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Forget  Marina and the Diamonds

Sometimes I thin[Dm]k I'm not that strong[F] [C]
[Dm]But there's a force that[F] carrie[A#]s me on
[Dm]Sick of my small heart, [F]made of[C] steel
[Dm]Sick of those wounds tha[F]t neve[A#]r heal
[Dm]Cause I have l[C]ived my [F]life [A#]in debt
[Dm]I've spent my [C]days in [F]deep[A#] regret
[Dm]Yeah I been li[C]ving [F]in t[A#]he red
[Dm]Oh, cause I can't f[C]orgive and [F]I can't f[A#]orget
[Dm],Fo[-]rg[C]et[-] [F]
[Gm] ,f[-]or[Dm]get[-] [C]
[F] ,[-]fo[C]rg[-]et[Dm]
[Gm]for[-]ge[Dm]t[-] [C]
Ain't no time for[Gm] regret
Yeah, it'[C]s time to forget
[Dm]Ever since I[F] can [C]remember
[Dm]Life was lik[F]e a [A#]tipping scale
[Dm]Like an abac[F]us I [C]played with
[Dm]Counting ever[F]y win and [G]fail
[Dm]Cause I ha[C]ve lived m[F]y life [A#]in debt
[Dm]I've spent[C] my days i[F]n deep[A#] regret
[Dm]Yeah I been li[C]ving[F] in th[A#]e red
[Dm]Oh, cause I can't f[C]orgive and I[F] can't f[A#]orget
[Dm],Fo[-]rg[C]et[-] [F]
[Gm] ,f[-]or[Dm]get[-] [C]
[F] ,[-]fo[C]rg[-]et[Dm]
[Gm]for[-]ge[Dm]t[-] [C]
Ain't no time for reg[Gm]ret
...Yeah, it's[C] time
[A#]To be letting go
Oh baby y[C]ou know
What I?m t[Dm]alking [F]about
[A#]Got nothing to [C]lose and nothing to prove

[G]Out, I?m bowing [A#]out
[Dm]Yeah, I've been [C]danci[F]ng [A#]with the devil
[Dm]I love that[C] he pret[F]ends[A#] to care
[Dm]If I'll ev[C]er g[F]et [A#]to heaven
[Dm]When a million do[C]llars ge[F]ts y[A#]ou there
[Dm]Oh, all the ti[C]me that I [F]hav[A#]e wasted
[Dm]Chasing [C]rabbits [F]dow[A#]n a hole
[Dm]When I was b[C]orn [F]to be [A#]the tortoise
[Dm]I was bo[C]rn t[F]o [A#]walk alone
[Dm]Forg[C]et a[F]bo[A#]ut it
[Dm]Forg[C]et a[F]bo[A#]ut it
[Dm]Forg[C]et a[F]bo[A#]ut it
[Dm],Fo[-]rg[C]et[-] [F]
[Gm] ,f[-]or[Dm]get[-] [C]
[F] ,[-]fo[C]rg[-]et[Dm]
[Gm]for[-]ge[Dm]t[-] [C]
Ain't no time for[Gm] regret
[Dm]I'm gonna[C] leave t[F]he p[A#]ast behind
[Dm]I've had [C]enough, [F]I'm [A#]breaking free
[Dm]No pressi[C]ng stop,[F] era[A#]se, rewind
[Dm]That chai[C]n of tho[F]ught[A#] that followed me
[Dm]I've put [C]my money[F] whe[A#]re my mouth is
[Dm]For the f[C]irst tim[F]e in[A#] my life
[Dm]I've made[C] mistake[F]s bu[A#]t I believe that
[Dm]Everythin[C]g was wo[F]rth [A#]the fight
[Dm]Cause in [C]the end,[F] the[A#] road is long
[Dm]But only [C]cause it[F] mak[A#]es you strong
[Dm]It's fill[C]ed with [F]peak[A#]s & twists & turns
[Dm]Sometimes[C] you hav[F]e to[A#] learn to forge[Dm]t about it

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