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Vanity Fair  Squeeze

<i></i>Never seen this transcribed before. And now I know why.
An epic chordfest, even for a Squeeze song!
playing this solo, the best clip being here
I've submitted it under 'Squeeze' as obviously it's a Squeeze song,
but in order to mimic the recording you'd need at least a string quartet
so this is the arrangement for guitar and vocal, which I've come to
love even more than the original Squeeze recording on East Side Story!
I've used a mix of tab and chords. Where there is tab, I've placed
the notes over the lyrics, to illustrate what to play over the
appropriate words as opposed to laying the tab out in strict time
The good news - it's in standard tuning
The bad news - it's a devil to learn
The best news - it's worth it to play such a wonderful piece

A x02220
Asus2/F# 2x2200
A/C# x4x2xx
C(2) x3x1xx
B(2) x2x0xx
Eadd2/G# 4X4400
G#(2) 4xx40x
G#(3) 4XX44x
G 320033
G(2) 3x233x
G(3) 3xxx2x
D/F# 2xx32x
Fdim 1xx00x
 E ---------------|0----------------|
 B ---------------|0----------------|
 G 1>2>1----------|1----------------|
 D 2------>4>2----|2----------------|
 A 2--------------|2----------------|
 E 0--------------|0----------------|

 E ---------------|
 B 5---7---8---11-|
 G ---------------|
 D ---------------|
 A 4---6---7---10-|
 E ---------------|

 E ---------------|
 B ---------------|
 G ------2--4-----|
 D ------------2--|
 A ---------------|
 E ---------------|

Note - the Verses are played in this pattern
 E --0---0---0---0-|--0---0---0---0--|
 B ----------------|-----------------|
 G ----------------|-----------------|
 D ----------------|-----------------|
 A 7---6---5---4---|5---4---3---2----|
 E ----------------|-----------------|

[E] [Eb] [D] [C#] [D] [C#] [C] [B]  
[G#(2)]Em [Am]G(2) [F#m]D [G]Riff3
[A/C#] [C(2)] [B(2)] [Bm]  
 E ---------------|----------------|
 B ---------------|----------------|
 G ---------------|4---------------|
 D ------0--2--4--|----2-----------|
 A ---------------|----------------|
 E ---------------|----------------|
 E ---------------|----------------|
 B ---------------|3---------------|
 G ---------0--2--|---4------------|
 D ---2--4--------|----------------|
 A ---------------|----------------|
 E ---------------|----------------|

[G#(3)] [G(3)] [D/F#] [Fdim]  
 E ---------------|-----0----------|
 B -0>1>0---------|-----0----------|
 G ------0--2>4>2-|----------------|
 D ---------------|2>4>2-----------|
 A ---------------|----------------|
 E ---------------|----------------|

Verse 1
[E] She left her [Eb]school for the [D]facto-[C#]ry
[D] From pocket [C#]money to a [C]salary[B]
From a [E]pac-a-mac [Eb]to a [D]compact [C#]case
[D] And every [C#]morning she in-[C]spects her [B]face
[E] She dis-[Eb]covers pulling [D]pints in [C#]pubs
[D] That the good [C#]looks will never [C]cover up [B]for
Her [E]dumb-[Eb]ness in [D]taking the [C#]stock
[D] Sees her re-[C#]flection in a [C]butcher's shop[B]
Refrain 1
She [F#m]finds it all quite [B]rare
A E Riff1
That her mate's all vanity fair
She [F#m]finds it all quite [B]rare
A E Riff1
That her mate's all vanity fair
Verse 2
[E] She has her [Eb]eyes on me-[D]dallion [C#]men
That [D]get her [C#]home on the [C]dot at [B]ten
[E] She combs her [Eb]hair when she [D]gets ex-[C#]cused
The [D]deal she [C#]wants always [C]ends up [B]screwed
[E] Paints her [Eb]nails on the [D]bathroom [C#]scales
[D]Gargles her [C#]breath like a [C]landed [B]whale
Her [E]beauty [Eb]is as [D]deep as her [C#]skin
[D]Keeps her [C#]eyebrows in a [C]tobacco [B]tin
Refrain 2
She [F#m]poses foot on the [B]chair
A E Riff1
Coconut shy but vanity fair
She [F#m]poses foot on the [B]chair
G#m Riff2
Coconut shy but vanity fair
Middle 8
In her [G#(2)]vanity [Am]case her [F#m]compact [G]case
Em G(2) D Riff3
In her compact case her eyes
Not [A/C#]bad for a [C(2)]sister but her [B(2)]vanity's [Bm]fair
 E ---------------|----------------|
 B ---------------|----------------|
 G ---------------|---4------------|
 D ------0-----2--|4---------2-----|
 A ---------------|----------------|
 E ---------------|----------------|

And her sense of hu-mour's dry
 E ---------------|----------------|
 B ---------------|-------3--------|
 G ---------------|-0--2---------4-|
 D ---0---2---4---|----------------|
 A ---------------|----------------|
 E ---------------|----------------|

She [G#(3)]comes home [G(3)]late with a-[D/F#]nother screw [Fdim]loose
 E ---------------|--------------------------0----|
 B 0->-1>-----0---|--------------------------0----|
 G --------------0|---2->-4->--2------------------|
 D ---------------|--------------2->--4->2--------|
 A ---------------|-------------------------------|
 E ---------------|--------------------------0----|

She swears to have had just a pine-ap-ple juice
Falls a-[Eb]sleep fully [D]clothed in her [C#]bed
D C# C B A(chord)
With her makeup re-mover by her head
Refrain 3 / End
And she [F#m]might not be all [B]there
A E Riff1
But her dream's all vanity fair
She might not b[B]e all there
But her [A]dream's all vanity [E]fair[Asus2/F#]
[E] [Asus2/F#]  
 E 0---0---------X----------X----X--|--X------X--------|
 B 0---0---------X----------X----X--|--X------X--------|
 G 0---2---------4----------8---11--|-12-----13--------|
 D 2---2---------4----------7---10--|-11-----14--------|
 A 2---X---------X----------X----X--|--X------X--------|
 E 0---2---------4----------7---10--|-11-----12--------|

[E] [Asus2/F#] [Eadd2/G#] [B7] [D(2)] [Eb(2)] [E(2)] 

I hope I've done it justice!
Kevin O'Brien
June 2013

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A A/C# Am Asus2/F# B B(2) B7 Bm C C# C(2) D D(2) D/F# E E(2) Eb Eb(2) F#m Fdim G G#(2) G#(3) G(3)
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