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Scenes From An Italian Restaurant  Billy Joel

[F] [Gm]   [C] [C11] [Bb/F] [F] [C7] 
[F]A bottle of white, [Gm/C]a bottle of red [C7/F] perhaps a bottle of ro[Bb]se instead[F]
[C]Get a table [Bb]near the [F/A]street in our old fa[Bb]miliar [C]place
[C11]You and [C]I, [C11]face to [Csus4]face, [C]mm mm
[F]A bottle of red, [Gm/F]a bottle of white [C/F]it all depends on your [Bb/F]appe[F]tite
[G]I'll meet you [G/A]anytime [G/B]you [C]want in our I[C/D]tali[C/E]an Re[F]staurant[Bb]
[Cmaj7]  [Fmaj7]    [Bbmaj7]    [Cmaj7]    [Fmaj7]    [Bbmaj7]
[Ebmaj7]    [Abmaj7]   [Ebmaj7]   [Abmaj7]  [D]        
[G]Things are okay with [D/G] me these days [Dm/G] got a good job, [Cadd2/G] got a good office
[C]Got a new wife, [Fmaj7]got a new life and the [Am]family's fine [Dsus4] [D]
Oh, [G]we lost touch [D/G]long ago [Dm/G]you lost weight I [Cadd2/G] did not know
[C]You could ever [Fmaj7]look so nice after [Am]so much time[Dsus4] [D]
Do you re[Eb]member those days hanging [Bb]out at the village [F]green
[Eb]Engineer boots, leather [Bb]jackets and tight blue [F]jeans
Woah you drop a [Eb]dime in the box play the [Bb]song about New Or[F]leans
[Eb]Cold beer, [Bb]hot lights [C]my sweet ro[D]mantic teenage [G]nights
[G] [Gmaj7] [G7] [G] [C] [F] [Am] [D]  
[G] [Gmaj7] [G7] [G] [G/B] [C] [F] [Am] [D]          
Piano solo
[G]   [G/F]     [G/E]     [D]    
[G]   [G/F]     [G/E]     [D]        

[G]Oh [G/F]oh, oh [G/E]oh, oh [D]oh oh oh oh
[G]Oh, oh [G/F]oh, oh [G/E]oh, oh [D]oh oh oh oh

[G]Brenda and Eddie were the popular steadies
And the [D]king and the queen of the prom[D]  [C]
[G]Riding around with the [G7/B]car top down and the [C]radio on [Csus4] [C] [Csus4] [C]
[G]Nobody looked any [D]finer [D]  [C] or was [G]more of a hit at the [Csus4]Park[C]way [Csus4]Di[C]ner
[G]We never knew we could [F]want more than that out of [E]life [E/F#] [E/G#] [E]
Surely [Am]Brenda and [G/B]Eddie would [C]always know [D]how to sur[G]vive
Oh [G/F]oh, oh [G/E]oh, oh [G/D]oh oh oh oh
[G]Oh, oh [G/F]oh, oh [G/E]oh, oh [G/D]oh oh oh oh
[G]Brenda and Eddy were still going steady in the [D]summer of seventy five [D]  [C]
[G]When they decided the [G7/B]marriage would be at the [C]end of July [Csus4] [C] [Csus4] [C]
[G]Everyone said they were [D]crazy [D]  [C]
[G]Brenda you know that you're [Csus4]much [C]too [Csus4]lazy[C]
[G]Eddie could never af[F]ford to live that kind of [E]life [E/F#] [E/G#] [E]
Oh, but [Am]there we were [G/B]waving [C]Brenda and [D]Eddie good[G]bye
Oh [G/F]oh, oh [G/E]oh, oh [G/D]oh
Well, they [Csus4] got an apart[C]ment with [Csus4] deep pile car[C]pet
And a [Dsus4 ]couple of paintings from [G]Sears
A [Csus4] big waterbed[C] that they [Csus4] bought with the bread[C]
They had [D]saved for a couple of [Gsus4]years [G] [Gsus4] [G]
They [Csus4] started to fight [C]when the [Csus4] money got tight[C]
And they [D]just didn't count on the [Em]tears, woh [A7]oh, woh oh[D11]...yeah rock n roll
[G ] [D] [G] [G7/B] [C] [G ] [D] [G] [C]
[G] [F] [E] [E/F#] [E/G#] [E] [Am] [G/B] [C] [D]
[G]Oh [G/F]oh, oh [G/E]oh, oh [D]oh

Well, they [Csus4]lived for a while in a [C]very nice style
But it's [Dsus4]always the same[D] in the [C]end[G]
They [Csus4]got a divorce as a[C] matter of course
And they [Dsus4]parted the closest of [C]friends[G]
Then the [Csus4]king and the queen went [C]back to the green
But you can [Dsus4]never go back [D]there a[Em]gain, oh [A7]oh, oh [D11]oh
[G]Brenda and Eddie had had it already by the [D]summer of seventy five[D]  [C]
From the [G]high to the low to the [G7/B]end of the show
For the [C]rest of their lives[Csus4] [C] [Csus4] [C]
They [G]couldn't go back to the [D]greasers[D]  [C]
The [G]best they could do was pick[Csus4]up [C]their [C]pie[Csus4]ces
[G]We always knew they would [F]both find a way to get [E]by[E/F#] [E/G#] [E]
[Am]That's all I [G/B]heard about [C]Brenda and [D]Eddie
[Am]Can't tell you [G/B]more cause I [C]told you al[D]ready
And [Am]here we are [G/B]waving [C]Brenda and [D]Eddie good[G]bye
Oh [G/F]oh, oh [G/E]oh, oh [D]oh oh oh oh
[G]Oh [G/F]oh, oh [G/E]oh, oh [D]oh oh oh oh
[G]Oh [G/F]oh, oh [G/E]oh, oh [D]oh oh oh oh

[F]  [GM/F]Yeah yeah [C/F]yeah[Bb/F] [F]
[C]  [Bb] [F/A] [Bb] [C] [Gm7] [C] [Gm7] [F/C] [C]

[F]A bottle of reds, [Gm/F]oooh a bottle of whites [C/F]Whatever kind of mood you're [Bb/F]in to[F]night
[G]I'll meet you [G/A]anytime [G/B]you [C]want In our I[C/D]tali[C/E]an Re[F]staurant[Gm/F]

[Cmaj7] [Fmaj7] [Bbmaj7] [Cmaj7] [Fmaj7] [Bbmaj7]
[Dm9]    [C/E]   [F]   [G11]  [F/C] [C]        

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A7 Abmaj7 Am Bb Bb/F Bbmaj7 C C/D C/E C/F C7 Cmaj7 Csus4 D D/G Dsus4 E E/F# E/G# Eb Ebmaj7 Em F F/C Fmaj7 G G/B G/D G/E G/F G7 G7/B Gm/F Gm Gm/C Gm/F Gm7 Gmaj7 Gsus4
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