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Different Days  Jason Isbell

<i></i>Jason Isbell - Different Days
Chords* used:
[G/B] [F#/A] [E/G] [D/F#] [C/E] [C/G] [Cadd9] [Gmaj7] [D]  
 --x-- --x-- --x-- --0-- --0-- --0-- --0-- --3-- --2--
 --12- --10- --8-- --7-- --5-- --8-- --3-- --2-- --3--
 --0-- --0-- --0-- --0-- --0-- --0-- --0-- --0-- --2--
 --0-- --x-- --x-- --0-- --0-- --0-- --2-- --0-- --0--
 --10- --9-- --7-- --5-- --3-- --x-- --3-- --2-- --x--
 --x-- --x-- --x-- --x-- --x-- --8-- --x-- --x-- --x--

*note: The first six chord names aren't necessarily accurate, I just named them
after the two notes you are fretting
[G/B] [F#/A] [E/G] [D/F#] [C/E]  
[G/B] [F#/A] [E/G] [D/F#] [C/G]  
[G/B]Staring at the [F#/A]pictures of the [E/G]runaways [D/F#]on the w[C/E]all
[G/B]Seems like, [F#/A]these days, you [E/G]couldn't r[D/F#]un away at [C/G]all
[G/B]Even if you [F#/A]did, what you [E/G]got to [D/F#]run away [C/E]tox
Just ano[G/B]ther drunk [F#/A]daddy with a w[E/G]hite man's p[D/F#]oint of [C/G]view
I can s[G/B]ee you in[F#/A] my min[E/G]d's eye, ca[D/F#]tching l[C/E]ight
[G/B]Sleep beside the [F#/A]river if we [E/G]make it out of[D/F#] town to[C/G]night
You can [G/B]strip in [F#/A]Portland from the [E/G]day you t[D/F#]urn sixt[C/E]een
You got [G/B]one thing to [F#/A]sell and [E/G]benzodi[D/F#]azepin[C/G]e
[D]Ten years ago I might have seen you d[Gmaj7]ancing in a different[Cadd9] light,
and [D]offered up my [Gmaj7]help in different[Cadd9] ways,
but those were different d[G/B]ays[F#/A] [E/G] [D/F#] [C/E]
Those were different da[G/B]ys[F#/A] [E/G] [D/F#] [C/G]
Had a [G/B]girl back [F#/A]home and we [E/G]shared her[D/F#] single [C/E]bed
When I w[G/B]hispered in her[F#/A] ear, she be[E/G]lieved every [D/F#]word I s[C/G]aid
If she [G/B]didn't bel[F#/A]ieve, she d[E/G]idn't da[D/F#]re give me s[C/E]lack
Or it was[G/B] "Baby, I [F#/A]love you, get [E/G]off of my g[D/F#]oddamn [C/G]back"
[G/B]Time went [F#/A]by and I l[E/G]eft and I [D/F#]left ag[C/E]ain
[G/B]Jesus loves a [F#/A]sinner but the h[E/G]ighway l[D/F#]oves a [C/G]sin
My d[G/B]addy t[F#/A]old me, I b[E/G]elieve he [D/F#]told me [C/E]true that:
"The r[G/B]ight thing's [F#/A]always the [E/G]hardest [D/F#]thing to[C/G] do"
[D]Ten years ago I might have stuck arou[Gmaj7]nd for another [Cadd9]night,
[D]and used her in a th[Gmaj7]ousand different [Cadd9]ways,
but those were different [G/B]days[F#/A] [E/G] [D/F#] [C/E]
Those were different d[G/B]ays[F#/A] [E/G] [D/F#] [C/G]
And the s[D]tory's only [Gmaj7]mine to live and[Cadd9] die with[G]
The a[D]nswer's only [Gmaj7]mine to come a[Cadd9]cross,[G]
but the [D]ghosts that I got s[Gmaj7]cared and I got [Cadd9]high with[G]
look a little [D]lost[Cadd9]
[D]Ten years ago I might have thought I d[Gmaj7]idn't have the r[Cadd9]ight
To [D]say the things an o[Gmaj7]utlaw wouldn't [Cadd9]say,
But those were different [G/B]days[F#/A] [E/G] [D/F#] [C/E]
Those were different d[G/B]ays[F#/A] [E/G] [D/F#] [C/G]
Those were different d[G/B]ays[F#/A] [E/G] [D/F#] [C/E]
[G/B] [F#/A] [E/G] [D/F#] [C/G]  
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C/E C/G Cadd9 D D/F# E/G G G/B Gmaj7
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