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The Light & the Glass  Coheed and Cambria

Coheed And Cambria
The Light And Glass
Key: D, G, A, C
Tuning: Standard EADGBe
Chords used:
D - xx0232
Em - 022000
D/F# - 2x023x
A/C# - x476xx
G - 320033
C - x32010
G/B - x2x003
Am - x02210
[F] [-] [133211]  
[F#m]Bb -[-] [244222]x13331
 Intro: D--G--Bm--G--Bm-A/C#-D-G--A--

Phase I:
Verse 1:
S[D]lowly the pen touches paper in the
[G]guidance of the words that you write
[Bm]Memories roll in of the
things you once did
And [D]who you had [G]shared them with
[Bm] is somebody [A/C#]thinking of [D]you[G] [A]
Verse 2:
Did [D]I bother telling you this
with the [G]words that cross
teeth and jump lips
A [Bm]poor choice of words in
wanting to tell you anything
But [D]words don't come with
[G]ease [Bm]they're for[A/C#]ever my [D]hurt[G] [A]
Verse 3:
[D] Would it really matter if you
were to [G]count the days
left with your hands
Your [Bm]focus secure and
the loves you left well
S[D]miles staged in [G]photographs[Bm]
[A/C#]here un[D]til[G] [A]
[A] You You left the [G]light on
There's a chance I might
have[A] tripped girl
You were [G]there to hold on
[Bm]Ignoring the words of your
ob[A]noxious little [G]brother
[Bm]Kill or be killed spilled the
[A]words from your [G]mother
[Bm]I'll lay awake for a [A]while[G]
I'll [Bm]leave the light on a [A]while[G]
[Bm] You couldn't [A]last a [G]lifetime caught
between here and the days of [Bm]it
Carving [A]her name across your [G]arm
with every wish its...
Verse 4:
...hit or [Em]miss[D] [C]her
[Em]I told[D] you [C]so [Em]I measured
[D]distance in[C] lines
de[Em]parting the [D]rest of my [C]life
[Am] But you had [C]better
things to do
Am C(hold)
But you had better
things to do
Verse 5:
[D] Liar[Em] Liar
[D/F#] Liar Liar
[G] Liar Liar[D]..[A].
(Repeat x4)
(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Bridge)
(Repeat Verse 4)
Breakdown: F#m--Bm--
Verse 6:
If [F#m]you'd get put to sleep[Bm]
like an [F#m]old
dog you're better off[Bm]
should [F#m]you get put to sleep[Bm]
Verse 7:
[Am]I've been [Bb]cautious with
the [Am]words I ex[G]tend
[Am]Allow this [Bb]year before
the [Am]world starts to [G]end
Guitar Solo: C-Bm-Em--
Verse 8:
[C] Your fathers dead he
passed in his sleep
[Em] and I woke to the
sounds of her [Am]crying
[C] Your fathers dead he
passed in his sleep
[Em] and I woke to the
sounds of her [Am]crying
[C] Your fathers dead he
passed in his [D]sleep
[C] Your fathers dead he
passed in his sleep
[Em] Pray for us [D]all[C]
(Repeat x32)
Pray for us all My
dearest Appollo
I'll be burning star 4
Mini Instrumental:

Am-F-Em-- x3

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A A/C# Am Bb Bm C D D/F# Em F F#m G
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