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Deacon Blues  Steely Dan



From the album AJA

[Cmaj7] [Gsus2/B] [Bbmaj7] [Fsus2/A] [Dmaj7] [Asus2/C#] [Cmaj7] [Gsus2/B] 
[Ebmaj7] [E7#9]  

[G13]This is the [F13]day of the ex[G/A]panding [F13]man
[G13] That shape is my [F13]shade there where I [G/A]used to s[D9]tand
[Fmaj7] It seems like [E7-9]only yester[Am7]day I gazed through the g[Bb13]lass
At [E7]ramblers, wild g[B7]amblers
That's [B7#9]all in the [E7]past[B7#9] [E7]
[G13]You call me a [F13]fool you say it's a [G/A]crazy [F13]scene
[G13] This one's for [F13]real I already [G/A]bought the [A7]dream
[Fmaj7] So useless to[E7-9] ask me why
[Am7]Throw a kiss and [Gm7]say goodbye[F#maj7] [Fmaj7]
I'll make it thi[Csus2/E]s time
[D9]I'm ready to [F/G]cross that fine line

[Am7]I'll Learn to work the [Em7]saxophone
[Dm7] I play [Cmaj7]just what I feel
[Bbmaj7]Drink scotch whiskey [Am]all night [Am/G]long[Am/F#] [Fmaj7]
Csus2/E Fmaj7(Viii) Am7
And die behind the wheel
They got a name for the w[Em7]inners in the world
[Dm7]I want a [Cmaj7]name when I lose
They [Bbmaj7]call Alabama the [Am]crimson [Am/G]tide[Am/F#] [Fmaj7]
Csus2/E Fmaj7(Viii) Am7 Em7
Call me Deacon Blues (Deacon Blues)
[Dmaj7] [Asus2/C#] [Cmaj7] [Gsus2/B] [Ebmaj7] [E7#9] 
VERSE 2 : (Chords as VERSE 1)

My back to the wall a victim of laughing chance
This is for me the essence of true romance
Sharing the things we know and love with those of my kind
Libations, sensations which stagger the mind
I crawl like a viper through these suburban streets
Make love to these women languid and bittersweet
I'll rise when the sun goes down
Cover every game in town
A world of my own
I'll make it my home sweet home

As before except for the last line of chords. Play these instead :
[Dmaj7] [Asus2/C#] [Cmaj7] [Gsus2/B] [Bb13] [Gsus2/B] 
Then it goes into .....

[Cmaj7] [Em7] [A13] [D7#5#9] [G13] [B7#9] [Em7] [A13] 
[Fmaj7] [F#7#9] [Gmaj7] [B7#9]  
Repeat these two lines once
Then play the INTRO chords to lead into the last verse...
Verse 3:

[G13]This is the [F13]night of the ex[G/A]panding [F13]man
[G13] I take one last d[F13]rag as I appr[G/A]oach the [A7]stand
[Fmaj7] I cried when I [E7-9]wrote this song
[Am7] Sue me if I [Gm7]play too long[F#maj7] [Fmaj7]
This brother is [Csus2/E]free
[D9] I'll be what I [F/G]want to be

Same as first half of 1st Verse - except play D9-5 instead of D9
Keep repeating this half verse to fade
Chord Shapes

As before, A=10, B=11 to make the shapes simpler to type out
(Note that Dmaj7 becomes ABBA !!!)
[Cmaj7] [Gsus2/B] [Bbmaj7] [Fsus2/A] [Dmaj7] [Asus2/C#] 
[EADGBE]x68786 [EADGBE]07678x [EADGBE]353453 [EADGBE]3x345x [EADGBE]131231 [EADGBE]1x123x
[Ebmaj7] [E7#9] [G13] [G13] [F13] [F13] 
(Take your pick !)
[EADGBE]x0543x [EADGBE]x5455x [EADGBE]133210 [EADGBE]07676x [EADGBE]5x5555 [EADGBE]6x678x
[G/A] [D9] [Fmaj7] [E7-9] [Am7] [Bb13] 
[EADGBE]020100 [EADGBE]x24242 [EADGBE]x2123x [EADGBE]3x3333 [EADGBE]2x332x [EADGBE]x7x788
[E7] [B7] [B7#9] [Gm7] [F#maj7] [Csus2/E] 
[EADGBE]3x321x [EADGBE]x79787 [EADGBE]x57565 [EADGBE]x02210 [EADGBE]3x2210 [EADGBE]2x2210
[F/G] [Em7] [Dm7] [Am] [Am/G] [Am/F#] 
[EADGBE]x8a9a8 [EADGBE]x54566 [EADGBE]242355 [EADGBE]3x443x [EADGBE]x5x554
Fmaj7(Viii) D7#5#9 F#7#9 Gmaj7 D9-5
Any mistakes with words or chords - please let me know.
I don't think I missed out any shapes , but I might have let one slip...

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A13 A7 Am Am/F# Am7 Asus2/C# B7 B7#9 Bb13 Bbmaj7 Cmaj7 Csus2/E D9 Dm7 Dmaj7 E7 E7#9 E7-9 Ebmaj7 Em7 F#7#9 F#maj7 F/G F13 Fmaj7 Fsus2/A G13 Gm7 Gmaj7 Gsus2/B
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