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Can't Tell Me Nothing  Kanye West

Capo 3rd Fret - Standard E tuning
Am x02210
C x32010
Dm xx0231
C/B x20010
Fmaj7 x3321x
Chord structre of the hole song:
Am - C - Dm - Dm - C - C/B x3
[Fmaj] [-] [C] [-] [Dm] [-] [Dm] [-] [C] [-] [C/B]  
The last 3 chords, Dm C C/B are played quickly after each other
[Intro, notbing played bere]:
La, la, la la (Yeah)
Wait 'til I get my money right
[Verse 1] 
[Am] I had a [C]dream I could buy my way to [Dm]heaven
When I awoke, I [Dm]spent [C]that on [C/B]a necklace
[Am] I told [C]God I'd be back in a [Dm]second
Man it's so [Dm]hard not to [C]act [C/B]reckless
[Fmaj7] To [C]whom much is given, much is teste[Dm]d
Get arrested [Dm]guess [C]until he get [C/B]the message
[Am] I feel the pressure, [C]under more scrutiny[Dm]
And what I do, [Dm]act m[C]ore s[C/B]tupidly
[Am] [C]Bought more jewelry, [Dm]more Louis V
My Momma [Dm]couldn't [C]get t[C/B]hrough to me
[Am] The drama,[C] people suing me[Dm]
I'm on TV talking [Dm]like [C]it's just [C/B]you and me
[Fmaj7]I'm just [C]saying how I feel man
[Dm]I ain't one of the Cosby's, I[Dm] ain't g[C]o t[C/B]o Hillman
[Am] I guess the [C]money should've changed him[Dm]
I guess I should've [Dm]forgot wh[C]ere I[C/B] came from
[Am]La, [C]la, la la
[Dm]Wait 'til I get my [Dm]mone[C]y r[C/B]ight
[Am]La, [C]la, la la
[Dm]Then you can't tell me [Dm]nothi[C]ng, r[C/B]ight?
[Fmaj7]Excuse me, was [C]you saying something?
[Dm] Uh uh, you can't [Dm]tell [C]me no[C/B]thing
[Am] You can't [C]tell me nothing
[Dm] Uh uh, you can't [Dm]tell [C]me no[C/B]thing
[Verse 2] 
[Am] Let up the [C]suicide doors
[Dm]This is my life homie, [Dm]you [C]decide [C/B]yours
[Am] I know that [C]Jesus died for us[Dm]
But I couldn't tell ya [Dm]who d[C]ecide [C/B]wars
So I [Fmaj7]parallel double parked that [C]motherf**ker sideways[Dm]
Old folks talking [Dm]bout b[C]ack i[C/B]n my day
[Am] But [C]homie this is my day
[Dm]Class started 2 hours ago,[Dm] Oh am[C] I l[C/B]ate?
[Am] No, I already [C]graduated
And you can [Dm]live through anything if [Dm]Magic [C]made[C/B] it
[Am] They say I talk with [C]so much emphasis[Dm]
[Dm]Ooh t[C]hey s[C/B]o sensitive
[Fmaj7]Don't ever fix your [C]lips like collagen
And [Dm]say something when you gon' [Dm]end u[C]p ap[C/B]ologing
[Am] Let me [C]know if it's a problem the[Dm]n, [Dm]aight[C] man,[C/B] holla then
[Verse 3] 
[Am] Let the [C]champagne splash, let that [Dm]man get cash
Let that [Dm]man [C]get [C/B]past
[Am] He don't even [C]stop to get gas
If he can [Dm]move through the rumors
He can [Dm]drive o[C]ff of [C/B]fumes cause
[Fmaj7] How he move in a [C]room full of no's?
[Dm]How he stay faithful in a [Dm]room f[C]ull o[C/B]f hoes?
[Am]Must be the pharaohs, he in [C]tune with his soul
[Dm]So when he buried in a [Dm]tomb [C]full [C/B]of gold
[Am] Treasure, [C]what's your pleasure?
[Dm]Life is a, UH, d[Dm]epending [C]how you[C/B] dress her
[Am] So if the devil wear [C]Prada, Adam Eve wear [Dm]nada
I'm in between but [Dm]way m[C]ore f[C/B]resher
[Fmaj7] With [C]way less effort, [Dm]cause when you try hard
[Dm]That's [C]when yo[C/B]u die hard
[Am] Your homies [C]looking like why God
[Dm]When they reminisce over [Dm]you, [C]my G[C/B]od
[Book] x3

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Am C C/B Dm Fmaj Fmaj7
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