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Lose You  Drake

[F#m]I don't ca[G#m]re what socie[A]ty thinks.[C#m] They're nothing anyway. They're no better than me. Out there
[F#m]you just h[G#m]ave to fit in[A]to a patte[C#m]rn that somebody's already laid out for you.
Life we live, you have to set your own patterns, your own ideals. You have to handle the whole job yourself.
[Verse 1] 
[F#m]No snow tires, the rain slip-slide like T[G#m]rick Daddy and Trina
Oli North pull in, like, 1[A]0 million a season
Queen Street visions that n[C#m]obody believed in
If we not on the charts, my [F#m]XO niggas eatin'
Fifty-two consecutive weekends,[G#m] shout out to Weeknd
The city gets stronger when ev[A]erybody is speakin'
Not when everybody out here beefin'
[C#m]We got it, now we just gotta keep it
[F#m]America's most wanted, man, I'm still on the run
[G#m]All these number ones and we still not the ones
[A]No hard feelings, but I'll still get you spun
[C#m]Went and got diplomas, and we still goin' dumb
[F#m]Please never label niggas who lay down for a livin'
[G#m]My competition, it's beyond offensive
[A]I'm in it for the glory, not the honor mention
[C#m]Not tryna be fourth and inches, I'm tryna go the distance
[F#m]Yeah, distance, I'm on a different mission
[G#m]This the remix to "Ignition," hot and fresh out the kitchen
[A]How you forget to fill up with gas on the road to riches?
[C#m]Too overly ambitious, too late to fix it
[F#m]Too late for condolences when it's over with
[G#m]I need to start sayin' sh*t when I notice it
[A]Be open with people I need some closure with
[C#m]Be honest with myself and take ownership
[F#m]Opinions started to burn when tables started to turn
[G#m]I really used to feel like they loved a nigga at first
[A]Excitin' times, revitalized
[C#m]Trust this little light of mine is gonna shine positively
[F#m]I'm just takin' what God will give me
[G#m]Grateful like Jerry, Bob and Mickey
[A]Better attitude, we'll see where it gets me
[C#m]I know catchin' flies with honey is still sticky
[F#m]I wrote the book on world-class finesses
[G#m]And tasteful gestures and makin' efforts
And never placin' second
[A]And even better knowin' you're first but then takin' second
[C#m]Inspirin' and never takin' credit
I know I deserve more, I just never said it
[G#m]Two middle fingers as I make a exit, yea[A]h
[F#m]Did I? [G#m]Did I?
[A]Did I lose [C#m]you?
[F#m]Did I? [G#m]Did I?
[A]Did I lose [C#m]you?
[Verse 2] 
[F#m]Winnin' is problematic
[G#m]People like you more when you workin' towards somethin'
Not when you have it
[A]Way less support from my peers
In recent years as I get established
[C#m]Unforgivin' times, but f**k it, I manage
[F#m]Why is my struggle different than others'?
[G#m]Only child that's takin' care of his mother
[A]As health worsens and bills double
[C#m]That's not respectable all of a sudden?
I don't get a pat on the back for the come up?
[F#m]What do you see when you see me?
[G#m]When did all the things I mean
[A]From the bottom of my heart start to lose meaning?
[C#m]Maybe I share it with too many people
Back then it used to just feel like our secret
[F#m]Back when I would write
[G#m]And not think about how they receive it
[A]I be tryna manifest the things I needed
[C#m]And look, now, I mean, it's hard to believe it even for me
[F#m]But you're mindful of it all when your mind full of it all
[G#m]How they go from not wantin' me at all
[A]To wantin' to see me lose it all?
[C#m]Things get dark, but my aura just starts glowin'
[F#m]I'm overcome with emotions
[G#m]Ones I can't access when I'm stoned sober
[A]Jealous ones still envy and niggas turn king cobra
[C#m]I could only speak what I know of
[F#m]Man, we wrote the book on calculated thinkin'
[G#m]And icy Heineken drinkin', and[A] rival neighborhoods linkin'
[C#m]And puttin' your trust in someone
With the risk of financially sinkin'
[F#m]All you did was write the book on garbage-ass Rollies
Ego strokin', picture postin'
[G#m]Claimin' that you'd do it for motiv[A]ational purposes only
[C#m]But you just had to show me
See, I know, 'cause I study you clo[F#m]sely
I know when[G#m] someone lyin'
I notice people standin' for nothin' and gettin' tired[A]
I know what we're both thinkin' even when you're qu[C#m]iet
Sometimes I gotta just make sure that I didn't lose you
[F#m]Did I? [G#m]Did I?
[A]Did I lose [C#m]you?
[F#m]Did I? [G#m]Did I?
[A]Did I lose [C#m]you?
[Outro: 600 Breezy] 
[F#m]This is the 6's year
[G#m]Six hundreds instead of six, OVO
[A]You know we'll be rockin' our asses out
[C#m]To my big brother Drizzy
[F#m]You know what I'm sayin'?
[G#m]More Life, 6 to the worl[A]d, gang sh*t [C#m]

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