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Orphans of Wealth  Don McLean



Tabbed by:Trephinix
Tuning:EADGBE, Capo on 1st fret
note: he uses a lot of little fills, but they are easy to figure out when
you listen to the recording. The main ones are: on the G chord that ends
the chorus and every second line in the verse he plays something on the
 low E string like: |-0--2--0-| and he plays an F# note between the G and Em

chords in the verse and chorus. Before the Final G in the outro he plays:


The[G]re is no ti[D]me to dis[G]cuss or [Em]debate
What is ri[C]ght, what is wr[D]ong for our peo[G]ple
Tim[G]e has run o[D]ut for a[G]ll those who w[Em]ait
With bent [C]limbs and minds[D] that are fee[G]ble
[G]And the rain fa[Em]lls and blo[C]ws through their wi[D]ndow
[G]And the snow fa[Em]lls and blo[C]ws through their do[D]or
[G]And the seasons revo[Em]lve 'mid th[C]eir sounds of starv[D]ation
[G]When the tides [Em]rise, they [C]cover the f[G]loor
[G]And they come from the no[D]rth and th[G]ey come from the s[Em]outh
And they [C]come from the h[D]ills and they va[G]lleys
And they're mig[G]rants and far[D]mers and min[G]ers and hu[Em]mans
Our cen[C]sus negle[D]cted to ta[G]lly
And they're Af[G]rican, Me[D]xican, Cauc[G]asian, Ind[Em]ian
H[C]ungry and hop[D]eless Amer[G]icans
[G]The orphans of we[D]alth and of ade[G]quate he[Em]alth
D[C]isowned by this nat[D]ion they l[G]ive in
And with we[G]ather-worn ha[D]nds On brea[G]d lines they st[Em]and
[C]Yet but one m[D]ore degrad[G]ation
[G]Yes, and they're treated like tra[D]mps While we s[G]ell them food st[Em]amps
This thriv[C]ing and prosp[D]erous nati[G]on
And with ro[G]aches and ric[D]kets and r[G]ats in the thi[Em]ckets
[C]Infested, dis[D]eased, and deca[G]ying
With ra[G]gs and no sho[D]es and skin[G] sores that [Em]ooze
By the poi[C]sonous po[D]ols they are pl[G]aying
[G]In shacks [D]of two rooms that[G] are rotting woo[Em]d tombs
With cor[C]pses brea[D]thing inside th[G]em
Yes, and we p[G]ity their p[D]light as they [G]call in the n[Em]ight
And we do all[C] that we can [D]do to hide them[G]
[G]And the rain f[Em]alls and bl[C]ows through their w[D]indow
[G]And the snow fa[Em]lls in whit[C]e drifts that fall[D]
[G]and the tides r[Em]ise, with f[C]loods in the nurser[D]y
[G]and a child is [Em]crying
[C]hes hungry and co[D]ld
[C]his life has been s[D]old
[C]his young face looks [D]old
its the fa[C]ce of am[D]erica d[G]ying

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C D Em G
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