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Steady as She Goes  Sky Sailing

Capo 6
Key: C# (I think)
Either my variations shown below, or the actual chord I believe can be played ;)
Have fun! I hope I got it right!
***Make sure you play the top strings on the Cadd --> Bm/G --> Em7/G*, because of
the progression, E, F#, and G (not the actual notes you're playing. You're
actually playing A#, C, and C#)
I'm not so sure about the Em7s, I think you can replace them with a G of some kind
or Cadd9. You can also replace the Bm/G with a D. The Gsus2 can be replaced with a
D (of some kind), Cadd9 or another G. Cadd9 can be replaced with C6/9. Ah,
whatever! If something sounds wrong, post a correction and I'll look into it.
When in doubt, use the chord progression in Brielle. C G D Em7 C G D It's
essentially the same. OH! And a big thanks to the dude (Jeremy Keltner) that did
the tab for this song. It took a long time transposing and arranging chords from
his tabs in such a way so that they don't sound like a dying cat, or your
classmates singing happy birthday. *shudders* Again, have fun! AND THANKYOU!
(Accepting requests for another Sky Sailing Chords thingy)
♪Nooo One ♪ Know-oo-ohs!
G G* Gsus2 Cadd9 Bm/G Em7

Strum twice with it muted, so it makes a chucka chucka sound <---
[G]Fare[Em7]well [D]night[Gsus2]mares; [Cadd9]I [Bm/G]am [Em7]free!
[G]Welcome, [Dsus4]streams of [Gsus2]sweet [Em7]dreams,
Cadd9 Bm/G G*
That settle over me!
[G]What [Gsus2]lies [D]out [Dsus4]there,
[Cadd9]No [Bm/G]one [Em7]knows;
The [G]tide could [Gsus2]bring in [D]any[Dsus4]thing,
Cadd9 Bm/G G*
So steady as she goes;
Cadd9 Bm/G G*
Steady as she goes.
Cadd9* G Bm/G G*
I can feel her,
As [Cadd9]I [G]lie [D]awake.[(Em7)]
But [Cadd9]she's back [G]home,
Still [D]waiting [Em7]alone,
When [Cadd9]m o r n [G]i n g [Gsus2]breaks.
Cadd9* G Bm/G G*
Post - war n o v e l s,
[Cadd9]Keep [G]us [D]alive.[(Em7)]
And [Cadd9]I know [G]she'll be [D]dying to [Em7]see me,
When [Cadd9]I [G]arr[Gsus2]ive!
[G]Hey[(Cadd9)] dear [D]sis[Em7]ter,
[Cadd9]How [Bm/G]are [Em7]you?
G Dsus4 (Gsus2) Em7 Cadd9 Bm/G G*
I've longed to see you, ever since you made your stage début!
G G* D Em7 Cadd9 Bm/G Em7
We al-ways knew you would be,
G Dsus4 (Gsus2) Em7 Cadd9 Bm/G G*
The most angelic actress this dramatic world would see;
Cadd9 Bm/G G*
And the critics do agree!
[Cadd9]S e v e [G]r a l [D]state [Em7]lines,
Cadd9 Bm/G G*
Keep us apart.
But [G]don't lose [Dsus4]sleep,
Cause [(Gsus2)]I'll always [Em7]keep you, [Cadd9]in [G]my [Gsus2]heart!
[Cadd9]Crash-[G]ing, [D]white [Em7]caps,
[Cadd9]Keep [G]us [D]alive.[(Em7)]
And [Cadd9]she knows [G]I'll be [D]dying to [Em7]see her, the [Cadd9]next time [G]I [Gsus2]arrive!
[G]What [Gsus2]lies [D]out [Dsus4]there,
[Cadd9]No [Bm/G]one [Em7]knows;
The [G]tide could [Gsus2]bring in [D]any[Dsus4]thing,
Cadd9 Bm/G G*
So steady as she goes;
Cadd9 Bm/G G*
Steady as she goes;
Cadd9 Bm/G -wait- G*
Steady as she gooooooes.
:) I probably messed up a bunch in the verses, but I think I nailed the chorus!

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Cadd9 D Dsus4 Em7 G Gsus2
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