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Taxi  Harry Chapin

Capo 3 (Chords at bottom)
 A - Em/A - A - Em/A - A - Em/A - A - Em/A

It was [A]raining hard[Em/A] in Fri[A]sco[Em/A]
I needed [A]one more fa[Em/A]re to m[A]ake my ni[Em/A]ght
A [A]lady up a[Em/A]head wave[A]d to flag me [Em/A]down
[G]She got i[F]n at the light[A] [A] [Em/A] [A] [Em/A]
[A]Where you going [Em/A]to my L[A]ady [Em/A]Blue
It's a sh[A]ame yo[Em/A]u ruined you[A]r gown[Em/A] in the r[A]ain[Em/A]
[A]She just loo[Em/A]ked out the [A]window[Em/A]
She said, "[G]16 Parksid[F]e Lane."
 A - Em/A - A - Em/A - G - F - A - G - F - A - Em/A

So[A]mething abo[Em/A]ut her was fa[A]miliar[Em/A]
I could[A] swear I seen her [Em/A]face before[A] [Em/A]
But she [A]said, "I'm [Em/A]sure you're mist[A]aken."[Em/A]
And she [G]didn't say [F]anything more.[A] [-] [Em/A] [-] [A] [-] [Em/A]
It, took a whil[A]e but she l[Em/A]ooked in the [A]mirror [Em/A]
Then she g[A]lanced at the [Em/A]license for [A]my name[Em/A]
A s[A]mile seemed to [Em/A]come to her [A]slowly. [Em/A]
It was a[G] sad smi[F]le just the[A] same[Em/A] [-] [A] [-] [Em/A]
And she [D]said, "How are you, [A]Harry?"
I [G]said, "How [D]are you, Sue?[A]
Through the [D]too many miles and the [A]too little[F#m] smiles
I [Bm7]stil[Bm/E]l remember [A]you."[Em/A]
 A - Em/A - A - Em/A - A - Em/A - A - Em/A
 A - Em/A - G - F - A - Em/A - A

[Em/A]It was [A]somewh[Em/A]ere in a [A]fairy [Em/A]tale
I [A]used to take her [Em/A]home in my [A]car[Em/A]
We l[A]earned about [Em/A]love in the [A]back of a Dodge,[Em/A]
The [G]lesson hadn't g[F]one too far[A] [-] [Em/A] [-] [A] [-] [Em/A]
You see, [D]she was gonna be an [Bm]actress
And [A]I was gonna learn to fly[F#m]
S[D]he took off to find the [A]footlights,
[G]I took of[F]f to find the[A] sky[Em/A].
[A] [-] [G] [-] [G] [-] [G]  
Oh, [G]I've got something inside me
[F#m]To drive the princess b[B7]lind
There's a[Em] wil[Em/D]d man [Em/C#]wizard [Em/D]he's h[Em]iding in[Em/C#] me [Em/B]
[A]Illuminating my [Bm]mind
[G]I got something inside me
[F#m]Not what my life's about[B7]
[Em]'Cause I [Em/D]been l[Dm/C#]etting [Em/D]my ou[Em]tside [Em/D]tide [Em/C#]me
[Fmaj7]Over 'til my time runs[A#maj7] out.
[A#maj7] [-] [A#maj7] [-] [A#maj7] [-] [Fmaj7] [-] [C]  
[C]Baby's so high that she's [Gmaj7]skying
Yeah she's [Dm7]flying, but afraid to [G7]fall
[C]And I'll tell you [Cmaj7]why Baby's cr[Bm]ying
'Cause she's [Em9]dying, aren't we [Dm9]all? [A] [Em/A]
There was [A]not much [Em/A]more for us to [A]talk about [Em/A]
What[A]ever we [Em/A]had once was [A]gone. [Em/A]
So I t[A]urned the ca[Em/A]b into the d[A]riveway[Em/A]
Past the [G]gate and the [F]fine trimmed lawns[A] [-] [Em/A]
And she [A]said, "We [Em/A]must get together."
But I k[A]new it'd never[Em/A] be arranged. [A] [-] [Em/A]
And she ha[A]nded me twenty [Em/A]dollars for a [A]two-fifty [Em/A]fare
She said, "[G]Harry, ke[F]ep the change."
[A] [-] [Em/A] [-] [A] [-] [Em/A]  
Well a[Aadd2]nother man might have been angry
And another man might have been hurt
But another man never would have let her go
[G]I stashed the [F]bill in my shirt.[A] [-] [Em/A] [-] [A] [-] [Em/A]
And she [D]walked away in si[A]lence
It's s[G]trange how you [D]never know [A]
But [D]we'd both gotten what we'd [A]asked [F#m]for
Such a [Bm7]long, [Bm/E]long time ag[A]o[Em/A] [-] [A] [-] [Em/A]
You [A]see, [Em/A]she was gonna be a[A]n actre[Em/A]ss
And [A]I was gonna [Em/A]learn to fly[A] [Em/A]
[A]She took o[Em/A]ff to find the [A]footlights[Em/A]
[G]I took of[F]f to find the sky[A] [-] [Em/A] [-] [A] [-] [Em/A]
And [D]here she's acting ha[Bm]ppy,
[A]Inside her handsome home [F#m]
And [D]me I'm flying in my [A]taxi
Taking [G]tip[F]s and getting[A] stoned
I go f[Bm]lying so hi[E]gh when I'm st[A]oned[Em/A] [A] [-] [Em/A]

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