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If You Could Only See  Tonic

If You Could Only See
Am- 002210 C- x32010 G- 3X0033 G/F- 1X0033
If you could only [Am]see the way she loves me [C] Then maybe you would [G]understand[G/F]
Why I feel this [Am]way about our love [C] And what I must [G]do [G/F]
If you could only [Am]see how blue her [C]eyes can be when she [G]says [G/F]
When she says she loves me
[Asus2] [C] [G] [F]  
 E |--------------------------------------------x-x--|
 B |-------0h1-0-------3h5-3--------------------x-x--|
 G |--2--2--------5--5--------4--4--4/7--2---2--x-x--|
 D |--2--2--------5--5--------5--5-------3---3--x-x--|
 A |--0--0--------3--3--------5--5-------3---3--x-x--|
 E |--------------------------3--3-------1---1--x-x--|

G5 - 3550XX A5 - 577XXX
E5 - 022XXX F5 - 133XXX D - 050430
[G5] [A5] [G5] [A5] [G5] [A5] [G5] [A5]  
 E |------------------------------------------------------------|
 B |------------------------------------------------------------|
 G |------------------------------------------------------------|
 D |--5s7-7-7-7-x-x-x-5s7-7-7-x-x-5s7-7-7-7-x-x-x-5s7-7-7-x-x---|
 A |--5s7-7-7-7-x-x-x-5s7-7-7-x-x-5s7-7-7-7-x-x-x-5s7-7-7-x-x---|
 E |--3s5-5-5-5-x-x-x-3s5-5-5-x-x-3s5-5-5-5-x-x-x-3s5-5-5-x-x---|

[E5] [F5] [E5] [F5] [D]  
 E |-------------------------------0---0-0-0--0-0---0---0--x-x---|
 B |-------------------------------3---3-3-3--3-3---3---3--x-x---|
 G |-------------------------------4---4-4-4--4-4---4---4--x-x---|
 D |--2s3-3-3-3-x-x-x-2s3-3-3-x-x--0---0-0-0--0-0---0---0--x-x---|
 A |--2s3-3-3-3-x-x-x-2s3-3-3-x-x--5---5-5-5--5-5---5---5--x-x---|
 E |--0s1-1-1-1-x-x-x-0s1-1-1-x-x--0---0-0-0--0-0---0---0--x-x---|

[G5] [A5] Well you got [G5] [A5] your [G5] [A5] reasons [G5] [A5]
[E5] [F5] And you got [E5] [F5] your lies [D]
[G5] [A5] And you got [G5] [A5] your [G5] [A5] manipulations[G5] [A5]
[E5] [F5] They cut me [E5] [F5] down to size [D]
[G5] [A5] Seems [G5] [A5] the road [G5] [A5] less [G5] [A5]traveled
[E5] [F5] shows [E5] [F5] happiness unraveled[D]
[G5] [A5] And you gotta[G5] [A5] take a little [G5] [A5] dirt [G5] [A5]
[E5] [F5] to keep [E5] [F5] what you love [D] thatâ??s what you gotta do
Saying you love but you donâ??t, you give me your love but you wonâ??t
Youâ??re stretching out your arms to something thatâ??s just not there
Saying you love where you stand give your heart when you can
Gtr. 1
 E |--0-0--1--1-1-1--x-x--3--3-3-3-3--x-x--5--5-5-5-5-5-5--|
 B |--0-0--1--1-1-1--x-x--3--3-3-3-3--x-x--5--5-5-5-5-5-5--|
 G |--1-1--2--2-2-2--x-x--4--4-4-4-4--x-x--5--5-5-5-5-5-5--|
 D |--2-2--3--3-3-3--x-x--5--5-5-5-5--x-x--7--7-7-7-7-7-7--|
 A |--2-2--3--3-3-3--x-x--5--5-5-5-5--x-x--7--7-7-7-7-7-7--|
 E |--0-0--1--1-1-1--x-x--3--3-3-3-3--x-x--5--5-5-5-5-5-5--|

Gtr. 2
Play this and then one section of the solo below
 E |--0-0--1--1-1-1--x-x-|
 B |--0-0--1--1-1-1--x-x-|
 G |--1-1--2--2-2-2--x-x-|
 D |--2-2--3--3-3-3--x-x-|
 A |--2-2--3--3-3-3--x-x-|
 E |--0-0--1--1-1-1--x-x-|

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A5 Am Asus2 C D E5 F F5 G G/F G5
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