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Rambling Through the Avenues of Time  Flight of the Conchords

Tuning: Standard E A D G B e E A D G B e
 +-----------+ +-----------+

D x x 0 2 3 2 G 3 2 0 0 3 3
Dmaj7 x 4 0 2 3 2 Gmaj9 2 0 0 0 3 3
Gmaj7 x 3 0 0 3 2 G6 0 2 0 0 3 3
D/A x 0 0 0 3 2 A7 x 0 2 0 2 0
 +-----------+ +-----------+

NOTE: The lyrics in (parenthesis) are Jemaine's.
The chord progression stays the same through the verses where Bret plays piano.
Jemaine's bass line is the only thing present in the last verse
I was [D]wandering through the[Dmaj7] streets of the [Gmaj7]city[D/A]
[G]Rambling through the [Gmaj9]avenues of [G6]time[A7]
When from [D]nowhere my [Dmaj7]eyes fell [Gmaj7]onto a g[D/A]irl
And by ch[G]ance her eyes [Gmaj9]fell onto [G6]mine[A7]
So I s[D]at and I[Dmaj7] acted all [Gmaj7]nonchalant[D/A]
She sm[G]oked her[Gmaj9] lavender c[G6]igarette[A7]
[D]Reading the f[Dmaj7]uture that [Gmaj7]lay in my h[D/A]ands
My sh[G]adow played a [Gmaj9]bass clarin[G6]et
(Where are you going with this, Bret?)
We wa[D]ltzed down a [Dmaj7]moonlit b[Gmaj7]oulevard[D/A]
Just [G]two silho[Gmaj9]uettes in the [G6]mist[A7]
(Ah, yes?)
[D]Days went[Dmaj7] by and [Gmaj7]years went [D/A]by
[G]Moments went[Gmaj9] by when we k[G6]issed[A7]
(When was this?)
She said 'Your [D]beard is [Dmaj7]woven of [Gmaj7]heartache[D/A]
And we'll [G]drink for the [Gmaj9]lonely t[G6]onight.[A7]'
And the [D]moon is a [Dmaj7]horny old d[Gmaj7]runkard[D/A]
(Ah, [G]Bret. Could you plea[Gmaj9]se move over to your right?)[G6] [A7]
We drank [D]dandelion [Dmaj7]wine and we [Gmaj7]reminisced[D/A]
About the [G]moment when we [Gmaj9]first met that [G6]day[A7]
(I'm trying to watch TV)
Then we [D]reminisced about [Dmaj7]how we first r[Gmaj7]eminisced[D/A]
(Ah [G]yeah. Soun[Gmaj9]ds a bit g[G6]ay)[A7]
She [D]handed me [Dmaj7]a broken m[Gmaj7]emory[D/A]
A [G]keepsake to[Gmaj9] forevermore s[G6]ay[A7]
That [D]a brief taste [Dmaj7]of love is as[Gmaj7] sweet as a[D/A]ny
And with[G] that, [Gmaj9]she made her w[D]ay
(Oh yeah? what was her name?)
She s[D]aid her [Dmaj7]name was a [Gmaj7]secret[D/A]
Then she[G] said her [Gmaj9]name was C[G6]herie[A7]
(Is her [D]middle name Cherie,[Dmaj7] so it's a Sec[Gmaj7]ret Cherie, m[D/A]aybe?)[G] [Gmaj9]
Mm?[G6] maybe[A7]
(What did she look like?)
She [D]looked like a [Dmaj7]Parisian [Gmaj7]river[D/A]
(What, dirty?)
She l[G]ooked like a[Gmaj9] chocolate e[G6]clair[A7]
(That's rare)
Her [D]eyes were [Dmaj7]reflections of [Gmaj7]eyes[D/A]
(Oh, nice)
And the [G]rainbows [Gmaj9]danced in her h[G6]air[A7]
(Oh yeah?)
She [D]reminded me of[Dmaj7] a winter's m[Gmaj7]orning[D/A]
(What, frigid?)
Her pe[G]rfume was [Gmaj9]eau de toil[G6]ette[A7]
(What's that mean?)
She was [D]comparable to[Dmaj7] Cleop[Gmaj7]atra[D/A]
(Quite old?)
She was like S[G]hakesp[Gmaj9]eare's J[G6]uliet[A7]
The b[D]ohemians of [Dmaj7]Soho did p[Gmaj7]irouettes[D/A]
As we w[G]altzed through the [Gmaj9]streets of Man[G6]hattan[A7]
On r[D]ivers of [Dmaj7]ribbon and s[Gmaj7]ailboats of [D/A]song
[G] (Bret, did[Gmaj9] any of this actually[G6] happen?)[A7]
There's a girl I described she's as real as the wind
It's true I saw her today
The other details are inventions
Because I prefer her that way

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