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Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through the Strip  Nirvana

C6 G5/F# C6 G5/F# C6 G5/F# C6 G5/F# x3
[Verse 1] 
[C] It [F]hurts when you [C]have to [F]press that [C]dull little [F]thing
That you're [C]only supposed [F]to use [C]once and [F]then discar[C]d
[F]Where do you put [C]it? [F]In the [C]garbage [F]can, my [C]honest [F]friend
My [C]shyness, [F]pet her [C]flow
[Cborus 1] 
[C]She's [F]only been [C]five months [F]late, [C]even [F]though we haven't [C]had sex [F]for a [C]week
A [F]meal a [C]day, a [F]meal, I [C]say
And my [F]heart's [C]made my...
[Bridge 1] 
[C6] [G5/F#] [C6] [G5/F#] [C6] [G5/F#] [C6] [G5/F#]  
[C] [F]Somebody [C]else al[F]ready [C]used the [F]word '[C]Aurora [F]Bore[C]alis'
[F] [C]She was [F]tied up in [C]chains, and [F]Sam had [C]helped her [F]in the [C]freezer[F]
[Cborus 2] 
[C] She's [F]only f[C]ive w[F]eeks [C]late, but I [F]haven't [C]had a [F]date [C]forever![B] [Bb]
[C]Ever![B] [Bb] [C]Ever![B] [Bb] For[C]ever[B] [Bb]
[Spoken 1] 
Wish I had more... More oppor[Bb]tunity,[C]
More chan[F]ces to re[C]member some things[C]
So I couldn't have so[F] much pressure on my [C]
[E] On my[C] [F] On my, [C]um [G]Ah, on [C]my [G] [C]Um,[G] [C]Um [G]Head[C] [G] [C] [G]
[Solo 1] 
[C] [F] [C] [F] [B] [C] [F] [C] [G] [A]  
[C] [F] [C] [G] [B] [A] [C] [F]  
[C] [G] [B] [A] [C] [F] [C] [G]  
[Spoken 2] 
We'd have so much more[C] diver[F]sity,
And [C]so much more [F]input, [C]so much more cre[F]ative flow,[C]
If we [F]had someone in [C]school, a 'G.I.[F]T'[C] [F]
[C]G.I.T[F] [C] [G] [C]Geeks [F] In [C] [G] [C]Town[F]
Ha! [C]Come on, Dave, [G]think of one![C6] [G5/F#]
[C]Girls in trou[G]ble!
[C]It should be G.[F]I.C, [C] [G]geeks with Charvels[C]
No, G.[F]W.C, [C]f**k man this is a waste of time[C] [A] [B] [C] [F] [C] [B] [A] [F]
[F]One more [C]solo? [F] [C] Yeah!
[Solo 2] 
C F C F B A C F C F B A x3
C F C F B A x14
[Spoken 3] 
[C] You're [F]Personally [C] respon[E]sible [C]for,[C] [F] [C] [G] [C] [F] [C]
[C] The en[F]tire strip [C] to be [F]washed away[C]
[F]Cleansed [G] as [C]if [C]gallons [F]of, um,[C] rubbing alco[G]hol
[C]flowed [C]through the strip[F] and were set on [C]fire[F]
[C] It didn't just [F]singe the hair, [C]it made it straight [F]
[C] And then Perry Elli[F]s came along with [C]his broom[F]
[C]and his [F] silk[C] [F] [C] [F] [C]
[F] And he,[C] he erected a [F]beautiful city[C] [F]
[C] A city [F]of stars.
[Solo 3] 
C F C F B A C F C F B A x4
[C] [F] [C] [F] [C] [F] [C] [F]  
[C6] [G5/F#] [C6] [G5/F#] [C6] [G5/F#] [C6] [G5/F#]  
C6 G5/F# C6 G5/F# C6 G5/F# C N.C N.C

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A B Bb C C6 E F G G5/F#
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