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Shake Me Down  Cage the Elephant

this is based off a video on youtube of them playing this song
live. Everything should be right, I've been fixing it for 3 days.
hopefully this is easy to follow, that was my goal.
Tabbed by: Matt Johnson
[A#] [Dm]  
 A|----------|----------|x4 for intro
 E|----------|----------|x 8 for first verse

Sometimes he adds in:
[A#] [Dm]  

[A#]Shake me down[Dm],
[A#]Not a lot of [Dm]people left around,
[A#]Who knows now[Dm],
[A#]Softly laying[Dm] on the ground, ooooh
[A#]Not a lot peo[Dm]ple left around, ooooh. ooooh
This next part is played like this:
[A#] [Dm] [Gm] [Cm]  
 B|----6---6-|---6---6--|---3---3--|---4---4--| (It's the top 3 strings
 G|-/7-------|-7--------|-3--------|-5--------| of the Barre chords,
 D|----------|----------|----------|----------| But you don't need to
 A|----------|----------|----------|----------| use the barre chords just
 E|----------|----------|----------|----------| yet)

[A#] In my [Dm]life, I have [Gm]seen,
People [Cm]walk into the [A#]sea,
Just to [Dm]find memor[Gm]ies,
Plagued by [Cm]constant mi[A#]sery,
Their [Dm]eyes cast [Gm]down,
[Cm]Fixed upon the [A#]ground,
Their [Dm]eyes cast [Gm]down[Cm]
F F F F F F F F F F F (just hit the F barre chord
I'll keep my eyes fixed on the a bunch of times)
A# Dm (intro)
[A#]Shake me dow[Dm]n,
[A#]Cut my hair [Dm]on a silver cloud, (intro/first verse again)
[A#]Broken sound[Dm],
[A#]Softly layin[Dm]g on the
[A#]ground, oooo[Dm]h
[A#]Not a lot pe[Dm]ople left
[A#]around, oooo[Dm]h, ooooh
This time play the Barre chords and strum 4x each
A# Dm Gm (use A# bare chord at 6th fret
In my past, bittersweet, not at the 1st)
There's no [Cm]love between the [A#]sheets,
Taste the [Dm]blood, broken [Gm]dreams,
[Cm]Lonely times [A#]indeed,
With eye[Dm]s cast dow[Gm]n,
Fi[Cm]xed upon the gr[A#]ound,
[Dm]Eyes c[Gm]ast down[Cm]
[F]I'll[F] kee[F]p my[F] eye[F]s fi[F]xed [F]on t[F]he
[A#] [A] [G] [F]  

[A#] [A#] [A] [G] [F]  
[F]Tur[F]n b[F]ack[F] no[F]w i[F]ts [F]tim[F]e f[F]or [F]me [F]to [F]let [A#]go,[A#] [A] [G] [F]
F F F... A# A# A G F
Way down had to find a place to lay low,
F... A# Dm A
Lampshade turned around into a light post
[A#] [Dm] [A] [A#] [Dm] [A]  

[A#] [Dm] [A] [Gm]  

F (x4) G (x4)
Walk around the corner, (barre chords, the () is how many times
A# (x8) to strum)
Never saw it coming still,
[F]I try to make a [G]move,
[A#]It almost stopped me from belief,
[F]I don't wanna kn[G]ow the future,
[A#]But I'm like rolling thunder,
[A#]Even on a cloudy [Dm]day,
[F]Even on a cloudy [G]day,
[A#]Even on a cloudy [Dm]day, (Barre Chords)
[F]Even on a cloudy [G]day,
[A#]Even on a cloudy [Dm]day,
[F]Even on a cloudy [G]day,
[A#]Even on a cloudy [Dm]day,
F F F....
I'll keep my eyes fixed on the-
I'll keep my eyes fixed on the-
I'll keep my eyes fixed on the
A# Dm (intro)
[A#]Shake me down[Dm],
[A#]Not a lot of [Dm]people left
[A#]around, ooooh[Dm], ooooh[A#]

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A A# Cm Dm F G Gm
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