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Rudy  Supertramp

(piano intro)
[Am] Rudy's on a [Dm]train to nowhere,
[Ddim7] Halfway [C]down the line.[G]
[Am] He don't [Dm]wanna get there,
[Fm]But he needs time.
Cm6 - D7sus4 (4x)
[Am] He ain't sop[Dm]histicated,
[Ddim7] nor well[C]-educated.[G]
[Am] After all the [Dm]hours he's wasted,
[Fm]Still he needs time...
Cm6 - D7sus4 (4x)
He needs time![Am]
He needs a time for [Amadd9]livin'
He needs time[Dm]
For someone just to [Amadd9]see him
[G] He ain't had no [C]lovin'
[F] For no reason or [Bb]rhyme
[G] And the whole world's a[C]bove him
[Gm] Well it's not as though he's [Dm]fat
No, there's more to it than [Gm]that
See he tries to play it [Dm]cool
Wouldn't be nobody's [Eb]fool
[Eb](gu[-]it[Dm]ar [-]so[Eb]lo)[-] [Dm]
[Eb/C] Rudy [F7]thought,
[Dm] That all good [Gm]things,
[Cm] Comes to [F]those that [Bb]wait[Bb7] [-] [Bb6]
[Eb/C] But recent[F7]ly,
[Dm] He could [Gm]see
[Cm] That it may [F]come, but too [Bb]late.. too late... too late
 Am - F - Bb7 Bb - G - Am - F - G# (2x)

[Bb](mu[-]si[Bbadd9sus4]c interval)[-] [Bb] [-] [Bbsus4]
 Cm - Bb - Cm - Bb - Cm - Bb - Cm - Bbm

(sax solo)
(keep hammering Bbm)
[Bbm] All through your life, all through the years
Nobo[Ab]dy loves, nobo[Bbm]dy cares
So dim the light, dark are your fears
Try as [Ab]I might, I can't hold back the [Bbm]tears
How can you live, without love, it's not fair
Someone [Ab]said give, but I just didn't [Bbm]dare, I didn't dare, I didn't dare
What good advice are you waiting to hear?
Hearing's [Ab]alright for them [Bbm]that's all there
Hearing's [Ab]alright...
You'd better
[Bbm] You'd better get con[Cm/Bb]trol of
[Bbm] You'd better show 'em [Cm/Bb]all now
[Bbm] You'd better make or [Cm/Bb]break now
[Bbm] You'd better give and [Cm/Bb]take now
[Bm] You'll have to push and [C#m/B]show them
[Bm] You'll have to find some [C#m/B]love now...
[Bm] You'd better gain con[C#m/B]trol now
 E - F - F# - G - G# - A - A# - B - C - C# - D - D# - E

(music interval)
(sound interval - train station)
[Esus4] Now he's just come [Dm7]out the movie
G#dim Em D6no3
Numb of all the pain
[Am] Sad but in a [Dm]while he'll soon be
[Fm7] Back on his train

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Ab Am Amadd9 Bb Bb6 Bb7 Bbm Bbsus4 Bm C C#m/B Cm Cm/Bb Ddim7 Dm Dm7 E Eb Eb/C Esus4 F F7 Fm Fm7 G Gm
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