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Palisades Park  Counting Crows

Intro - Piano & Horn

[E] [A] [D] [D] [A] [E] 
A E (X2)
S[A]omebody [E]screamed and all of Jim Jeffries' dreams
Explode into a b[D]lack fist, he falls to the floor
[A]He stares up at the s[E]ky and he may wish he knew why
But you can't go b[D]ack there no more
[F#]Future sounds so crazy
We've all h[E]eard that song before
T[F#]omorrow's the name we change from yesterday to blame
When the train just don't [E]stop here anymore
[A]I got [E]starry-eyed on the coaster ride
Andy says, "ma[D]n I need a break from the world outside"
These day[A]s m[E]y life just careens through a pinball machine
I could do so much bet[D]ter but I can't get off the tilt
And there's a [F#]photograph on the TV
Black and white [E]and Andy says something to you
[F#]Jack Johnson straddling Reno, Nevada like
She says, "I f[E]orget myself sometimes too"
[F#]Out past the doorways where we are sleeping
Well, the [B]white queens creep
And the Tom cats peep

Now [A]I'm not breaking,
The [B]train's just shaking,
I [E]never made it here befo[A]re,
[A]There's a white mouse spinning the girls [B]around,
'Til they[E] can't take it anym[A]ore
I used to d[A]ream in the dark
of [B]Palisades park
[E]Up over the cliffs and
[A]down among the sparks
[A]It's a long life
[B]Full of long nights
But it was [E]not what I was[B] waiting f[A]or
[D]Everybody's see[C#]n the horses diving down the [F#]shore
It's a m[C#]iracle they don't make them anymo[F#]re.
[E]So make up ladies, wake up baby
[A]You walked in[E]to the bar like some Saturday star
Stud-straight on s[D]piked heels and needles and nerves,
[A]You're a[E] down town pride, fully amplified Clyde,
Gin-tight and [D]aging but well-preserved,
Remember [F#]Andy outside your bedroom window,
Saying "come on, let's d[E]rive across to the Palisades"
Keep g[F#]oing 'til we hit Reno, Nevada
I don't see Andy a[E]ll that much these days,
Still there are p[F#]ages in back,
Of the action stacks
Where, the w[B]hite queens creep
And the Tom cats peep and...
Now the t[A]rains not braking,
The t[B]rack's just shaking,
I n[E]ever made it here befo[A]re,
And there's a s[A]ky rocket turning the [B]world around,
[E]'Til I can't take it any[A]more
[A]You can carry that spark
from [B]Palisades park
[E]Down over the cliffs and [A]out into the dark
[A]It's a long life
[B]Full of long nights
But it was [E]not what I was[B] looking [A]for
[D]Everybody dreams of[C#] horses flying round the s[F#]hore
It's a b[C#]ad dream we're not having anymo[F#]re
Have you s[F#]een Andy?
Hey m[E]an hey man!
Have you seen him aro[F#]und?
Hey m[E]an!
Have you seen my my my my my my my A[F#]ndy?
Have you [E]seen him? x 4 Hey!
Have you seen Andy aro[F#]und?
[E]Dressed up in our pirate best
All l[F#]eathers and feather and pearls
Andy said,[B] "look at me man, I'm cooking these hands could
[E]Finger up this whole world"
He said, "come [B]outside
[Bsus2]Climb out your bedroom window
[A]Shimmy down the fire escape and s[E]ay good-bye
[B]Come outside"
Andy says, "I'm dressed up just like [F#]Edie
Changing all the time my leopard spots to polka dots and [E]say good-bye
C[B]ome outside
Well maybe we could [F#]move to California
Just m[A]eet me at the subway and say[E] good-bye
C[B]ome outside
The cops all think we're c[F#]razy
If you stay you'll just get [A]married
To a girl who'll never know you and then s[E]ay good-bye
[E]Hey man, have you seen Andy?
I l[F#]ost her in the sun
I was [A]high as a kite on lovely and white
Man, you could [E]lose anyone
[E]Hey hey man, have you seen Andy?
[F#]I don't know where she's gone
[A]But real love outlives teenage lust
We could get wet [E]and it keeps us warm
[B]Love is like angel dust
Lovely sometimes changes us
...[E]sometimes not
[B]Have you bee aching to trust or just...?
[F#]Have you been waking yourself with lust...?
[A]Have you been making us up or just taking us [F#]home?
[E]It's a long wait
At a l[A]ong[E] light
Cars f[A]rozen i[E]n flight
[A]All the [E]traffic stops to stare
[F#]At a crosswalk in Reno, Nevada
[A]Wearing nothing but air
And a pair of [F#]grey paper wings
Andy thinks, "man, I have [A]got nothing to wear"
[F#]We got nothing new and
[A]We got nothing to wear
[A]We got nothing to wear
[A]We got nothing [E]to wear

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