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New Hampshire  matt pond PA

[E] [A] [D] [G] [B] [E]  
 C --x-3-2-0-1-0--|
 G --3-2-0-0-0-x--| Verse
 G --3-2-0-0-0-3--| Chorus
 Fsus9 --x-3-3-0-1-0--|
 Fsus4 --x-3-3-2-1-0--|
 Am --x-0-2-2-1-0--|
 Am7 --x-0-2-0-1-0--|

( Capo 1st Fret )
Intro: ( Verses are played like Intro )
 E --0--0--0--0------------------------------------------|
 B ---1--1--1--1--0--0--0--0-----------------------------|
 G ----------------0--0--0--0------------------0--0--0---|
 D -----------------------------2--2--2--2----0--0--0--0-| (x2)
 A -3----------------------------3--3--3--3--------------|
 E -------------3-------------1-------------3------------|

Gtr 2: Riff 1 (during 2nd time) (0:15)
[C] [G] [Fsus9] [G]  
 E -----------------------------------------|
 B -3^13--13^0--(1)-3^13--13^0-----(3)-(1b)-|
 G -----------------------------------------|
 D -----------------------------------------|
 A -----------------------------------------|
 E -----------------------------------------|

Verse 1: (0:31)
[C]I saw a modest dream
the k[G]ind that can‚??t speak up
and l[Fsus9]ost before it‚??s let out
in the n[G]orth we hold our tongues
Chorus 1: (0:46)
but down h[Am]ere I b[G]elieve
when you p[C]ull your hair back it‚??s s[Am]o easy to see
this has [Am]not been thought[G] through
there are th[C]ings that we‚??ve done that we[Am] cannot undo
there are th[Fsus9]ings I can‚??t hear when we‚??[Am]re telling the t[(Am)]ruth
Gtr 2: Riff 2 (1:08)
[Fsus9] [C] [Am7] [C]  
 E -0------------------0---|
 B ---1----3-------3-----1-| (x2)
 G ----------0---0---------|
 D ------------------------|
 A ------------------------|
 E ------------------------|

Verses 2 & 3: (1:23)
[C]at a table out in bethel
when [G]I was thirteen
the c[Fsus9]riminals were saying
liked h[G]ow I was silent
the[C] cold was the container
for the sp[G]arseness of our speech
the ex[Fsus9]pression in our hands
was [G]all that we‚??d need
Chorus 2: (1:53)
but down h[Am]ere I b[G]elieve
that I m[C]ade a big deal with a g[Am]irl that can‚??t bleed
now I s[Am]ee red and bl[G]ack
and [C]evening that kills I w[Am]ant to take it back
an [C]evening that kills and I c[Am]an‚??t take it back
[C] [C] [C] [C]  
 E -----------------------------|
 B -----------------------------|
 G -------0-----0-----0-----0---|
 D -----------------------------| (x3)
 A -3-3-3---3-3---3-3---3-3---3-|
 E -----------------------------|

(Keep playing previous part)
I‚??m going home back to New Hampshire
I‚??m so determined
I‚??m so determined
to lay in lakes and see my sisters
I will hit my brother and hold my Mother
[C] [Cadd9sus4] [C] [C] [Csus4] [C]  
 E --------------------3-----0-|
 B -1---3-----------1----------|
 G --------------0-------------|
 D ----------------------------|
 A ----------------------------|
 E ----------------------------|

( Repeat Riff 1 )
Verse 4: (3:33)
this[C] probably won‚??t work out
we might[G] not live forever
while there‚??[Fsus9]s nothing to confess
please p[G]ay attention
Chorus 3: (3:47)
and I kn[Am]ow that it‚??s [G]brief
there‚??s not[C] nearly enough i[Am]n one night to have seen
what you h[Am]ad in your h[G]and
was much m[C]ore than the gold that I l[Am]et go to grab
so much m[Fsus9]ore than the gold that I l[Am]et go to grab
Outro: (4:08)
(no chrd) Fsus4 Fsus9 C Fsus4 Fsus9 C
 E -12-8-3--------------------8-----------8---|
 B ---------------------5h6-6---5h6---------5-|
 G -------------------------------------------|
 D -------------------------------------------|
 A -------------------------------------------|
 E -------------------------------------------|

[Fsus4] [Fsus9] [C] [Fsus4] [Fsus9] [C]  
 E -----------8-------8-----13--5-3--|
 B -5h6---------6h5----5h6-----3-----|
 G ----------------------------------|
 D ----------------------------------|
 A ----------------------------------|
 E ----------------------------------|

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A Am Am7 B C Csus4 D E Fsus4 Fsus9 G
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