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Silverfishes  Frontier Ruckus


Deadmalls & Nightfalls: Track 5
Matthew Milia: songs, voice, guitar, harmonica, pedal steel
David W. Jones: banjo, voice, dobro
Zachary Nichols: brass, singing-saw, melodica, keyboards
Ryan Etzcorn: drums, percussion
Tuning: Standard
Am C C# D(no5) Fmaj7 Em Riff A (A) A/C#
 e||--0--|--0--|-----|-----|--0--|-----|--------|| |--0----0----0----|
 B||--1--|--1--|--2--|--3--|--1--|--0--|-----0--|| |--2----5----8----|
 G||--2--|--0--|--0--|--0--|--2--|--0--|----(0)-|x2 |--2----6----9----|
 D||--2--|--2--|--3--|--4--|--3--|--2--|--------|| |--2----7----11---|
 A||--0--|--3--|--4--|--5--|-----|--2--|-2h3----|| |--0--------------|
 E||-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|--0--|--------|| |-----------------|

Verse I:
[Am]A bright-night-kitchen moth and the washcloth that I [C]use
C# D(no5)
For the refuse
That is [Fmaj7]littering all of your [Em]clues
Am C C# D(no5)
Orion is dead and gone but something in it still be-longs to me
The [Fmaj7]bright night I [Em]see
[Am]High hot-time all the braggarts drag
Their [C]boats down to the water[C#]
She dragged down to drown each and every
[Fmaj7]Brown rag I bought [Em]her
[Am]The silverfish they ditch their skins as
The [C]Saturday air raid beg-[C#]ins
Pitching exoskeletons
[Fmaj7]Revolting in their [Em]molting
[Am]Dont you know Im just like that?
[C]You can tell where Ive been at[C#]
On every doormat I have sat
A [Fmaj7]relic so an-[Em]gelic
[Dm]Oh the once hard-biting night
Now [D]ruthlessly a toothless sight to [Fmaj7]see[Em]
Verse II:
[Am]A shot down Telegraph with a hot laugh as we [C]cruise
C# D(no5)
Through the sinews
[Fmaj7]Connecting all of your [Em]clues
[Am]The blinds they clap for the
The napping [C]overheated tangles
[D]Daytime may climb high until the dusk sucks out
All that it mangles
[Am]Melting with the blacktop moms
On a [C]bed of palms and psalms[C#]
[D]Immersed in the universe
Of [Fmaj7]off-ramp proms and [Em]sitcoms
[Dm]Sylvan Lake and in between
[D]Perpetually like Halloween[Fmaj7]
I saw [Em]you
[Am]In the dormitory with the warming [C]glory
Of the harvest[C#]
[D]The pilings of the night are whiling out
Where their [Fmaj7]forms are the [Em]largest
Am C D(no5) Fmaj7 Em

[F]Feeling about half as vicious
[Em]As all the silverfishes [A]crawl
[F]If I truly am a coward
[Em]Memory-fueled and fear-powered
[A]Ill[(A)] be [A/C#]damned
But [F]if I [Em]were
That [C]gorgeous [D]blur
[Dm]Id [Em]be
Horn & Banjo Solo Section: Play verse Chords four times through. 2 bars for horn and 2
bars for banjo.
Verse III:
[Am]A bright-night-kitchen moth and the washcloth that I [C]use
C# D(no5)
For the refuse
That is [Fmaj7]littering all of your [Em]clues
[Am]Tripped up on the alley-weed
[C]Through which I elbowed and [C#]kneed
The [D]bottle of my beer emptied
And [Fmaj7]I was warm and [Em]fluid
[Am]The body is a bottle, I guess
[C]That I would like to throttle, [C#]yes
[D]Mottled skin and spilling sin
And a [Fmaj7]holiness so [Em]stupid
The [Dm]heaven that I long to see
The [D]undone linearity
Ive [Fmaj7]pro- [Em]ven
[Dm]Is all the love Ive tried to show
[D]Buried where those buildings glow
Fmaj7 Em (Riff)
And ruined?
Am(let ring)
| / slide up
| \ slide down
| h hammer-on
| p pull-off
| ~ vibrato
| b Bend

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A A/C# Am C C# D Dm Em F Fmaj7
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