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I Think I See the Light  Cat Stevens

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Date: 30th Dec 2003 To: Majicat From: DJ

I think I see the light by Cat Stevens (1970)
CAPO AT 4th FRET (Key of Db)
Intro (& riff throughout Verses 1 & 2)
[A] [C] [D] [F] [C]  
 E ---------------------|-------2--------1-----0---|
 B ------2--------1-----|-------3--------1-----1---|
 G ------2--------0-----|-------2--------2-----0---| (x4)
 D ------2--------2-----|--0-0-----0--3------------|
 A --0-0---0-h3-3----3--|-------------------3------|
 E ---------------------|--------------------------|

Verse 1
[A] I used to tr[C]ust nobody,[D] trusting e[F]ven l[C]ess their w[A]ords[C],[D] [F] [C]
[A] Until I fou[C]nd somebody,[D] there was [F]no one [C]I pre-fe[A]red [C],[D] [F] [C]
[A] My heart was m[C]ade of stone,[D] I saw o[F]nly mi[C]sty g[A]rey,[C] [D] [F] [C]
[A] Until you ca[C]me into my li[D]fe ,girl, I saw e[F]very-[C]one that [A]way[C]![D] [F] [C]
[Em] Until I f[D/F#]ound the one I ne[C/G]eded at my s[F/A]ide,
[Em] I think I w[B]ould've been a [Em]sad man all my l[F]ife-[B]--
| [A]/ / / [DD] / | [A]/ / /[D] [D]/ | [A]/ / / [D] /[D] | /[A] / / [D] /[D]|
[D] I think I s[F]ee the light-[G]---, coming t[D]o me, coming thr[G]ough me,
Giv[D]ing me a second si[A]ght.[D] [D] [A] [D] [D] So sh[A]ine, sh[C]ine, sh[G]ine-[D]--!
[A] [C] [G] [D] [A] [C] [G] [D]  
 Shine, shine, shine---! Shine, shine, shine---!

Verse 2
 E -------------------|----------------------|
 B ------2------2-----|-------2-------2------|
 G ------2------2-----|-------2-------2------|
 D ------2------2-----|-------2-------2------|
 A --0-0---0-0--------|--0-0-----0-0---------|
 E -------------------|----------------------|

[A] I used to w[C]alk alone,[D] every s[F]tep would s[C]eem the sa[A]me,[C] [D] [F] [C]
[A] This world was n[C]ot my home,[D] so there was not[F]hing mu[C]ch to ga[A]in,[C] [D] [F] [C]
[A] Look up, and s[C]ee the clouds,[D] look down and s[F]ee the c[C]old flo[A]or,[C] [D] [F] [C]
[A] Until you c[C]ame into my l[D]ife, girl, I saw not[F]hing, not[C]hing m[A]ore[C]![D] [F] [C]
Chorus again
Instrumental break
 E -------------------|----------------------|
 B ------2------2-----|-------2-------2------|
 G ------2------2-----|-------2-------2------|
 D ------2------2-----|-------2-------2------|
 A --0-0---0-0--------|--0-0-----0-0---------|
 E -------------------|----------------------|

| [Em]/ / [D/F#] / / |[C/G] / / [F/A] / / | [Em]/ / [B]/ / | [Em]/ / [F]/ / | / / |
| [B]/ / / / | [A]/ / / [D] /[D] | /[A] / / [D] /[D] | /[A] / / [D]/ [D]| / [A]/ / [D]/|[D]
[D] I think I s[F]ee the light-[G]--, coming [D]to me, coming thr[G]ough me,
Gi[D]ving me a second si[A]ght! [D] [D] [A] [D] [D] So sh[A]ine, sh[C]ine, sh[G]ine-[D]--,
||:Sh[A]ine, sh[C]ine, sh[G]ine--[D]--! :||(x4)
Sh[A]ine, sh[C]ine, sh[G]ine----![D]

x02[A]220 x32[C]010 xx0[D]232 xx3[F]211 320[G]033
02[Em]2000 2[D/F#]00232 3[C/G]32010 x0[F/A]3211 x24[B]442
N.B: Try playing this song with a plectrum, to make it easier to
emphasis the heavy bass note of each chord.
Left hand Fingers:
T= Thumb I= Index finger M= Middle finger
R= Ring finger L= Little finger
NB: These suggested fingerings of the chords are shown as played
with the left hand ( i.e. for a right handed player.)
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A B C C/G D D/F# Em F G
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