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Safe European Home  The Clash

Chords used: (Std Tuning)
E = 022100
A = x02220
B = x24442
F#m = 244222
G#m = 466444
Asus2 = x02200
Verse 1:
Well I...
E (G#m) (E) |
Just got back and I wish I never leave now.
A B |
(Where'd you go?) Who dat
E (G#m) (E) |
Martian arrival over at the airport, yeah?
A B |
(Where'd you go?) How
E (G#m) (E) |
many local dollars for a local anesthetic?
A B |
(Where'd you go?) And the
E (G#m) (E) |
Johnny on the corner was ah very sympathetic.
A B |
(Where'd you go?) Well I..
F#m G#m |
Went to the place where every white face is an
A B |
in-vi-ta-tion to rob-be-ry. An'..
F#m G#m |
sitting here in my safe eur-o-pe-an
A B |
home. Don't wanna go back there a-
E ~ |
Verse 2:
[E]Wasn't I lucky and[(G#m)] wouldn't it be [(E)]loverly?
[A] (Where'd ya [B]go?)
[E]Send us all cards, have a[(G#m)] laying in on [(E)]Sunday.
[A] [B]  
[E]I was there for two weeks, so[(G#m)] how come I never[(E)] tell now?
[A] [B]  
[E]That natty dread drink in[(G#m)] the Sheraton H[(E)]otel, yeah.
[A] [B]  
I [F#m]went to the place where [G#m]every white face is an
[A]invitation to robbe[B]ry.
An' [F#m]sitting here in my [G#m]safe european
A B (E ? start interlude)
home. Don't wanna go back there a-gain.
E G#m |A B | (start slow ? singles and doubles)
[/]gain..[/]ainnn, [//] [//] a-
E G#m |A B |
gain..ainnn, ah-
E G#m |Asus2 A | (pick it up A bit)
ah, ahhh, ah-ah, ahh, ah-
E G#m |Asus2 A |
ah, ahhh, ah-ah, ahhhh.
E~ |
Verse 3:
[E]They got the sun,[(G#m)] they got the[(E)] palm trees.
[A] (Oh.. [B]wher'dya go?)
[E]They got the weed,[(G#m)] they got the[(E)] taxies.
[A] [B]  
Whoa, the [E]harder they come and the[(G#m)] home of ol'[(E)] Blue Beat.
[A] [B]  
I'd [E]stay and be a tourist, but[(G#m)] I can't take the[(E)] gun play.
[A] [B] Well I..
I [F#m]went to the place where [G#m]every white face is an
[A]invitation to robbe[B]ry.
An' [F#m]sitting here in my [G#m]safe european
A B (E ? start outro)
home. Don't wanna go back there again.
E G#m |Asus2 A | (start slow/quiet and build throughout)
/ // x / // x / // x/// // x//
E G#m |Asus2 A |
[E]Rudy come [G#m]from Jamaica, [Asus2]Rudy he can't [A]fail..
Rudy come from Jamaica, Rudy he can't fail..
Rudy come from Jamaica 'cuz Rudy he can't fail..
Rudy come from Jamaica, Rudy he can't fail..
[E]Rudy, Rudy-Rudy, [G#m]Rudy, Rudy-Rudy, [Asus2]Rudy he can't [A]fail..
Rudy, Rudy-Rudy, Rudy, Rudy-Rudy, Rudy he can't fail..
[E]A-Rudy loot and a[G#m]-Rudy shoot and a[Asus2]-Rudy come up then back [A]down
Rudy, Rudy-Rudy, Rudy, Rudy-Rudy, Rudy come up then back down
Rudy, Rudy-Rudy, Rudy, Rudy-Rudy, Rudy he can't fail..
Rudy, Rudy-Rudy, Rudy, Rudy-Rudy, Rudy he can't fail..
(enough Rudy's.. now on to the "European home" stuff...)
[E]Nice guy! [G#m]Euuuurrr ? ooo ? [Asus2]peeeee-an [A]ho-oo-me.
Explosive! Euuuurrr ? ooo ? peeeee-an ho-oo-me.
A 24-track! Euuuurrr ? ooo ? peeeee-an ho-oo-me.
??? Euuuurrr ? ooo ? peeeee-an home. You're a
Safe Euuuurrr - ooo - peeeee-an ho-oo-me.
(repeat, mumbling and gargling on ?'s to fade)
I'm not too sure about the interlude, but it sounds nice as shown for a reprieve between
Also, the G#m in the verse may be a bit off, but there is something there that works in
"Capo on 2" version below. The G#m in the Chorus is my main addition here to other tabs.
have said to use a C#m, but that didn't sound right to me. In my 2nd version,
I think the transitions sound really nice, but the voicing is a bit high when using open
I worked both of these versions out myself using a mix of tabs and adding my own
in certain places.
SAFE EUROPEAN HOME (Alt Version with: Capo on 2nd fret)
Chords use:
D = x00232
D/F# = 2x0232 (use thumb)
G = 320003 (or 320033)
G6 = 320000
Em = 022000
F#m = 244222
A = x02220
Well I...
[D]just got back and I wi[D/F#]sh I never leave now.
[G] (Where'd you [D]go?) Who dat
[D]Martian arrival [D/F#]over at the airport, yeah?
[G] (Where'd you [D]go?) How
[D]many local dollars for [D/F#]a local anesthetic?
[G] (Where'd you [D]go?) And the
[D]Johnny on the corner was [D/F#]ah very sympathetic.
[G] (Where'd you [D]go?) Oh I...
[Em]Went to the place where [F#m]every white face is an
[G]in-vi-ta-tion to robber-[A]ry. An'
[Em]sitting here in my [F#m]safe eur-o-pe-an
[G]home. Don't [A]wanna go back there a-
D ~
Play G6's on top strings (highs) then hammer down the 3rd fret notes to make the full G
play mostly on the bottom strings (lows). I think this part sounds even nicer in D's and
than the main version above. The rest of the song I like more without the capo.
[D]Rudy come [D/F#]from Jamaica, [G6]Rudy he can't [G]fail.. (etc.)
[D]Nice guy! [D/F#]Euuuurrr ? ooo ? [G6]peeeee-an [G]home, you're a
safe! Euuuurrr ? ooo ? peeeee-an home.
Hope these are improvements. Send comments and rate, please.

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A Asus2 B D D/F# E Em F#m G G#m G6
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