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Lobachevsky  Tom Lehrer

[Am] [Dm] [E7] [Am]  
Who made me the genius I am today,
The mathematician that others all quote?
Who's the professor that made me that way,
The greatest that ever got chalk on his coat?
[E7]One [Am]man des[Am]erv[G]es the [Am]cre[F]dit,[Am] [G]
One [Am]man des[Am]erv[G]es the [Am]bla[F]me,[Am] [G]
and [Am]Nico[Am]lai[G] I[Am]van[F]ov[Am]ich[G] Loba[E7]chevsky is his [Am]name. Oy!
[Am]Nicolai Ivanovich Loba[E7]che...
[Verse 1] 
I am never forget the day I first meet the great Lobachevsky.
In one word he told me secret of success in mathematics: Plagiarize!
[E7] [Am]Plagiarise,
Let no one else's work e[Dm]vade your eyes,
Remember why the good Lord [E7]made your eyes,
So don't [Am]shade your eyes,
But [Dm]plagiarise, [E7]plagiarise, [Am]plagiarise...
Only be sure always to call it please, "research".
[E7]And [Am]ever si[Am]nce[G] I meet[Am] th[F]is [Am]man[G] my [Am]life is [Am]not[G] the [Am]sam[F]e,[Am] [G]
And [Am]Nico[Am]lai[G] I[Am]van[F]ov[Am]ich[G] Loba[E7]chevsky is his [Am]name. Oy!
[Am]Nicolai Ivanovich Loba[E7]che...
[Verse 2] 
I am never forget the day I am given first original paper to write. It
was on an*[Cdim]lytic and [Bdim]Algebraic To[Bbdim]pology of [Adim]Locally [Abdim]Euclidean Metri[Gdim]zation
of [F#dim]Infinitely Differ[Fdim]entiable Rie[Edim]mannian [Ebdim]Manifold.
Bozhe moi!
This I know from nothing. What [Dm] I am going [E7] to do?[Am]
But I think of great Lobachevsky and I get idea - haha!
[G7]I [C]have a friend in [G7]Minsk,
Who [G7]has a friend in [C]Pinsk,
Whose [C]friend in Omsk has [G7]friend in Tomsk
With [G7]friend in Akmo[C]linsk.
His [C]friend in Alexan[G7]drovsk
Has [G7]friend in Petropav[C]lovsk,
Whose [C]friend somehow is [G7]solving now
The [G7]problem in Dnepropet[C]rovsk.
And [C]when his work is [G7]done -
Ha[G7]ha! - begins the [C]fun.
From [G7]Dnepropetrovsk to [C]Petropavlovsk,
By [G7]way of Iliysk, And [C]Novorossiysk,
To [G7]Alexandrovsk to A[C]kmolinsk
To [G7]Tomsk to Omsk
To [G7]Pinsk to Minsk
To [D7]me the news will [G7]run,
Yes, to [D7]me the news will [G7]run!
And [G7]then I write by morning, night,
And [C]afternoon, and pretty soon
My [G7]name in Dnepropetrovsk is cursed,
When [C]he finds out I published first!
[E7]And [Am]who made [Am]me [G]a [Am]big[F] suc[Am]ces[G]s
And [Am]brought me [Am]wea[G]lth and [Am]fam[F]e?[Am] [G]
[Am]Nico[Am]lai[G] I[Am]van[F]ov[Am]ich[G] Loba[E7]chevsky is his [Am]name. Oy!
[Am]Nicolai Ivanovich Loba[E7]che...
[Verse 3] 
I am never forget the day my first book is published.
Every chapter I stole from somewhere else.
Index I copy from old Vladivostok telephone directory.
This book, this book was sensational!
Pravda - ah, Pravda - Pravda said:
"Jeel beel kara ogoday blyum blocha jeli," ("It stinks").
But Izvestia! Izvestia said:
"Jai, do gudoo sun sai pere shcum," ("It stinks").
Metro-Goldwyn-Moskva bought the movie rights for six million rubles,
Changing title to 'The Eternal Triangle',
With Ingrid Bergman playing part of hypotenuse.
[E7]And [Am]who de[Am]ser[G]ves the [Am]cre[F]dit?[Am] [G]
And [Am]who de[Am]ser[G]ves the [Am]bla[F]me?[Am] [G]
[Am]Nico[Am]lai[G] I[Am]van[F]ov[Am]ich[G] Loba[E7]chevsky is his [Am]name.
[Am] [Dm] [E7] [Am] Oy!

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