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The Man With No Skin  Great Lake Swimmers

D? D? D? D? D? D? D?D?D?D?* C? C? C? C? C? C? C?C?C?C?*

*Remove your finger from the string to play it openly. G string (third string) for the D chord and
B string (second string) for the C chord.
Please NOTE: Don't follow completely the upper tab. Just listen to the song to get the right strumming.
The tablature above is just a guidance. I strongly recommend to just listen to the song, feel it and you will
get the perfect strumming pattern.
[Verse 1] 
For the four verses you can continue playing the intro with the same strumming pattern or just play the
[D]If I could crawl into a [C]shell
Then I would a mile aw[D]ay
Things are heavy enough alre[C]ady[D]
[D]And I really do think that's
The [C]best that I can do
Stuck here and [D]all
And I really do think that
[C]Don't care at all
[D]Take a step forwards[C]
Don't be afraid
Tak[D]e a step backwards
[C]Don't be afraid[D]
[D]So go on
So look bac[C]k
Stuck inside a heavy [D]shell
Try to walk and not be [C]pushed
[Cborus 1] 
The chords for the chorus are G - A - D - G. There are some variations for the A and D chords that
I am showing in the tab below, however you can play them just normal and it sounds still very good.
You can play the variations if you want to sound it the most similar to the record as possible
[G] [A] [A4] [D] [Dsus2]  

And the [G]man with no [A]skin[A4]
I [D]would not le[Dsus2]t him [G]in
[G]Would not let him [A]sign off[D] [Dsus2] [G]
[G]'Cause nobody [A]wants to s[A4]ee
[D] A b[Dsus2]eating [G]heart
[G]Or a lung
Or a [A]brain[A4]
[Verse 2] 
[D]Used to get so caught u[C]p
Used to get so wrapped [D]up
Now I find myself fee[C]ling
Disillusioned and emotion[D]less
Like I've been [C]betrayed
This world let me down[D]
In a big way[C]
Now I feel like a dog [D]maimed
Picking at fleas[C]
Picking at fleas
[Cborus 2] 
And the [G]man with no [A]skin[A4]
I [D]would not le[Dsus2]t him [G]in
[G]Would not let him [A]sign off[D] [Dsus2] [G]
[G]'Cause nobody [A]wants to s[A4]ee
[D] A b[Dsus2]eating [G]heart
[G]Or a lung
Or a [A]brain[A4]
[Verse 3] 
[D] It's hard to walk
[C] With broken legs
[D] It gets hard to breathe
[C] Without lungs
[D]It's hard to love the world
[C]Without a heart
[D]What else should I cut out?
[C] Where do I start?
[Cborus 3] 
A new chord appears at the end of this chorus.

And the [G]man with no [A]skin[A4]
I [D]would not le[Dsus2]t him [G]in
[G]Would not let him [A]sign off[D] [Dsus2] [G]
[G]'Cause nobody [A]wants to s[A4]ee
[D] A b[Dsus2]eating [G]heart
[G]Or a lung
Or a [A]brain[A4]
[D] [Dsus2] [G] [D/F#]  
[Verse 4] 
[D]Start to grow a [A]second skin
To [D]keep the [Dsus2]insides [G]in[D/F#]
[G]This one is [A]obvi[A4]ously [D]not [Dsus2]thick enoug[G]h[D/F#]
[D]It's time to grow a [A]second skin
[D]Keep the [Dsus2]insides [G]in[D/F#]
[G]And maybe get some [A]longe[A4]r and [D]mas[Dsus2]k(?)[G] [D/F#]
[G]And maybe get some [A]longe[A4]r and [D]mas[Dsus2]k(?)[G] [D/F#]
[G]And maybe get some [A]longe[A4]r and [D]mask(?)

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A A4 C D D/F# Dsus2 G
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