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Leaving the City  Joanna Newsom

[Intro - tbis tab] 
[D5] [Dm]  

[Verse A] 
[Dm]Hay and a clean s[F5]tall
And iv[Bb5]y on a gard[Dm]en wall
And a sign saying s[F5]old
And an old c[Bb5]oat for the [Dm]bad cold
D5 C5 Bb5 C5 [x2]
[Verse B] 
[D5] [C5] I believe in[Bb5] you
[D5]Do [C5]you believe i[Bb5]n me?
[D5]Wha[C5]t do you want[Bb5] to do?
[D5]Are[C5] we leaving t[Bb5]he city?
[D5]On [C5]the black roa[Bb5]d
[D5]Thr[C5]ough the gold[Bb5] fields
[D5]Whi[C5]le the fiends[Bb5] are plowed
[D5]Tow[C5]ards what we [Bb5]are allowed
[Verse C] 
The bridle b[Dm]ends in idle[C] hands
And slo[Bb]ws your canter to a t[Dm]rot
We me[C]an to stop i[Bb]n increments
But can't c[Dm]ommit, we p[C]ost and s[Bb]it in impotence
The harder[Dm] the hit, the de[C]eper the[Bb] dent
We seek our [Dm]name, we see[C]k out f[Bb]ame
In our credenti[Dm]als, pa[C]ned in gl[Bb]ass
Tryin[Dm]g to master [C]inciden[Bb]tals
Bleach a [Dm]collar, leech a dolla[C]r from [Bb]our cents
The long[Dm]er you live,[C] the hi[Bb]gher the rent
[Verse B] 
Bene[D5]ath a p[C5]ale [Bb5]sky
Besi[D5]de the [C5]red [Bb5]barn
Below the w[D5]hite [C5]clou[Bb5]ds
[D5] Is all[C5] we [Bb5]are allowed
Here[D5], the l[C5]ight[Bb5] will seep
And the [D5]scyt[C5]he w[Bb5]ill reap
And spi[D5]rit [C5]will[Bb5] rend
In co[D5]untin[C5]g to[Bb5]ward the end
Dm C Bb [x2]
[Verse C] 
In Dec[Dm]ember of that [C]year
The [Bb]word came down that she was[Dm] here
The [C]days were shorter
I [Bb]was sur[Dm]e if she cam[C]e round
I'd hold my[Bb] ground
I can [Dm]do what they a[C]llu[Bb]ded to
A change that cam[Dm]e to pass
And s[C]pring did ra[Bb]nge, weeping grass
And sle[Dm]epless br[C]oke
Its[Bb]elf upon my winter gla[Dm]ss
And[C] I could barely br[Bb]eathe for seeing
[Dm]All th[C]e splintered l[Bb]ight that leaked
A fish is fleeting, l[Dm]aunched in f[C]light
Unst[Dm]aunched daylight, brightly bl[Dm]eeding
Bleached [C]the night with da[Bb]wn deleting
[Verse B] 
In tha[D5]t hig[C5]h su[Bb5]n
[D5] Afte[C5]r ou[Bb5]r good run
When the[D5] spir[C5]it b[Bb5]ends
Beneath kno[D5]wing [C5]it m[Bb5]ust end
And that is all [D5]I wan[C5]t he[Bb5]re
To [D5]draw [C5]my g[Bb5]aunt spirit to bow
Benea[D5]th wh[C5]at I[Bb5] am allowed
Benea[D5]th wh[C5]at I[Bb5] am allowed
Beneath w[Dm]hat I[C] am[Bb] allowed
Dm C Bb [repeat to fade]

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Bb Bb5 C C5 D5 Dm F5
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