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Kingdom Come  Chuck Girard

KINGDOM COME (Chuck Girard)
(Free form against a G chord)
Kingdom come, My kingdom come, the hour is drawing near
Let everyone obey these words, that has the ear to hear
Let the kingdom come from deep within and let Me rule your heart
And purge your life from everything that's been keeping us apart
Let the [G]earth [C/G]hear My [G]voi[C/G]ce..[G]..the [C]time [G/B]to dec[Am7]ide i[G]s h[D/F#]ere[Em] [D]
To dec[D]ide to [D7]walk as a s[G]old[G/F#]ier, .[Em].to dec[C]ide not to live in f[D]ear
The [G]sheep shall [C/G]divide from the goa[G]ts,[C/G] [G]
The [C]chaff s[G/B]hall be [Am]blown f[G]rom the w[D/F#]heat[Em] [D]
My pe[D]ople shall ar[Gsus/E]ise ....and bec[G]ome a stren[Em]gth,
They will n[C]ever give place to de[D]feat.
They will w[G]alk in un[C/G]ified fa[G]ith,[C/G] [G]
In po[C]wer t[G/B]hat shall [Am]conq[G]uer al[D/F#]l[Em] [D]
They will l[D]ay their l[Gsus/E]ives on the l[G]ine
But they s[Em]hall not f[C]aint and they shall not fa[D]ll[Dsus]
My n[G]ame shall[C/G] be their na[G]me,[C/G] [G]
they will w[C]alk [G/B]be..h[Am]ind t[G]he ve[D/F#]il[Em] [D]
The wo[D]rld shall [Gsus/E]know ...[D/F#]them .[G]by their l[Em]ove,
And that l[C]ove shall never fa[D]il.
[G]Kingdom [D7/A]come, My k[G/B]ingdom co[C]me, the h[G]our is d[G/F#]rawing ne[Em]ar[D/F#]
Let e[G]very[D7/A]one ob[G/B]ey these w[C]ords, that h[G]as the [D/F#]ear to h[Em]ear[D/F#]
[G]Run the ra[C/G]ce to w[G]in,[C/G] ...[G].....c[C]ease[G/B] to [Am7]prac...t[G]ice [D/F#]sin![Em] [D]
The c[D]rown of [Gsus/E]glory ..a....w[G]aits you,[Em] so come [C]on, get in, get [D]in
The [G]Word, My [C/G]Word is the k[G]ey,[C/G] [G]
G[C]et it [G/B]in..s[Am]ide y[G]our [D/F#]heart[Em] [D]
For the s[D]eed you [Gsus/E]plant...will bec[G]ome a t[Em]ree
Bearing fr[C]uit that you soon will h[D]arvest.
Oh [Bb]spirit of [F7/C]man rise [Bb]up! Let [Bb]me live [F/C]big ins[Bb]ide
When [Bb]you walk d[F/A]own the s[Gm]treet,[F]
The s[Eb]ick shall recover,and the de[F]ad shall rise!
Let[Db] no man t[Eb]hink me w[F]eak, I am a[Dm]ble to perform what I s[Eb]ay
And a[Cm]ll that I've d[D]eclared shall come to p[Gm]ass in the last [F]detail.
[Bb]My will shall be done, on E[Eb/Bb]arth through the sons of God.
Who w[C/E]alk in power and in faith and in love.
You are the sons of Go[F]d![F/Eb] [Dm7] [F/C]
[Bb]Kingdom c[F/C]ome, My ki[Bb/D]ngdom co[Eb]me, the h[Bb]our is [F/A]drawing n[Gm]ear[F/A]
Let e[Bb]very[F/C]one o[Bb/D]bey these wo[Eb]rds, that h[Bb]as the [F/A]ear to h[Gm]ear[F/A]
Let the k[Bb]ingdom c[F/C]ome from [Bb/D]deep wit[Eb]hin
and l[Bb]et Me [F/A]rule your he[Gm]art[F/A]
And p[Bb]urge your li[F7/C]fe from eve[Gm]ryth[F]ing
That's been ke[Eb]eping [F]us...[Bb]apart
Extra lyrics given prophetically which were excluded from the recording
due to format restraint:
You're My own righteousness, and all that I possess
Has been given to you to equip you, to conquer, nothing less
Go forth be bold and be strong, don't let anything distract
Be single minded and train your eye, to never once look back
1983 Sea of Glass Music/ASCAP

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