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Koeeoaddi There  The Incredible String Band

Hey guys, this is a fairly simple song. Has its quirks but it's easy nevertheless.
The following are the chords for the song. Between brackets are the chords with a
capo on the third fret, which I realised makes the song simpler to play. (BTW, I
know the chords can be misplaced over the lyrics, but it was kind of hard) Enjoy!
the na[G7]tur[(E7)]al cards revolve ever chan ?? g[G6]ing[(E6)]
[G7]see[(E7)]ded elsewhere plan[G6]ted[(E6)] in the garden fair gr[G]ow[(E)] trees,[G6] gr[(E6)]ow trees-[G]--[(E)]
[G]To[(E)]ngues -[Gm] of[(Em)] the shee[G]r [(E)]- [Gm] [(Em)]wind[G] [(E)]
[D]se[(B)]tting you f[C]oo[(A)]t where the sand i[D]s [(B)]un-trodden, [Bb] [(G)]
the oc[F]ea[(D)]n that only be-[G] gi[(E)]ns
[C]li[(A)]sten a[G7] wo[(E7)]man with a bulldozer b[C]ui[(A)]lt this ho[G7]use[(E7)] now
[C]ca[(A)]rving [G7]awa[(E7)]y the mountain whose n[C]am[(A)]e is your [G7]chi[(E7)]ldhood home
we were trying to buy it[C] b[(A)]uy it buy it[G7] [(E7)]
[C]so[(A)]meone was found killed there all bones bone[G7]s d[(E7)]ry bones
[F]ea[(D)]rth water fire and air
met together in a garden fair
put in a basket bound with skin
if you ans[Cm]wer[(Am)] this riddle
you'll nev[Bb]er [(G)]be-gin[Gm] [(Em)]
[Eb]bor[(C)]n in a hou[Cm]se [(Am)]where the [Bb]doo[(G)]rs shut tig[Gm]ht[(Am)]
[Bb]sha[(G)]dowy fin[F]ge[(D)]rs on the curt[Cm]ain[(Am)]s at nig[Bb]ht[(G)]
[Eb]che[(C)]rry tree b[Cm]los[(Am)]som head[Bb] hi[(G)]gh sno[Gm]w[(Am)]
[Bb]a b[(G)]usy main[F] r[(D)]oad where I wa[Cm]sn'[(Am)]t to go[Bb] [(G)]
[Eb]I u[(C)]sed to s[Cm]it [(Am)]on the [Bb]gar[(G)]den wa[Gm]ll[(Am)]
[Bb]say[(G)] hello t[F]o [(D)]people going b[Cm]y s[(Am)]o tall[Bb] [(G)]
[Eb]hel[(C)]-lo to the[Cm] po[(Am)]stman's [Bb]stu[(G)]bbly s[Gm]kin[(Am)]
[Bb]hel[(G)]-lo to t[F]he[(D)] baker's [Cm]stu[(Am)]bbly gri[Bb]n[(G)]
[Eb]Mrs[(C)] Thom[Cm]pso[(Am)]n gav[Bb]e m[(G)]e a be[Gm]ar[(Am)]
[Bb]Bri[(G)]gitte and some [F]pe[(D)]ople lived [Cm]up-[(Am)]stairs[G] [(E)]
[C]sk[(A)]ating [G7]on [(E7)]happy valley p[C]on[(A)]d[G7] [(E7)]
[C]va[(A)]rious [G7]min[(E7)]isters and gua[C]rd[(A)]s stood a[G7]roun[(E7)]d
[C]th[(A)]e ice [G7]was[(E7)] nice hello th[C]e [(A)]invisible[G7] bre[(E7)]thren
and the[C]re [(A)]was a tent you pl[G7]aye[(E7)]d cards with the
[C]so[(A)]ldiers in, don't worry [G]we[(E7)] won't send anyone
after you they screamed
but me and Licor[A7]ice[(F#7)] saw the last of them one
[G]mi[(E)]sty twisty day
[A7]acr[(F#7)]oss the mournful morning moor moto[G]ri[(E)]ng away
singing lad[F]yb[(D)]ird, la[C]dy[(A)]bird [F]wh[(D)]at is your [G]wi[(E)]sh
your wi[F]sh[(D)] is not[C] g[(A)]ranted u[F]nl[(D)]ess it's a [G]fi[(E)]sh
your wi[F]sh[(D)] is not[C] g[(A)]ranted [F]un[(D)]less it's a[G] d[(E)]ish
a f[G]is[(E)]h on a dish is that what you wish
[F]ea[(D)]rth water fire and air
met together in a garden fair
put in a basket bound with skin
if you ans[Cm]wer[(Am)] this riddle
you'll nev[Bb]er [(G)]be-gin[Gm] [(Em)]
That's it! Hope you liked it!
Peace, Mateo.

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