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Junk Bond Trader  Elliott Smith

Cm Ab Eb Fsus4 F Ab Bb x2
Th[Cm]e imitation picks you up like [Ab]a habit
[Eb]Writing in the glow of th[Fsus4]e tv s[F]ta[Ab]tic[Bb]
[Cm]Taking out the trash to the [Ab]man
[Eb]Give the people something they [Fsus4]unders[F]ta[Ab]nd[Bb]
A [Cm]stick-man flashing a [Ab]fine-line smile
[Eb]Junk bond trader [Fsus4]trying to [F]sell a [Ab]sucker a [Bb]style
[Cm]Rich man in a [Ab]poor man's clothes
The [Eb]permanent i[Fsus4]nstallm[F]ent of the [Ab]daily [Bb]dose
And you tell me [Cm]off when you tell it [Ab]like it is[Eb]
Your world's no [Fsus4]wider [F]than your [Ab]hated of [Bb]his
[Cm]Checking into a [Ab]small reality
[Eb]Boring as a drug you [Fsus4]take t[F]oo [Ab]regu[Bb]larly
The [Cm]athlete's laugh; the [Ab]broken crutch
The [Eb]first true love that [Fsus4]folded [F]at the [Ab]slightest [Bb]touch
[Cm]Brought down like an [Ab]old hotel
People [Eb]digging through the rubble for [Fsus4]things [F]they [Ab]can r[Bb]esell
[C]"happy holidays,"[Bb] said sick saviour
[C]The leaving lover I[Eb/Ab] still [Bb/D]favou[Bb]r
[C]I won't take your medicine
[Bb]I don't need a remedy
[C]To be everything I'm[Eb/Ab] supposed[Bb/D] to b[Bb]e
[C]I don't want nobody else
[Bb]I can do it by myself
We're [C]meant to be [Eb]tog[Bb/D]ether[Bb]
[C]ah, [Bb]ahh, ahh[Cm]h
[Cm] [Cm/Eb] [Bb/D] [Bb]  
[Abmaj7] [Bb/D] [Bb] [Bdim]  
Cm Ab Eb Fsus4 F Ab Bb x2
Now [Cm]I'm a policeman di[Ab]recting traffic
Keeping [Eb]everything moving, [Fsus4]everyt[F]hing [Ab]stat[Bb]ic
[Cm]I'm the hitchhiker you'll [Ab]recognize passing
[Eb]On your way to some [Fsus4]everla[F]st[Ab]ing[Bb]...
[Cm]Better [Ab]sell it while you [Eb]can[Fsus4] [F] [Ab] [Bb]
[Cm]Better [Ab]sell it while you [Eb]can[Fsus4] [F] [Ab] [Bb]
[Cm]Better [Ab]sell it while you [Eb]can[Fsus4] [F] [Ab] [Bb]
[Cm]Better [Ab]sell it while you [Eb]can [Fsus4] [F] [Ab] [Bb] [Ab] [Bb] [C]

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Ab Abmaj7 Bb Bb/D Bdim C Cm Cm/Eb Eb Eb/Ab F Fsus4
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