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Like You  Evanescence

Tune down a half step to
Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, and Eb
Its a pretty easy song..Just strumming the Chords along.
Chords used are
C#(bar) A(bar) F#min(bar) G#min(bar) Cmaj Bmin
 E- -4 -5 -2 -4 -0 -2
 B- -5 -5 -2 -4 -1 -3
 G- -6 -6 -2 -4 -0 -4
 D- -6 -7 -4 -6 -2 -4
 A- -5 -7 -4 -6 -3 -2
 E- -x -5 -2 -4 -x -x

[Emaj]-0 [Dmaj]-2 [Amin]-0 [Amaj]-0
-0 -3 -1 -2
[-1]-2 [-2]-0 [-2]-2 [-2]-2
-2 -x -0 -0
-0 -x -x -x
Here We Go!
At the begging when the guitar starts.
C#(bar) A(bar) (x2)
C#(bar) A(bar)
Stay low
C#(bar) A(bar) C#(bar)
soft, dark, and dreamless
C#(bar) A(bar) F#min(bar) (slide) G#min(bar)
far beneath my nightmares and loneliness
C#(bar) A(bar)
I hate mee
C#(bar) A(bar) C#(bar)
for breathing without you
C#(bar) A(bar) Cmaj Bmi Emaj
I don't want to feel anymore for you
gr[Cmaj]ieving for y[Emaj]ou
[Emaj]I'm not gr[Dmaj]ieeee[Cmaj]ving for y[Emaj]ou
[Emaj]nothing real [Dmaj]love can[Cmaj]'t und[Emaj]o
[Emaj]and though[Cmaj] I may have lo[Emaj]st my way
[Emaj]all paths [Cmaj]lead s[Ami]traight to y[Emaj]ou
[Emaj]I long t[Cmaj]o be like yo[Emaj]u
[Emaj]lie cold i[Dmaj]n the ground l[Cmaj]ike you[Emaj]
C#(bar) A(bar) (x2)
C#(bar) A(bar)
C#(bar) A(bar) C#(bar)
blinding wall between us
C#(bar) A(bar) F#min(bar) / G#min(bar)
melt awaaay and leeeeave uus alone again
C#(bar) A(bar) C#(bar) A(bar) C#(bar)
huuuummmming, haunted somewhere out there
C#(bar) A(bar) Cmaj Bmi Emaj
I beeelieve our love can see us through in death
[Emaj]I long [Dmaj]to be l[Cmaj]ike yo[Emaj]u
[Emaj]lie cold i[Dmaj]n the ground [Cmaj]like yo[Emaj]u
[Emaj]there's room [Cmaj]inside for t[Emaj]wo and I'm not [Dmaj]grieeevi[Cmaj]ng for [Emaj]you
I'm [Dmaj]cooomm[Cmaj]ming for y[Amaj]ou
Amaj (strum 3x)
Amaj(let ring) C#(bar) Cmaj
You're not alooooooooooone
Amaj G#min(bar) C#(bar) Cmaj
no matter what they told you you're not alooooooooone
F#(bar) (SLIDE) G#min(bar) C#(bar) Cmaj Emaj
I'll be right beside you forevermoooooooooooooooooooooooooooore
[Emaj]I lon[Cmaj]g to be like y[Emaj]ou, sis
[Emaj]lie cold i[Dmaj]n the ground [Cmaj] like yo[Emaj]u did
[Emaj]there's room i[Dmaj]nside [Cmaj]for tw[Emaj]o and I'm not g[Dmaj]rieeee[Cmaj]ving for y[Emaj]ou
[Emaj]and as w[Cmaj]e lay in si[Emaj]lent bliss
[Emaj]I know y[Cmaj]ou remember [Emaj]me
[Emaj]I long [Dmaj]to be l[Cmaj]ike yo[Emaj]u
[Emaj]lie cold i[Dmaj]n the ground l[Cmaj]ike yo[Emaj]u
[Emaj]there's room i[Dmaj]nside [Cmaj]for t[Emaj]wo and I'm not g[Cmaj]rieving for [Emaj]you
[Emaj]I'm c[Dmaj]ooommm[Cmaj]ing for [Emaj]you

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Amaj Amin Cmaj Dmaj Emaj
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