F7]ker paper,[C9] [C] [C9] [C]
And disap[Amin]pear..[Amin].[Amin]
Ne[F7]ar disapp[C]ear...
And disap[Amin]pear..[Amin].[Amin]
Ne[F7]ar disapp[C]ear...
O[F11-F7]h, 'cause the story I[F11-F7] heard
[F11-F7] is the people are bor[F11-F7]ed
[C9] an[C]d [C9]the[C] measures you t[C9]ake[C] [C9] [C]
t[C9]o w[C]re[C9]stl[C]e with [C9]you[C]r [C9]Lor[C]d.
All the m[F9F11-F7]easures you fake...[F7F11-F7]
Wheth[F11-F7]er you're dead o[F11-F7]r just still...
[C9] W[C]il[C9]l H[C]e measu[C9]re [C]yo[C9]ur [C]tongue?
[C9] Wi[C]ll[C9] He[C] measur[C9]e y[C]ou[C9]r w[C]ill?
Oh, now‚?¶
[F7] [F9] [F7] [F7] [C] [C9] [C] [C]  
[F11-F7]One of these mornings,
W[C9]e'l[C]l [C9]be.[C]..
W[C9]e'l[C]l [C9]be.[C]..
[F11-F7]One of these mornings,
W[C9]e'l[C]l [C9]be.[C]..
W[C9]e'l[C]l [C9]be [C]home.
F7-F*-F7 F7 C9 C C9 C
F7 F* F7 C9 C C9 C

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Amin C C9 F7 F9
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