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If You're Gone  Matchbox Twenty

This song is very interesting the way that it's played, but I think that I've finally
gotten it down pat. It's played in 2 parts, either one played by itself sounds fine and
the 2 played together sounds pretty awesome. The first part is played in standard tuning
and is pretty much used through the entire song. The second part is played on an acoustic
guitar with a capo on the seventh (that's right... 7th) fret. This part plays all of the
riffs and during the chorus. So all of the riffs dictated are done with the capoed guitar
and during the chorus and such using the capoed guitar will be dictated putting the chords
in (parenetheses) above the standard chord. It gets kind of confusing but just follow the
progression and you'll get it.
Riff #1(capo) Riff#2(capo)
 G-2----2---- D-0---0-----0--- ----------0----------
 B--3--3----- G--2-2--2-2----- x5 ------------2---------
 e---0------- B---3----3------ ---------------3--2-----

INTRO: Riff #1
[A]I think I've already los[D]t you,[F#m] I think you're al[Esus]ready go[D]ne
[A]I think I'm finally[D] scared now, [A]you think I'[Bm]m weak
I think you're w[E]rong
[A]I think you're already l[D]eaving, [F#m]feels like your [Esus]hand is on the d[D]oor
[A]I thought this place was an [D]empire, [A]now I'm re[Bm]laxed
I can't be sure[E]

And I think you're so me[Bm]an, I think we should try[E]
I think I could ne[A]ed this is my lif[D]e and [A]I think I'm [Bm]scared
(end Riff2) (D5)
I think too [E]much, I know[G] it's wrong it's a problem I'm dealin'
[(D)] [(G)] [(D)] 
If you're gon[A]e, maybe it's time to come h[D]ome[A]
[(Em)] [(A)] [(D/Dsus2/D)] 
There's an awful[Bm] lot of breathing room, [E]but I can hardly mov[A]e
[(D)] [(G)] [(D)] 
If you're gon[A]e, baby you need to come hom[D]e, come [A]home
[(Em)] [(A)] [(Dsus2)] 
There's a little[Bm] bit of something in m[E]e and everything in[Asus2] you
(Riff #1)
D, F#m, E, Dsus2
VERSE 2 (Same chord progression as verse 1)
I bet you're hard to get over, I bet the room just won't shine
I bet my hands I can stay here, and I bet you need more than you mind
And I think you're so mean, I think we should try
I think I could need this in my life I think I'm just scared
That I know too much, I can't relate and that's a problem I'm feeling
CHORUS (Same as before)
only difference:
...and everything in[Bm]...... y[E]ou
A, D, A, Bm, E, A or capoed (D,G,D,Em,A,D)

[A]I think you're so mea[Bm]n, I think we should tr[E]y
I think I could nee[A]d this in my li[D]fe and [A]I think I'm sca[Bm]red
(End Riff2) (D5)
Do I talk too mu[E]ch? I kn[G]ow it's wrong it's a problem I'm dealing
[(D)] [(G)] [(D)] 
If you're go[A]ne, then maybe it's time to com[D]e home[A]
[(Em)] [(A)] [(D)] 
Well, there's an aw[Bm]ful lot of breathing room[E], but I can hardly mo[A]ve
[(G)] [(D)] 
You know, if you're gone, hell, baby you need to come hom[D]e, oh com[A]e home
[(Em)] [(A)] 
There's a little [Bm]bit of something in me[E]
And everything in.[Bm]..... yo[E]u
[Bm]Something in[E] me, everything i[Bm]n. Something in[E] me, in y[A]ou.
That's the whole of it. Again you can use either of the tabs and it should
work, though it sounds really cool when the 2 are done together as in the song. Don't forget
that the stuff in parentheses has a capo in the 7th fret.

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A Asus2 Bm D E Esus F#m G
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