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Harold the Barrel  Genesis

A well-known Bog[Am]nor restaurant-owner [Am7/G]disappeared[Bbmaj7]
Early this [Am]morning.
[Am7/G]Last seen in a m[Am7/F]ouse-brown overco[C]at,
Suitably[D7] camouflaged,
They[G] saw him c[B7]atch a t[E]rain.
Fa[G#m]ther of three its d[Eb]isgusting
Such a [G#m]horrible thing t[Eb]o do
H[Gm]arold 'the[F] Barrel' [A7]cut off his toes and he[Dsus4] served them all for [D]tea
Can't go [Gm]far,[Bb] [A7] [Dm/F]
he can't go[Gm] far.
Hasn't got a [Bb]leg to stand on[A7] [Dm/F]
He can't go [Gm]far.
I'm s[Am]tanding in a do[Am7/G]orway on the [Bbmaj7]main square
Tension is [Am7/G]mounting
There's a r[Am7/G]estless crowd of a[Am7/F]ngry people
[C]More than we'v[D7]e ever seen.
[C]- had to tigh[G]ten up s[B7]ecuri[E]ty
Over[G#m] to the scene at the t[Eb]own hall
The [G#m]lord mayors ready to [Eb]speak
[Gm]Man of s[F]uspicion, you can't las[A7]t long
The British [Dsus4]public is on our s[D]ide
Can't last l[Gm]ong, [Bb] [A7] [Dm/F]
you can't last [Gm]long.
Said you couldn't t[Bb]rust him, his brother was just the [Dm]same
You can't last l[Gm]ong
If [Fmaj7]I was many m[Bbmaj7]iles from here,
Id [Fmaj7]be sailing in an open b[Bbmaj7]oat on the sea
Instead [Ebmaj7]I'm on this window [Dm7]ledge,
With the[Ebmaj7] whole world bel[Dm7]ow
[Cm7]Up at the w[Bbm7]indow
[Cm7]Look at the[Bbm7] window...
[A]We can hel[E]p you
[A]We can hel[E]p you
[F#]Were all your f[Bm]riends, if you c[Bm/A]ome on [Bm/G#]down
And t[G]alk to us son
You must [D]be joki[A]ng
Take a running [E]jump
The c[Am]rowd was getting st[Am7]ronger and our [Bbmaj7]Harold
Getting [Am]weaker;
F[Am7/G]orwards, backwards, swayi[Am7/F]ng side to side
[C]Fearing the very w[D7]orst
Th[C]ey called hi[G]s mo[B7]ther to the s[E]ite
[G#m]Up on the ledge b[Eb]eside him
[G#m]His mother made a [Eb]last request.
[Gm]Come off t[F]he ledge if [A7]your father were alive
He'd be v[Dsus4]ery,very, very u[D]pset.
Just can't j[Gm]ump,[Bb] [A7] [Dm/F]
You just can't j[Gm]ump
Your shirts all d[Bb]irty,
There's a m[A7]an here from the B[Dm]. B. C.
You just can't [Gm]jump
[A]We can help [E]you
[A]We can help[E] you
[F#]Were all your f[Bm]riends, i[Bm/A]f you come on down
And t[G]alk to us Harry
You must [D]be jo[A]king.
Take a running [E]jump......

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