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Twilight  Elliott Smith

No tab in here has the solo, so i'll tab that out. Being a tab reader, i hate having to
between tabs, so ill put the rest in here too.
Standard Tuning (I play it tuned a step down because it works better with my voice)
On the D chord, i put the a string in parenthesis.
Because its hard to mute out, and it sounds
perfectly fine, you can play it if you want.
Technically you aren't supposed to, but it
the same.
F7/C (x33210)
Am (x02210)
G (320003)
D (x(x)0323)
[F7/C]Haven't laughed this hard in a long time,
Better[Am] stop now, [G]before I start cr[F]ying.[C/G]
[F7/C]Go off to sleep in the sunshine
Don't [Am]want to see the [G]day when it's d[F]ying.[C/G]
She's a[D] sight to see
She's (a) [F7/C]good to me
But I'm [Am]already [G]somebody's [F]baby.[C/G]
She's a [D]pretty thing,
She knows [F7/C]everything
But I'm [Am]already [G]somebody's [F]baby.[C/G]
[F7/C]You don't deserve to be lonely,
But those d[Am]rugs you got won't [G]make you feel [F]better.[C/G]
[F7/C]Pretty soon you'll find its the only
Little [Am]part of your life you're [G]keeping tog[F]ether.[C/G]
I'm n[D]ice to you,
I could [F7/C]make it through
But you're [Am]already [G]somebody's b[F]aby.[C/G]
I could [D]make you smile,
If you [F7/C]stayed a while
But how [Am]long will you [G]stay with me, b[F]aby?[C/G]
SOLO (see below)
[F7/C]Because your candle burns too bright
Well I [Am]almost for[G]got it was twi[F]light.[C/G]
[F7/C]Even if I think that you are right
Well I'm [Am]tired of being [G]down,
I got [F]no fight.[C/G]
You're [D]wonderful
When it[F7/C]s beautiful
But I'm [Am]already [G]somebody's [F]baby.
If I [D]went with you,
I'd dissa[F]point you too
Am G F (RIFF 1)
But I'm already somebody's baby.
[Am]Already [G]somebody's [D]baby.
F9/C (RIFF 2) Am
 E |1---------------|
 B |2---------------|
 G |3---------------|
 D |3---------------|
 A |1---------------|
 E |1-1-2-3---------|

[F9/C] [Am]  
 e |0----------x---|
 B |1----------0---|
 G |2----------2---|
 D |3----------2---|
 A |3--3-2---0-1---|
 E |x------3---0---|

It goes something like this. I've seen live videos where he sings the melody, but i like
[F9/C] [Am] [G] [F7/C] [C/G]  
 e 0------------0--|0------------0--|-------------3--|-------------0--|
 B 1-2p0---2--0-1--|1-2p0---2--0-1--|--2p0---2--0-3--|--2p0---2--0-1--|
 G 2-----1------2--|2-----1------2--|------1------0--|------1------0--|Repeat
 D 3------------3--|3------------3--|-------------0--|-------------2--| x1
 A 3------------3--|3------------3--|-------------2--|-------------3--|
 E x------------x--|x------------x--|-------------3--|-------------3--|

[D] [F9/C] [Am] [G] [F9/C] [C/G]  
 E -------------2--|-------------0--|-------------3--|-------------0--|
 A --2p0---2--0-3--|--2p0---2--0-1--|--2p0---2--0-3--|--2p0---2--0-1--|
 D ------3------2--|------1------2--|------1------0--|------1------0--|Repeat
 G -------------0--|-------------3--|-------------0--|-------------2--| x1
 B -------------0--|-------------3--|-------------2--|-------------3--|
 e -------------x--|-------------x--|-------------3--|-------------3--|

And this is 100% how you play it. You can have some liberty with the notes in the solo.
apologize if the chords are off of the words,
I have a few syllables I do different than elliott
does in his recording, i don't know why.

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Am C/G D F F7/C G
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