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Round Here  Counting Crows

Tabbed by: mvenditto
This is the way I play it with my acoustic guitar...
Finger picking and strumming with fingers.
It is not the exact guitar part from the record,
but it got the feel of the guitar + the keyboard part mixed together.
Great to sing along ! Have fun !!!
Tuning: standard
All chords relative to Capo 5
(feel free to ajust capo position to your tone of voice)
[Gsus2] [Asus4] [Bmadd11] [Dsus2]  

[Gsus2] Step out the front door like a g[Asus4]host into the fog
where no one [Bmadd11]notices the contrast of [Dsus2]white on white.
And i[Gsus2]n between the moon and you the [Asus4]angels get a better view
of the c[Bmadd11]rumbling difference between [Dsus2]wrong and right.
I walk [Gsus2]in the air between the rain [Asus4]through myself and back again.
Wher[Bmadd11]e? I don't know[Dsus2].
[Gsus2] Maria says she's dying, through the doo[Asus4]r I hear her crying?
Why? [Bmadd11]I don't know[Dsus2]
[G] [A] [Bm] [D]  

Round here[G] we al[A]ways stand up straight[Bm] [D]
Round here[G], [A]something radiates.[Bm] [D] [Dsus2]
[Gsus2] Maria came from nashville with a [Asus4]suitcase in her hand
She said she'd l[Bmadd11]ike to meet a boy who looks like el[Dsus2]vis
She [Gsus2]walks along the edge of where the [Asus4]ocean meets the land
just like she's [Bmadd11]walking on a wire in the c[Dsus2]ircus
She [Gsus2]parks her car outside of my house[Asus4], takes her clothes off,
Sa[Bmadd11]y's she's close to understanding Jes[Dsus2]us
She kn[Gsus2]ows she's more than just a little m[Asus4]isunderstood
She has trouble actin[Bmadd11]g normal when shes nerv[Dsus2]ous
Round h[G]ere we're c[A]arving out our n[Bm]ames[D]
Round h[G]ere w[A]e all look the sam[Bm]e[D]
Round here[G] we talk just like l[A]ions
But we'r[Bm]e sacrificed like lam[D]bs
Round here[G] she's s[A]lipping through my hand[Bm]s
[E] [A] [E5] [Em7] [Aadd9] [G6]  

[E] [A] wooo[E5]-oh
[Em7] Sleeping children better [Aadd9]running like the w[E5]ind
[Em7] Out of the [Aadd9]lightning dream[E5]
Mam[Em7]a's little baby better get [Aadd9]herself in[E5]
[G6]Out of the l[Aadd9]ightning
[Gsus2] She says[Asus4], "It's only in my [Bmadd11]head."[Dsus2]
She says[Gsus2], "shh...I know it's [Asus4]only in my [Bmadd11]head."[Dsus2]
But the [Gsus2]girl on the car in the parking lot
says:"[Asus4]Man, you should try to take a shot
[Bmadd11]Can't you see my walls are crumbling?"[Dsus2]
Then she [Gsus2]looks up at the building
Say's she's th[Asus4]inking of jumping
She says she's t[Bmadd11]ired of life;
She must be ti[Dsus2]red of something.
Round here[G] she's al[A]ways on my mi[Bm]nd[D]
Round[G] here, hey man, [A]got lots of [Bm]time[D]
Round here[G] we're never sent to bed e[A]arly
and nob[Bm]ody makes us wait[D]
Round here[G] we stay up [A]very, very, [Bm]very, very la[D]te.
I can't see no[G]thin', noth[A]in'
Round her[Bm]e[D]
You catch me if i'm fa[G]lling,
You catch me if i'm f[A]alling,
Will you catch me cause i'm f[Bm]alling down on yo[D]u
I said I am [Gsus2]under the gun[Asus4]
around [Bmadd11]here[Dsus2]
Oh, man I said i'm [Gsus2]under the gun[Asus4]
Round h[Bmadd11]ere[Dsus2]
And I can't see [Gsus2]nothin', [Asus4]nothin'
Round her[Bmadd11]e.

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A Aadd9 Asus4 Bm Bmadd11 D Dsus2 E E5 Em7 G G6 Gsus2
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