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Darkness of the Dream  The Tallest Man on Earth

Tuning: EBC#F#BF# (DABEAE if you don't want to snap a string ;) )
Capo: 10 (12 if using DABEAE)
 e |-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0------------------------------------|
 A |-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0------------------------------------|
 E |-----0-----2-----0-----2-----2------------------------------------|
 B |-----2-----3-----0-----3-----2------------------------------------|
 A |-----0-----0-----2-----2-----0------------------------------------|
 D |-----2-----0-----2-----0-----4------------------------------------|

[A] [D] [E] [Bm] [F#m]  
The strumming pattern is the real trick in this song, listen to it more
than a few times and eventually it will make sense.
(listen carefully for this timing)
Intro: A D E A
[D] [E] [D] [E] [A] [D]  
And so I'd [D]stumble in the [A]light
The night was always [D]there
To end all repe[E]tition
Insane? I [D]bother with the [A]blinds
Carry on and [D]love will be [E]here
I met this girl from my [Bm]old town
But sadly she could [E]see
I'm still a bunch of [A]memories
And sh*t that I [D]believe
And suddenly the [Bm]rain
E (let it ring out)
Is the only part you feel
And there's the darkness of the [A]drea[D]m
[D]Oh Lor[E]d
[E]And there's the [D]darkness of the [A]drea[D]m
[D]Oh Lor[E]d
But she was [D]something of a [A]flame
Just telling[D] me to quiet
Excuses and the [E]visions
Just let [D]yourself out of your [A]sight
Careless and some [D]love will be [E]here
And now you sleep and get some [Bm]rest
From all the songs you [E]make
They're all a bunch of [A]mirrors,
And f**k it, I'm [D]afraid
That suddenly the [Bm]rain
Is the only part you [E]feel
And there's the darkness of the [A]drea[D]m
She said, I [Bm]ain't got no time for no [E]broken believers
And [A]lie like the foolish [D]one
It's taking [Bm]hours and days and I just [E]want to hold you
And [A]end of a wait b[D]egun
I said I think of [Bm]hours in everyon[E]e...
The [D]letting go is here and [A]now
The beauty is in your [D]arms
No mind is out to [E]wander
Just let [D]yourself out of your [A]sight
Careless and some [D]love will be [E]there
And now there's this dancer in the [Bm]dream
Just rowing in the [E]night
And I can't believe how[A] pretty
And I can't believe the [D]signs
When suddenly the[Bm] rain
E (let it ring out)
Is the only part you feel
And there's a darkness of the [A]dream[D]
(strum once per chord)
[F#m]A fear of [Bm]heart and all of its [E]turnings
And it's [A]never letting [D]go
[F#m]I'm sure I'll [Bm]sleep when all this goes [E]under
But now, [A]will I sleep [D]alone?
(start strumming slowly)
E (let it ring out)
It only starts with a river
But I know it's only waiting for the [A]golden groun[D]d
Break: E D A D
[E] [D] [A] [D]  
[E] [D] [A] [D]  
[E] [D] [A] [D]  
(this part is very hard to make out due to the drowned
out guitar)
It's [A]wide and awake
But I'm [D]showing up late
On the [Bm]way there was something
That told me to [E]stay
I [A]feed on the sunlight
But [D]sunlight just drives me [Bm]away[E]
In the [A]loving game
The [A]summer is deep
And the [D]memories still
The [Bm]garden is full
And I'm [E]way over hills
I [A]see there's a line that I'm [D]walking
And I'm just the [Bm]same[E]
It's an [A]endless game
[Bm]In the darkness of the [E]dream[D]
end on A

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A Bm D E F#m
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