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Andy Warhol  David Bowie


ACOUSTIC	| E-------------------------------

		| B-------------------------------

		| G-------------0-----------------

		| D----------24------------------

		| A-------02-----3---20-------------

		| E---023----------------320------------

[Em] Like to take a cement fix
Be a standing cine[A7]ma,
Dress my friends up [C]just for show
See them as they really are
[Em] Put a peephole in my brain
Two New Pence to have a [A7]go,
Like to be a [C]gallery
Put you [G/B]all ins[Am]ide my [Em]show,
[D]Andy [A]Warhol, [Em]looks a [C]scream, [D]hang him [G]on my [C]wa-a-[Am]a-all
[D]Andy [A]Warhol, [Em]silver s[C]creen, can't [D]tell them a[G]part at [C]a-a-[Am]a-a-[a7]all.

[Em]Andy walking, Andy tired, Andy take a little [A7]snooze,
Tie him up when he fast asleep, send him on a pleasure cruise.
[Em]When he wake up, on the beach, be sure to think of me and [A7]you.
To think about paint and to [C]think about glue
what a [G/B]jolly boring [Am]thing to [Em]do.
[--]                        chris lydgate
"Per aspera ad nauseam."

You can play it in Am as it was written in the previous article, but I'm pretty
sure that the original is in Em .
I would use the following chords:
[EADGBE]079900       [EADGBE]332010        [EADGBE]x00232
E(no 3rd) C/G D/A
The E chord is the important one -it's a real power chord with the top two
open strings ringing out.
You could just as well play straight C and D if you want, but it adds a little
power if you play an extra string in the bass
Use these chords for the intro, like this:
E / / / C/G / / D/A (Repeats three or four times)
The riff which is played goes like this:
[E---]     [B---]                                                                                  

On the record, one (or two?) guitars play the chords, while another plays the
riff .
It's a bit trickier to try and capture the whole thing on one guitar, but I
play the E(no 3rd) chord first, leave the top two strings ringing while I
start the riff, but when I get to the C (3rd fret, A string) I play the whole
C chord instead of just one note.
Strum this C a little, then finish the riff
On the last note of the riff (E) you can start strumming the E chord Again
The rest of the chords are something like this:
E(no 3rd) / / / / / A7 / / / C G/B Am
E(no 3rd) / / / C/G / / D/A
Repeat this once
[D]D [A]A [Em]Em [C]C [D]D [G]G [C]C [Am]Am A7 (leave ringing)
Then back to the intro chords with the riff
I'll assume Everyone knows D, A , Em etc
the others are :
[EADGBE]x20003       [EADGBE]x02020
   [G/B]           [A7]   Now for the best bit!
The ending (with all the foot stomps and claps) is played using the E 'power'
chord ( E no 3rd)
Strum this for a while then move it down one fret
Strum a bit more, then move it back up one
I can't remember for sure, but I think the shape is moved up and down several
times, sometimes just by one fret, sometimes two.
When you've had enough of that, play the shape at the 6th position for long
enough for your ears to scream (what a lovely dissonance!) then move it to
it's resting place i.e at the 7th position
Check out the record for the rythmn of the strumming
Don't forget to clap unenthusiastically at the end
(reposted by Steve Frost)

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A A7 Am C D Em G G/B

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