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Mabel Normand  Stevie Nicks

Standard Tuning
Capo on the 1st fret
Am: x02210
F: x33211 or 133211
G: 320003 or 320033
Intro: Am F G x 4
She?s [Am]natural in her be[F]auty[G]
I guess you could say she?s j[Am]ust an unappr[F]oachable com[G]edienne
Having [Am]much faith in h[F]er talent,[G] she did her work
No c[Am]omedi[F]enne has[G] not been the clown
She did her w[Am]ork[F] [G]
But her heart was quietly cryi[Am]ng
I guess sh[F]e even felt gu[G]ilty
About even [Am]dyin[F]g[G]
Sad Mabel [Am]Norma[F]nd[G]
So my friend is c[Am]ontinui[F]ng
[G]On a destructive road
His life [Am]passes bef[F]ore him[G] like an unfortunate circumstance
[Am] He and his fr[F]iends are at [G]odds and he is not winning
W[Am]hy does someone [F]always have to w[G]in
He says it [Am]matte[F]rs[G]
Strange things do follow[Am]
When you l[F]ove some[G]one
So you put someone [Am]in ex[F]ile[G]
How ?bout I call you ?Beloved [Am]Exile?[F] [G]
He called today
He sa[F]ys ?Don?t give u[G]p?
I ask [Am]him, ?What are you t[G]alking about?
I sa[F]id, ?Things are not the s[G]ame?
Since you?ve been g[Am]one, Rome burned down[G]
And still it's all the s[Am]ame[F] [G]
So I moved away from the house that held[Am]
Nothing b[F]ut waiting f[G]or messages
[Am]All through the day se[F]asons,[G] I went running with the sun
And I pr[F]ayed every day for the answ[G]ers
In a still and alm[Am]ost silent n[F]ight[G]
He began to hide his [Am]beauty[F] [G]
And I learned to s[Am]ay the w[F]ords[G]
Well, just whose side are you [Am]on, anyw[F]ay[G]
Ch[Am]ange sides[F]
What does it matter
Still you ch[Am]ange sides[F]
Every other day you jus[Am]t change s[F]ides[G]
Instrumental: Am F G x 3
[Am] So cont[F]inue [G]on your destructive road
[Am] Your life p[F]asses bef[G]ore me like an unknown circumstance
[Am] You and yo[F]ur friends [G]are at odds and you are not winning
W[Am]hy does someone [F]always have to w[G]in
And all those r[Am]aces that are r[F]un[G]
They cause [Am]patterns[F] [G]
Strange things do follow[Am]
When you l[F]ove some[G]one
So you put that someone [Am]in ex[F]ile[G]
And you say, I?d write a book about it
And c[Am]all it ?Beloved [F]Ex[G]ile?
Well her l[Am]ife was a g[F]as[G]
Simply everything that hap[Am]pened
Well, the [F]old lady sa[G]id, ?yes it was sad?
She fought a [Am]losing b[F]attle[G]
One day at a time
She might [Am]even make it thr[F]ough tomorr[G]ow
Maybe even another sh[Am]ow
Nat[F]ural in her be[G]auty
I guess you could say [Am]she was [F]unapproachab[G]le
Baby com[Am]edi[F]en[G]ne
So b[Am]eautif[F]ul [G]
So beautiful [Am] [F] [G]
She fought a losing battle[Am] [F] [G]
She might even make it through to[Am]morro[F]w[G]
So beautiful [Am] [F] [G]
So b[Am]eautif[F]ul [G]
Sad Mabel [Am]Norma[F]nd[G]
[Am]Sad g[F]irl[G]
[Am]Sad g[F]irl[G]
So beautiful

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Am F G
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