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Waltz of the 101st Lightborne  Joanna Newsom

I believed they ha[Am]d got what they ca[Bb]me for;[Gm] [Bb]
I be[F]lieved our [Bb]peril was [Dm]done
On the [Am]eve of the [Bb]last of the [Gm]Great [Bb]Wars
After [F]three we had [Bb]narrowly [Dm]won
(But the [F]fourth It was [Bb]carelessly [F]done.)
I [F]saw [Am]his [Dm]ship in its [Gm]whistling asc[C]en[D#]sion
As they [G#]launched from the [F]Capitol [G7]seat-
Swear I [Bb]saw our mis[E]take
When the [A]clouds [Dm]draped like a [Bb]flag
Across the [D#]backs of the [F]fleet
Of the [Bb]Hundred-First [D#]Lightborne [F]Elite
As the [Am]day is [Bb]long
So the [Dm]well runs [F]dry
And we [D#]came to see Time is [Bb]taller
Than [F]Space is [C]wide
And we [Am]bade goo[Bb]dbye
To the [Dm]Great [F]Divide:
Found un[D#]limited simul[Bb]acreage to [F]colo[C]nize!
But there was a [Am]time we were [Bb]lashed to the [Gm]prow[Bb]
Of a [F]ship you may [Bb]board, but not [Dm]steer
Before [Am]you and I [Bb]ceased to [Gm]mean [Bb]now
And be[F]gan to mean [Bb]only right [Dm]Here
To mean [F]Inches and [Bb]Miles, but not [F]Years
[F]Be[Am]fore [Dm]Space has a [Gm]taste of its [C]li[D#]mits
And a [G#]new sort of co[F]ordinate aw[G7]oke
Leaving [Bb]Time just a[E]nother poor [A]te[Dm]nant:
Bearing[Bb] weight, taking[D#] fire, trading [F]smokes
In the [Bb]war between [D#]us and our [F]ghosts
But I saw the [Am]Bering [Bb]Strait and the[Dm] Golden [F]Gate
In [D#]silent sus[Bb]pension of their [F]golden [C]age!
And you can [Am]barely [Bb]tell, if I [Dm]guard it [F]well
Where [D#]I have b[Bb]een, and seen Pris[F]tine, un[C]felled.
I had a [Am]dream that I [Bb]walked in the [Gm]gar[Bb]den
Of Cha[F]bot, and those [Bb]telescope [Dm]ruins
It was [Am]there that I [Bb]called to my [Gm]true [Bb]love
Who was [F]pale as mil[Bb]lennial [Dm]moons
Honey, [F]where did you [Bb]come by that [F]wound?
[F]When[Am] I [Dm]woke, he was [Gm]gone
And the [C]War had [D#]begun
In [G#]eternal re[F]turn and re[G7]peat
Calling, [Bb]Where in the [E]hell are the [A]rest of y[Dm]our fellow
One [Bb]Hundred-One [D#]Lightborne [F]Elite?
Stormed in the [Bb]New Highland [D#]Light Infan[F]try
Make it [Am]stop, my [Bb]love!
We were [Dm]wrong to [F]try
Never [D#]saw what we could [Bb]unravel
In [F]traveling [C]light
Nor how the [Am]trip [Bb]debrides-
Like a [Dm]stack of [F]slides!
All we [D#]saw was that Time is [Bb]taller than [F]Space is [C]wide
That's why we are [Am]bound to a [Bb]round desert[Gm] is[Bb]land
'neath the [F]sky where our [Bb]sailors have [Dm]gone
Have they [Am]drowned, in those [Bb]windy [Gm]high[Bb]lands?
[F]Highlands a[Bb]way, my [F]John
Am, Bb, Dm, F, D#, Bb, F, C (x2)
Am, Bb, Gm, Bb
[F]Highlands a[Bb]way, my [Dm]John
Am, Bb, Gm, Bb, D#, Bb, F
[D#]Highlands [Bb]away, my [F]John

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