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Sex Wars  Evil Cowards

[-----]For this part you could instead play the Cmaj7 and Em chords labelled on the
[Cmaj7]1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . [Em]1 . 2 . 3 . 4
 G|-9~------9---9-----9-9-9---9-9-9-9~------9---9-----9-9-9---9-9-9- x4

[C] [Em] [F] [Dm] [Am]  
 e|----- e|-7--- e|----- e|----- e|-----
 B|-8--- B|-8--- B|-10-- B|-10-- B|-10--
 G|-9--- G|-9--- G|-10-- G|-10-- G|-9---
 D|-10-- D|-9--- D|-10-- D|-12-- D|-7---
 A|-10-- A|-7--- A|-8--- A|-12-- A|-----
 E|-8--- E|----- E|----- E|----- E|-----

We were [C]soldiers in a bloody [Em]sex war
Without a [C]clue 'bout what we'd signed [Em]on for
But we[F] fought the good fight and we [Dm]f**ked each other [Am]down
I sucked the [F]venom out of your bite, went [Dm]back for another [Am]round
Of your [C]sloppy, sloppy [Em]buffet
Watching the [C]chips falling where [Em]they may
And we[F] tried it my way, and [Dm]then we tried it [Am]yours
Stopping [F]traffic on the highway with our [Dm]public inter[Am]course

[C] [G] [Am] [F] [Cadd9]  
 e|----- e|----- e|----- e|----- e|-10--
 B|-8--- B|-3--- B|-5--- B|-1--- B|-8---
 G|-9--- G|-4--- G|-5--- G|-2--- G|-9---
 D|-10-- D|-5--- D|-7--- D|-3--- D|-10--
 A|-10-- A|-5--- A|-7--- A|-3--- A|-x---
 E|-8--- E|-3--- E|-5--- E|-1--- E|-8---

Of [C]course we did now didn't we
And there was[G] no remorse, no reg[Am]rets of any kind
We were [C]so unsightly but we [F]paid no mind
It was a [G]sex war
And we were [Am]watching it unwind
From our [C]front row seats on the [F]front lines
And we were [C]wild eyed, [F]shell shocked and messed up[C]
Cracked actors ready [Cadd9]for our close up
Verse 2

[Fmaj7] [Cmaj7]  
 e|-12-- e|-7---
 B|-10-- B|-8---
 G|-10-- G|-9---
 D|-10-- D|-10--
 A|-8--- A|-x---
 E|----- E|-8---

We were [C]fighting for a perverse fu[Em]ture
For every [C]man, women, child and comp[Em]uter
And we[F] had [Fmaj7]our instructions so we [Dm]marched into the [Am]fray
Where I s[F]ampled [Fmaj7]your love suction and you [Dm]showered in my [Am]spray
(INTRO RIFF or chords below)
And you [Cmaj7]didn't know who you were [Em]shooting at
(INTRO RIFF or chords below)
I didn't [Cmaj7]care that your boobies were boob[Em]y trapped
We were [F]all in [Fmaj7]this together, it was [Dm]just like Viet[Am]nam
Except with a [F]whole [Fmaj7]lot more leather and a [Dm]whole lot less [Am]napalm

[C] Less napalm...
[G] We watch in wonder as the [Am]enemy gets
On the re[C]ceiving ends of our [F]bayonets
It was a [G]sex war, no [Am]truce in sight
Sending [C]home body bags on every [F]cargo flight
And we were [C]killing machines le[F]tting all our guns fly
[C]Sex marines, [Cadd9]Semper Fi

1 . 2 . 3 . 4
[C] [C] [Em] [F]  
[C]C [F]C [G](The[Am] 'OUTRO' part below comes in on 3)
[C/G] [Dm/A] [Em/B] [F/C]  
 e|-3--- e|-5--- e|-7--- e|-8---
 B|-5--- B|-6--- B|-8--- B|-10--
 G|-5--- G|-7--- G|-9--- G|-10--
 D|-5--- D|-7--- D|-9--- D|-10--
 A|-3--- A|-5--- A|-7--- A|-8---
 E|-3--- E|-5--- E|-7--- E|-8---

[Em] Our hearts racing every [F]night as we hunker
In the d[C]irty confines of our [F]love bunker
This is a [G]sex war and we ain't [Am]going AWOL
Letting [C]god sort 'em [Dm]out after we [Em]kill 'em all[F]
And we were [C]over stimu[Dm]lated Am[Em]erican [F]heroes
[C]Fighting to pre[Dm]vent the next se[Em]x ground [F]zero
[C/G]Notified by [Dm/A]unwanted knock[Em/B]s upon your [F/C]front doors
[C] Fresh kills Cas[Cadd9]ualties of sex wars!
Note: The four X/Y chords above aren't in the song I was just trying to
recreate the sense of crescendo. If you choose to play the preceding chords low
on the neck, then these can be useful for climbing into position for the final

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Am C C/G Cadd9 Cmaj7 Dm Dm/A Em Em/B F F/C Fmaj7 G
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