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Why Can't You Be  Third Eye Blind

Hey 3eb fans, here's one of the songs on their new EP (Red Star). Easy song to
play and chords are basicly just repeating (Am, C, G, D).
Hope you guys enjoy it im pretty sure everythings right on.
Below is the struming for one part of the song.
*If you see a chord with a *...refer to the strumming below*
G* |
 e|------3--------3---| |
 B|----3--------3--(2)| |
 G|-----------0-------|X2 (Everytime a G* is written, |
 D|-------------------| play the rif to the left twice) |
 A|-------------------| |
 E|--3----------------| |

F* Am* |
 e|-----1------1-----|------0-----0------| |
 B|---1------1---(1)-|----1-----1---(1)--| |
 G|--------2---------|--------2----------| |
 D|------------------|-------------------| |
 A|------------------|--0----------------| |
 E|-1----------------|-------------------| |

Also note that sometimes playing D/F# in place of D sounds |
better I dont know why...that's my personal opinion. |
[Am] Are you frightened by the weight you possess or
[C] Is this life just weightlessness
The smoggy [G]twilight in LA
I [D]can't think of one real thing to say
And Robbie [Am]Williams is walking in the canyons
For-[C]gets that we were friends
I guess it [G]all depends on your mood[(G)]
[G] Why can't these meds be any[(G)] damn good
And she said
[Am] Why can't you be
Like my [C]waterpik shower massager
A [G]sweet reliable mach[D/F#]ine
And to tell the truth I [Am]don't feel less alone
A water mas[C]sagers is the purest love I've ever know[G]n
[Am] Why can't you be[C]
Like when I was thir[G]teen
[Am]Why can't you be
Like an [C]art house foreign movie
Frank and [G]sexy, red balloons and ennui
[D] And allude to me
And w[Am]hy can't you be[C]
A little more of a mystery[G]
[(G)]Why can't you be
[Am]The part of me that's missing
Instead of [C]leaving me for some other
Said we're [G]perfect for each other
An[F]d I know we wont go spend our [Am]lives alone.[G]
[Am] Why can't you be
Like an [C]outsourced government contract
I'm a [G]fat cat gettin' away with anything[D]
Kickin' some secret [Am]special powers
Illumination [C]rounds in showers
Cause it's [G]tearing your hair out
While we can [D]have a bed of flowers
(And I said)
[Am] Why can't you be
Like the [C]chicks out on the road
Some girls are [G]happy just to see me
Because you got [Am]moxie and a broken nose
And take him [C]away from this close
Sometimes a [G]blowjobs not enough
[Am] Why canâ??t you play
[C] A little less rough
[G] Why can't you be
The [Am]part of me that's missing
Instead of [C]leaving me for some other
Say we're [G]perfect for each other
F Am G*
And I know we wont go spend our lives alone
F* Am* G*
Can we........just leave it be
F* Am* G*
And we can live......our lives....separately
F* Am*
Could you for-get....what happens to you
You and me
F* Am*
When we're dead... and you'll be dead
We'll have eternity
F* Am*
And I will spend it all.....missing you
Seeing you with me
F* Am* G*
So while I'm alive........I will always be
[Am] Why can't you be
Lookin' a [C]little deeper into me
Like [G]JD Salinger
Why do I [D]challenge her
In all these surface [Am]ways
That you displease
Why [C]can't you be
A little [G]more at ease[Am]
[(Am)]Why can't you be
Like a [C]hand rolled cigarette
Iâ??m not joking
[G] This masochistic [D]self-pity of smoking
[Am] And this city ditty
C G* (play G* riff once this time)
I keep provoking you to leave me
She said
[Am] Why can't you be
Like a [C]candle I can snuff
Youâ??re still [G]a diamond in the rough
And I swear to[D] god I've had enough
Am C G (last chord end with easy downwards strum)
How can I call your bluff?
~~~THE END~~~

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Am C D D/F# F G
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