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I'd Like Your Hair Long  Hum

dropped-d tuning: detune 6th string one whole step
x - muted string
b - bend
(x) - optional
p - palm mute
/ - slide up
\ - slide down
% - rest
chords used
[6]0 [5]0 [4]0 [3] [2] [1]
with distortion
intro verse
 1-I----------- --------------------------------------
 2-I--8b------- ----------14-14-----------------------
 3-I--x-----0-- --14-14-x-14-14-----12-12-12-12-12----
 4-I--5b------- --14-14-x-14-14--x--12-12-12-12-12--x-
 5-I----------- --12-12-x-12-12--x--9--9--9--10-10--x-
 6-I----------- --12-12-x-12-12-(0)-9--9--9--10-10-(0) 

fill 1 - guitar 1 fill 1 - guitar 2 fill 2
 2-I--14-----14----- ------------------------ ---------------------------
 3-I-----14-----14-- --14-----14------------- ---------------------------
 4-I---------------- -----14-----14---------- --0------5/7-7--/12-11-----
 5-I---------------- ------------------------ ----5/7----------------10-- 

pre-chorus pre-chorus var.
 2-I----0-----0-----0-----0---- ----0-----0----
 3-I--------------------------- ---------------
 4-I--4---4-5---5-5---5-5---5-- --4---4-5---5--
 5-I--4---4-5---5-5---5-5---5-- --4---4-5---5--
 6-I--4---4-5---5-5---5-5---5-- --4---4-5---5-- 

these are the chords, I haven't tabbed the strumming
strum fast and slide the chords into each other
 2-I--5-----3-----7-----2-----5-------- -----------------------------------
 3-I--x-----x-----x-----x-----x-----4-- --9-----7-----11----6-----9-----4--
 4-I--5-----4-----7-----2-----5-----x-- --x-----x-----x-----x-----x-----x--
 5-I--x-----x-----x-----x-----x-----5-- --10----9-----12----7-----10----5--
 6-I--0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-- --0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-- 

or use this part
(credit for idea to Obscured's tab at

fill 4a,b,c - break
this section can be played all over the neck whatever sounds good
here are some of the notes
also D5 chord at times
turn down volume for certain parts
 1-I--2-2-2-0-0-0--------------- -----5--------------------- ----- ----
 2-I--3-3-3-3-3-3--2-2-2-0-0-0-- --5---------------5-------- ----- ----
 3-I--2-2-2-2-2-2--2-2-2-2-2-2-- --------6------4-----6----- ----- -7\-
 4-I---------------------------- ----------7-------------7-- -12\- -x--
 5-I---------------------------- --------------------------- -x--- -5\-
 6-I---------------------------- --------------------------- -12\- ---- 

reprise chorus without distortion
arpeggiate rather than strum, like this:
(or use Obscured's)
 3-I--------------------------- etc.

with distortion
guitar 1
maybe omit or alter some of the notes in ()
 1-I---------------------------------------------------- hold and strum
 2-I---------------------------7-7---12-12---12-12---7-- this last chord,
 3-I-(8-8)-(8-8-8)6--4----(8-8)8-8---13-13---13-13---8-- and interject
 4-I--9-9---9-9-9(7)(4)--4-9-9-9-9---14-14---14-14---9-- these fills:

[-]- fill 5a,b - improvise with these notes -
- let up on the chord while you play them,
- so the notes stand out,
- then blend back into strumming
 1-I---0------- -----------
 2-I----------- --7--------
 3-I------8---- ------8----
 4-I--------7-- --------9--
 5-I----------- -----------
 6-I----------- ----------- 

[-]- guitar 2 - comes in 2nd time, 1st time plays only
- the last 7th fret chord
 4-I--6-6---6-6-6-4-4---4-6-6-7-7---11-11---11-11---7-- guitar 2 plays
 5-I--6-6-%-6-6-6-4-4-%-4-6-6-7-7-%-11-11-%-11-11-%-7-- fill 6 instead of
 6-I--6-6---6-6-6-4-4---4-6-6-7-7---11-11---11-11---7-- fill 5 

[-]- fill 6
 5-I--4--7-7-7-%-- and repeat

fill 7 - at beginning of each repeat of outro
 3-I------- -6-
 4-I--13\-- -x-
 5-I--x---- -6-
 6-I--13\-- --- 

I'd like your hair long and laid onto the ground
You'd prefer an astronaut
Someone to relate to someone to command
And I would be a simple man
I could hardly wait for my stars to fall in line
And synchronize in shine
A wasted string of years and a wasted string of lies
You're still the same to me
It's a waste of a song
It's a waste of my lungs
You're a waste of a song
You're a waste of my lungs
I'd like your face gone and in it's place the sun
You'd prefer an astronaut
For I have come to surface to catch some light and feed
And I have everything I need
And I could hardly wait for my stars to fall in line
And synchronize in shine
A wasted string of years and a wasted string of lies
You're still the same to me

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