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Beautiful  Marillion

Everybody knows [C]we live in[Em7] a world where they[Am] give bad names to bea[G]ut[Gadd11]iful th[G]ings[F/C] [C6add11] [F/C] [G] [Gadd11] [G6]
[C]Everybody [Em7]knows we live in a [Am]world where we don't g[G]iv[Gadd11]e beaut[G]iful[F/C] thi[C6add11]ngs a se[F/C]cond glance[G] [Gadd11] [G6]
[C]Heaven onl[Em7]y knows we live in [Am]a world where what we [G]ca[Gadd11]ll beau[G]tifu[F/C]l is[C6add11] just so[F/C]mething on s[G]al[Gadd11]e[G6]
[C]People lau[Em7]ghing behind their [Am]hands As the fragile a[G]nd[Gadd11] the se[G]nsit[F/C]ive [C6add11]are give[F/C]n no chance[G] [Gadd11] [G6]
[C]And the leaves [Em7]turn from [Am]red to [G]br[Gadd11]own[G]
[F/C]To be [C6add11]trodden [F/C]down
[G]To be [Gadd11]trodden [G6]down
[C]And the leaves [Em7]turn from [Am]red to [G]br[Gadd11]own[G]
[F/C]Fall[C6add11] to the [F/C]ground
[G]Fall t[Gadd11]o the gr[G6]ound
[C]We don't have to [Em7]live in a [Am]world [G]wh[Gadd11]ere we [G]give [F/C]bad [C6add11]names to[F/C] bea[G]utiful[Gadd11] things[G6]
[C]We should [Em7]live in a [Am]beautiful [G]wo[Gadd11]rld[G]
[F/C]We sh[C6add11]ould give [F/C]beautiful a [G]second[Gadd11] glance[G6]
[C]And the leaves [Em7]fall from [Am]red to [G]br[Gadd11]own[G]
[F/C]To be [C6add11]trodden [F/C]down
[G]Trodde[Gadd11]n down[G6]
[C]And the leaves [Em7]turn green[Am] to red[G] t[Gadd11]o brown[G]
[F/C]Fall t[C6add11]o the gr[F/C]ound
[G]And ge[Gadd11]t kicked[G6] around
[Am7]You strong [Dadd11]enough to [F7]be..
[Am7]Have you the [Dadd11]faith to [F7]be..
[Am7]Sane [Dadd11]enough to [F7]be ..
[F7]Honest enough to [Am7]say..
[Am7]Don't have [Dadd11]to be the [F7]same..
[Am7]Don't have [Dadd11]to be this [F7]way
[Am7]C'mon and [Dadd11]sign your [F7]name
[F]You wild enough [G]to remain [Em]beautiful?
[F]Beautiful[G] [Em]
[C]All the leaves [Em7]turn from [Am]red to [G]br[Gadd11]own[G]
[F/C]To be [C6add11]trodden [F/C]down
[G]Trodde[Gadd11]n down[G6]
[C]And we all fall[Em7] green to [Am]red to [G]br[Gadd11]own[G]
[F/C]Fall t[C6add11]o the gr[F/C]ound
[G]But we can [Gadd11]turn it [G6]around
[Am7]You [Dadd11]strong [F7]enough to be..
[Am7]Why [Dadd11]don't y[F7]ou stand up and say
[Am7]Give[Dadd11] yourse[F7]lf a break
[Am7]They[Dadd11] laugh [F7]at you anyway
[F]So[G] w[Em]hy don't you stand up and be
[C]Black, white, r[Em7]ed, gold, [Am]and bro[G]wn[Gadd11] [G]
[F/C]We're [C6add11]stuck in[F/C] this world
[G]Nowher[Gadd11]e to go[G6]
[C]Turnin' around[Em7] [Am] [G] [Gadd11] [G]
[F/C]What a[C6add11]re you s[F/C]o afraid of?
[G]Show u[Gadd11]s what y[G6]ou're made of
[C]Be yourself and[Em7] be beauti[Am]ful[G] [Gadd11] [G]
[F/C]Beauti[C6add11]ful [F/C]

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