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Should I Pray or Should I Go  ApologetiX

Play the D and A as open chords, but play the F and G as bar chords.
[D] [A] [F] [G]  

[D] [D] [D] [G] [G] [G] [G] [D]  
[D]D [D]D [D]D [G]G [G]G [G]G [G]G [D]D (whah!!!)
[D] [D] [D] [G] [G] [G] [G] [D]  
Calling on God to let me know[D] [D] [D] [G] [G] [G] [G] [D]
Should I pray or should I go?[D] [D] [D] [G] [G] [G] [G] [D]
If You say that You don?t mind[G] [G] [G] [F] [F] [F] [F] [G]
I?ll be here till You send a sign[D] [D] [D] [G] [G] [G] [G] [D]
So Your Gospel gets to grow[A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A]
In the neighborhood I know[D] [D] [G] [G] [G] [D] [D]
If all of us leave to and teach and preach[D] [D] [D] [G] [G] [G] [G] [D]
You?ll have no one left on their knees[D] [D] [D] [G] [G] [G] [G] [D]
I?d say it?s fine to just stay back[G] [G] [G] [F] [F] [F] [F] [G]
Though if You want me, I'll go pack[D] [D] [D] [G] [G] [G] [G] [D]
Well, come on, not Mexico[A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A]
There?s no Spanish words I know[D] [D] [D] [G] [G] [G] [D] [D]
Should I pray or should I go now?[D] [D] [D] [G] [G] [G] [G]
[D]Sh[D]ou[D]ld[D] I[G] p[G]ra[G]y [G]or[D] s[D]ho[D]ul[D]d [G]I [G]go[G] n[G]ow?
[G]If[G] I[G] g[G]o [F]th[F]er[F]e [F]wi[G]ll[G] b[G]e [G]tr[F]ou[F]bl[F]e [F]
[D]Th[D]e [D]mi[G]ss[G]io[G]na[G]ri[D]es[D] t[D]he[D]re[G] m[G]ay[G] d[G]ou[D]ble
[A]An[A]d [A]it[A]'s[A] c[A]ro[A]wd[A]ed[A] a[A]s [A]we[A] k[A]no[A]w[A] [A]
This Indian mission's buggin' me [D](G[D]re[D]ec[G]e,[G] I[G]nd[D]on[D]esia, Malta, Malaysia)
They say they want me desperately [D](M[D]on[D]go[G]li[G]a,[G] P[D]hi[D]lippines, Albania)
Is that the food I'm s'posed to eat? [G](I[G]nd[G]ia[F], [F]Uz[F]be[F]ki[G]stan, Pakistan)
Don't You need mission trips to Italy? [D](A[D]fg[D]ha[G]ni[G]st[G]an[D], [D]Kazakhstan)
Don't want no vegetables [A](T[A]ur[A]km[A]en[A]is[A]ta[A]n,[A]Tajikistan)
Shouldn?t I go with the food I know [D](S[D]au[D]di[G] A[G]ra[G]bi[D]a,[D] Bangladesh)
AGhhhHh!!!!!([D]Gu[D]in[D]ea[G]-B[G]is[G]sa[D]u,[D] Benin, Gibraltar)
Bleh!([D]Ca[D]mb[D]od[G]ia[G], [G]Vi[D]et[D]nam, Somalia)
([G]Et[G]hi[G]op[F]ia[F], [F]Eg[F]yp[G]t, Sudan, Libya)
[D](T[D]ib[D]et[G], [G]Sr[G]i [D]La[D]nka, Azerbijan)
[D](W[D]es[D]te[G]rn[G] S[G]ah[D]ar[D]a, Macau, Lebanon)
[A](Q[A]at[A]ar[A], [A]Ne[A]pa[A]l,[A] East Timor, Burma)
[D](U[D]AE[D], [G]Ma[G]ld[G]iv[D]es[D], Gaza Strip)
Should I pray or should I [D]go[D] n[D]ow[G]? [G](L[G]ao[G]s,[D] Nigeria, Niger, Mali)
[D]Sh[D]ou[D]ld[D] I[G] p[G]ra[G]y [G]or[D] s[D]ho[D]ul[D]d [G]I [G]go[G] n[G]ow[D]? [D](I[D]sra[D]el[G], [G]Sy[G]ri[G]a,[D] T[D]ha[D]il[D]an[G]d,[G] G[G]uinea)
[G]If[G] I[G] g[G]o [F]re[F]bu[F]il[F]d [G]th[G]ei[G]r [G]ru[F]bb[F]le[F] ([F]Se[G]ne[G]ga[G]l,[G] P[F]or[F]tu[F]ga[F]l,[G] D[G]ji[G]bo[G]ut[F]i)[F] [F] [F]
[D]Ca[D]n'[D]t [D]li[G]ft[G] a[G] s[G]pa[D]de[D] o[D]r [D]wi[G]el[G]d [G]a [G]sh[D]ov[D]el[D] (B[D]ah[G]ra[G]in[G], [G]Al[D]ge[D]ri[D]a,[D] C[G]hi[G]na[G], Turkey)
[A]So[A] Y[A]ou[A] g[A]ot[A]ta[A] l[A]et[A] m[A]e [A]kn[A]ow[A] ([A]Ir[A]an[A], [D]Om[D]an[D], [D]Ye[G]me[G]n,[G] M[G]or[D]occo)
[D]Sh[D]ou[D]ld[D] I[G] m[G]ai[G]l [G]in[D] t[D]he[D] c[D]he[G]ck[G] I[G] w[G]ro[D]te[D]? [D](Bh[D]ut[G]an[G], [G]Ja[G]pa[D]n,[D] B[D]ur[D]ki[G]na[G] F[G]aso)
[D]Sh[D]ou[D]ld[D] I[G] p[G]ra[G]y [G]or[D] s[D]ho[D]ul[D]d [G]I [G]go[G] n[G]ow[D]? [D](C[D]ypr[D]us[G], [G]Br[G]un[G]ei[D], [D]bo[D]th[D] K[G]or[G]ea[G]s)
[D]If[D] I[D] g[D]o [G]I'[G]ll[G] b[G]re[D]ak[D] m[D]y [G]bu[G]bb[G]le[G] ([G]Ma[G]ur[G]it[F]an[F]ia[F], [F]Ir[G]aq[G], [G]Tu[G]ni[F]si[F]a)[F] [F]
[G]An[G]d [G]if[G] I[F] s[F]ta[F]y [F]I [G]wi[G]ll[G] b[G]e [F]cu[F]dd[F]le[D]d [D](K[D]yr[D]gy[G]zs[G]ta[G]n,[G] K[D]uwait, Gambia)
[D]So[D] t[D]om[D]or[G]ro[G]w [G]le[G]t [D]me know (Taiw[A]an[A], [A]Jo[A]rd[A]an[A], [A]Er[A]it[A]re[A]a)[A] [A] [A] [A] [A] [A]
Should I pray or should I go? (Chad)
Sorry, I think the timing's a bit screwed up, but figure it out for yourself.

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