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Analyse  Thom Yorke

/ Thom Yorke / I think this song is about how many people live their
/ an*lyse / lives in such a hurry and stress that they miss all the to
/ The Erasor / stop and think why they're actually running and stressing
/_____________/ themselves all the time. They know that it "gets them down"
but they don't have the time to stop and "think things through".
C Ab/C* Ab G Fm Bb5 E5

*you can call it Fm/C if you want to
In the very bottom of the tab you'll find "The Geek's Corner",
where we'll extend the chords to something a little more exotic
and add fills to spice things up - only for the hardcores/geeks.
1st Verse:
A [C]self-fulfilling prophecy
Of endless possi[Ab/C]bility
You [Ab]roll in reams a[G]cross the street
In [Fm]algebra, in algebra
2nd Verse:
The [C]fences that you cannot climb
The sentences that [Ab/C]do not rhyme
In [Ab]all that you can [G]ever change
The [Fm]one you're looking for
It gets you [C]down
It gets you [C]down
[Bb5]There's no [Ab]spark
[G] No light in the [Fm]dark
It gets you [C]down
It gets you [C]down
You [Bb5]traveled [Ab]far
[G] What have you [Fm]found
That there's no [C]time
There's no [C]time
[Bb5] To an*[Ab]lyse
[G] To think things [Fm]through
To [E5]make sense[Fm]
3rd Verse:
Like [C]candles in the city
They [C]never looked so [Ab/C]pretty
By [Ab]power cuts and b[G]lackouts
[Fm]Sleeping like babies
It gets you [C]down
It gets you [C]down
[Bb5] You're just playing a [Ab]part
[G] You're just playing a [Fm]part
You're playing a [C]part
Playing a [C]part
[Bb5] And there's no [Ab]time
[G] There's no [Fm]time
To an*[C]lyse
[G] an*[Fm]lyse
(note that the key changes from Cmajor to Cminor)
[Cm] [Cm] [Bb6]  

[Bb6] [Fm6] [Fm6]  

- 22nd /July /06
* "The Geek's Corner" *
Throughout the entire song Thom plays mainly a bass note and and high
melody notes that really f**ks up the harmonies and gives that weird and
frustrating sound, which is very characteristic for Radiohead as well.
"Hail To The Thief" (recommended!) is a great example of this. If these
weird notes were to be added the chords, it'd really spice things up:
Ab/C Ab6/C Ab Ab6 G G7* Bb5 Bsus2 E5 E6
 |--4--->--1----| |--4-->--4---| |--3-->--3---| |------>--1----| |--0--|>--9---|
 |--1--->--4----| |--4-->--6---| |--3-->--6---| |------>--1----| |--0--|>--9---|
 |--1--->--1----| |--5-->--5---| |--4-->--4---| |--3--->--3----| |--4--|>--9---|
 |--1--->--1----| |--6-->--x---| |--5-->--3---| |--3--->--3----| |--2--|>--6---|
 |--3--->--3----| |--6-->--6---| |--5-->--5---| |--1--->--1----| |--2--|>--7---|
 |------>-------| |--4-->--4---| |--3-->--3---| |------>-------| |--0--|>--0---|

*The G7 can even be extended to a G7b9 as the flat 9th also is played as a
melody note. It's rather hard to pull this one off, but I've added fingers:
 |---4----| - 2nd finger (middle)
 |---6----| - 4th finger (pinky)
 |---4----| - 1st finger (index)
 |---5----| - 3rd finger (ring)
 |---3----| - thumb

...All these chords can be played instead of the regular chords from above.
You can also add these (and your own!) melody notes to the chords:
[C] [Fm]  
 |---0---0-1-3---| |---1-----------|
 |---1-----------| |---1---1-2-1---|
 |---0-----------| |---1-----------|
 |---2-----------| |---3-----------|
 |---3-----------| |---3-----------|
 |---------------| |---1-----------|

These notes are played in the verses and prechorus at some point, but just
add as many small melodies (these are very small) as possible as it gives
this extra momentum to the guitar that usually only play chords, go for it!

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Ab Ab/C Bb5 Bb6 C Cm E5 Fm Fm6 G
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