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Flying Dutchman  Tori Amos



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Please Note: Attempting to transcribe piano music into something readable on
difficulties are multiplied greatly. To my knowledge, the sheet music has not
been published, and what appears here is what I have figured out by ear. I
have attempted to make this as complete as I could while making it legible.
In order to save my sanity, I have not transcribed the way (I think) Tori
plays all of the F-C-G vamps, since she varies it almost every time. By
experimenting with the chords I give for the "main vamp", you should be able
to come reasonably close to the way the song sounds on the recording.
F |F F F F F F F..C |C C C C C C C..C |
C |C C C C C C C..Bb|Bb Bb Bb A A G G..G |
Bb|Bb Bb Bb A A G G..F |F F F F F F F..F |
|C C C C C C C C |C C C C......
|G G G G G G G G |G G G G G...
|F F F E E D D C |C B B A B...
[Fsus4] [F] [F2] [Fsus4] [C7+4] [F] [Csus4] [G7+4] [C/G] [Gsus4] 
F |F F F F F F F F |F F F F F F F F |C C C C C C C C |
C |C C C C C C C C |C C C C C C C C |G G G G G G G G |
Bb|Bb Bb Bb A A G G Bb|Bb Bb Bb A A G G F |F F F E E D D F |
(First time, third measure is repeated. Second time, follow above measures
with the following:)
[G7+4] [C/G] [C5]> [D5]> [Eb5]>
|C C C C C C D Eb|
|G G G G G G A Bb|
|F F F E E C D Eb|
[Eb]Hey kid,[D] I got a[(D] ride [C)]for you[D]
[Eb]They say[D] you're[(C] brain [D)]is a [Eb]comic book[(Ab] tat[Eb)]too, and you'll never be
[Eb5]What will you [D5]do with your [C5]life, oh that's
[G5]All you hear from [C2]noon 'til night
[D]Take a trip on a [G]rocketship, baby
[F#7](Where) the sea is the [G]sky
[F#7]I know the guy who [G]runs the place, and he's
[A]Oo--[G]ut of [D]sight.
[F]Flying [C]Dutchman, [G]are you out there?
[F]Flying [C]Dutchman, [G]are you out there?
[F]Flying [C]Dutchman..[G].
(C-D-Eb riff, as shown above verse one)
[Eb]Straight suits,[D] they don't[(D] und[C)]erstand[D]
[Eb]She tried[D] that[(C] one [D)]with the [Eb]alliga[(Ab]tor [Eb)]boots, but the other side
[G2]Drew her in
[Eb5]Heart falling [D5]fast, when she [C5]left, even the
[G5]Milky Way was [C2]dressed in black
(repeat chorus)
[(G)]'Cause they can't [F]see[G] what you're [F]born to [G(B5)-G5]be
They can't [F]see[G]-- me[D2]
They can't [F]be[G] what they [F]can't believe[G(B5)-G5]
They can't [F]see[G]-- what you[D2] see...
(Vamp: F C G) 2X
[Bb2]Keep the boy spinning in their [C2]own little world, [Eb2]Aa--ah, [Gsus4]Aa--ah
[Bb2]Tie him up, so he [C2]won't say a word, [Eb2]Aa--ah, [Gsus4]Aa--ah
[Bb2]Keep the boy spinning in their [C2]own little world, [Eb2]Aa--ah, [Gsus4]Aa--ah
[Bb2]So afraid he'll be what [C2]they never were, [Eb2]Aa--ah... [Gsus4]ahh
(repeat chorus)
[(G)]'Cause they can't[F] se[C]e..[G]. 'Cause they can't[F] se[C]e..[G]. 'Cause they can't[F] se[C]e..[G].
Are you still out there? [F] Oo-ohh,[C] Oo-ohh-[G]ohh... (Oh,)
[F]They can't see, [C]they can't see,
[G]You know, you know, you're jumping from a high jump
[F]Hide your love, [C]hide your love
[G]So many know, you know, but them, they can't see...
(Vamp: F C G) 2X
(Play following piano/violin melody second time over vamp)
[F]/ / / / / / / /|[C]/ / / / / / / /|[G]/ / / / / / / /|/ / / / / / / /|
D D D C........|..............F|F F F E E D D C|C A A C B A G |
(Vamp: F C G) 2X, end song on G chord.

justin sol | "what you reject can still run your life"
fauna canzona | opening night at moravian hub may 5th

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A Bb2 C C/G C2 C5 Csus4 D D2 D5 Eb Eb2 Eb5 F F#7 F2 Fsus4 G G2 G5 Gsus4
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