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Sequel  Harry Chapin

So here she's actin'[G] happy [Em]
In[D]side her handsome h[Bm]ome
And [G]me, I'm flyin' in my t[D]axi,
Takin' t[C]ips[Bb] and gettin' st[D]oned.
[D]I got into town a little e[Am]arly.
Had ei[D]ght hours to k[Am]ill before the s[D]how, [Am]
First I tho[D]ught about he[Am]ading up no[D]rth of the [Am]bay
Then I k[C]new where I [Bb]had to [D]go.[Am] [-] [D] [-] [Am]
I tho[D]ught about taking a lim[Am]ousine
Or at le[D]ast a fancy [Am]car.
But I en[D]ded up taking a t[Am]axi
'Cause th[C]at's how I [Bb]got this f[D]ar.[Am] [-] [D] [-] [Am]
You see, t[G]en years ago it was the f[Em7]ront seat
Dr[D]ivin' stoned and feelin' no p[Bm]ain.
Now h[G]ere I am straight and si[D]ttin' in the back
Hitting Six[C]teen Par[Bb]kside L[D]ane.[Am] [-] [D] [-] [Am]
[(C] [-] [Bb] [-] [D]  
[D] [-] [C] [-] [E] [-] [Bm7] [-] [E] [-] [Bm7)]  
The dri[E]veway was the [Bm7]same as [E]I reme[Bm7]mbered
And a bu[E]tler came and ans[Bm7]wered the d[E]oor.[Bm7]
He just sh[E]ook his [Bm7]head when I as[E]ked for [Bm7]her
And said "She do[D7]esn't live h[Am]ere any[E]more."
[D7] [-] [Am] [-] [E]  
But he off[E]ered to [Bm7]give me the add[E]ress [Bm7]
That they were forw[E]arding her le[Bm7]tters [E]to [Bm7]
I just t[E]ook it and ret[Bm7]urned to the ca[E]bbie
And [Bm7]said "I got [D7]one more f[Am]are for y[E]ou."
[(D7] [-] [Am] [-] [E)]  
And so we ro[E]lled back into the c[G]ity
Up to a f[A]ive story old brow[C]nstone
I rang the b[D]ell that had her name on the mai[E]lbox.
The bu[D7]zzer s[Am]aid somebody's h[E]ome.
(finger picked, not strummed)
[(D7] [-] [Am] [-] [E] [-] [D7] [-] [Am] [-] [E] [)]  
And the l[E]ook on her face as she op[G]ened the door
Was like an o[A]ld joke told by a fr[C]iend.
It'd taken t[D]en more years but she'd fo[E]und her smile
And I wa[D7]tched the co[Am]rners start to b[E]end[E7]
And she s[A]aid, "How are you H[F#m]arry?
E E7 (5th fret) E7sus (5th fret)
Haven't we played this scene before?"
I s[A]aid "It's so good to s[E]ee you, Sue
Had to p[D7]lay it out j[Am]ust once m[E]ore."
P[D7]lay it out j[Am]ust once m[E]ore.
 E - Bm7 - E - Bm7 - D7 - Am - E

She said I've he[E]ard you flying high on my radio
I answered "I[E]t's not all it seems"
That's when she lau[E]ghed and she said, "It's better sometimes
When we d[D7]on't get to t[Am]ouch our dr[E]eams.'
(finger picked, not strummed)
[(D7] [-] [Am] [-] [E] [-] [D7] [-] [Am] [-] [E)]  
That's when I as[A]ked her where was that ac[F#m]tress
E E7 (5th fret) E7sus (5th fret)
She said "That was somebody else"
And then I as[A]ked her why she looked so ha[E]ppy now
D7 E (4th fret)
She said "I finally like myself, at last I like myself."
 B6 - Bm6 - Bm6/9 - A6 - Am6 - Am - E

So we ta[E]lked all through that afternoon
Ta[B6]lking about where we'd been
We t[Bm6]alked of the tiny difference
Between e[Bm6/9]nding and starting to begin.
We ta[A6]lked because talking tells you things.
Like what you r[Am6]eally are thinking about.
But som[Am]etimes you can't find what you're feeling
T[E]ill all the words run out.
 (E - Bm7 - E - Bm7 - E - Bm7 - E - Bm7)

So I as[E]ked her to [Bm7]come to the con[E]cert. [Bm7]
She s[E]aid "No[Bm7], I work at ni[E]ght."[Bm7]
I said, "We've go[E]tten too [Bm7]damn good at lea[E]ving, [Bm7]Sue"
She said, "H[D7]arry, yo[Am]u're ri[E]ght"
(finger picked, not strummed)
[D7] [-] [Am] [-] [E] [-] [D7] [-] [Am] [-] [E]  
Don't a[A]sk me if I made [F#m]love to her
E E7 (5th fret) E7sus (5th fret)
Or which one of us started to cry
Don't a[A]sk me why she wouldn't take the mo[E]ney that I left
If I ans[D7]wered at [Am]all I'd l[E]ie.
[D7] [-] [Am] [-] [E]  
[C] [-] [Bb] [-] [D] [-] [Am] [-] [D] [-] [Am]  
So I tho[D]ught about [Am]her as I s[D]ang that n[Am]ight
And how the ci[D]rcle keeps ro[Am]lling ar[D]ound.[Am]
How I a[D]ct as I'm fa[Am]cing the foot[D]lights [Am]
And how she's fl[C]ying with b[Bb]oth feet on the gr[D]ound[Am] [-] [D] [-] [Am]
I gu[G]ess it's a sequel to our s[Em]tory
From the jou[D]rney 'tween heaven and h[Bm]ell
With h[G]alf the time thinking of what mi[D]ght have been
And h[C]alf th[Bb]inkin' just as w[D]ell[Am] [-] [D] [-] [Am]
I guess o[Em]nly t[A]ime will t[D]ell. [Am] [-] [D] [-] [Am] [-] [D] [-] [Am] [-] [D]

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