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Cab Driver  Daryl Hall

Daryl Hall - Cab Driver
From the album "Can't Stop Dreaming," 2003
As interpreted and tabulated by Reed Peterson
*Standard Tuning*
[Am7/9] [Dm7] [F]  
 e|---7--- e|---5--- e|---1---|
 B|---5--- B|---6--- B|---1---|
 G|---5--- G|---5--- G|---2---|
 D|---5--- D|---7--- D|---3---|
 A|---7--- A|---5--- A|---3---|
 E|---5--- E|---X(5) E|---1---|

[Em/B] [Em7] [G5]  
 e|---3--- e|---7--- e|---3---|
 B|---0--- B|---8--- B|---3---|
 G|---0--- G|---7--- G|---0---|
 D|---2--- D|---9--- D|---0---|
 A|---2--- A|---7--- A|---X---|
 E|---0(X) E|---X(7) E|---3---|

D9 Am Dm7(v.2)
 e|---0--- e|---5--- e|---1----|
 B|---1--- B|---5--- B|---1----|
 G|---2--- G|---5--- G|---2----|
 D|---0--- D|---7--- D|---0----|
 A|---X(0) A|---7--- A|--------|X(0)
 E|---X--- E|---5--- E|---X----|

INTRO - Start the song out with an Am - maybe arpeggio it for a few bars - once the
chords start, play the following progression:
(Am7/9 Em/B Dm7 Em7) X3
[Am7/9]Standin' in the rain[Em/B], cab comes into v[Dm7]iew
asks me where am I goin' [Em7]to
[Am7/9]Runnin' for so long;[Em/B] been gone too man[Dm7]y nights
- and my heart has paid t[Em7]he price
[Am7/9]This ain't heaven; t[Em/B]his ain't the life I bargained f[Dm7]or (oh, no)[Em7]
[Am7/9]My reason for livin'[Em/B] isn't here inside[Dm7] this car
Girl I gotta get back to [Em7]you
[Am7/9]Cab driver, take me [Em/B]home
I spent [Dm7]too much time away; too much time a[Em7]lone
[Am7/9]Cab driver, take me [Em/B]home
I spent [Dm7]too much time away from my baby[Em7]
[Am7/9]I need familiar stre[Em/B]ets to show me that you're [Dm7]near
Feelin' like a stranger h[Em7]ere
[Am7/9]Oh does the mirror s[Em/B]how the miles on my f[Dm7]ace
Am I goin' any pl[Em7]ace
[Am7/9]This ain't heaven; t[Em/B]his ain't the life I was hopin' [Dm7]for (oh, no[Em7])
[Am7/9]My reason for livin'[Em/B] sure ain't here i[Dm7]nside this car
You know I've gotta get back to [Em7]you
[Am7/9]Cab driver, take me [Em/B]home
I spent [Dm7]too much time away; too much time a[Em7]lone
[Am7/9]Cab driver, take me [Em/B]home
I spent [Dm7]too much time away from my baby[Em7]
[Am7/9]Cab driver, take me [Em/B]home
[Dm7] . . . too much time . . .[Em7]
[Am7/9]Cab driver, take me [Em/B]home
I spent [Dm7]too much time away from my baby[Em7]
[D9]I need to see the [G5]lovin' on your [Am]face
D9 G5 Dm7(v.2)
A kiss from your lips - oh, the taste, baby
[D9]Nothing waiting fo[G5]r me but a lone[Am]ly room
[F]I've gotta get back to my baby [G]- soo[Am7/9]n
CHORUS 3 - This is exactly the same as both "CHORUS 1" and "2," simply longer, with
vocal improv drifting over the repeated chorus. Simply play the progression of the earlier
over and over again until the song fades out.
NOTE: Daryl Hall's solo work is definately underrated - this song is is proof of that!!
free to replace the "G5" in the line "Nothing waiting for me but a lonely room" (see
with an "Em" if it sounds better. If the either the rhythm or timing of the chords doesn't make sense,
just listen to the song - it should be pretty self-explanatory.

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Am Dm7 Em/B Em7 F G G5
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