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Magdalene Lane  Don McLean

This is my best guess for this song... only heard the version off SOLO
i alternate between the G and C like 320003/320013
Listen to the song for the tempo/strumming
[G]The angels [C]are lost in the[G] city of stars[C]
[G]the wise me[C]n are down on t[G]heir knees.[C]
[G]And the fru[C]itman of freewa[G]y will sell yo[C]u his cars
[G]when he's s[C]ure that you ca[G]n't find the k[C]eys.
And [Am]the ladies on[D] Magdalene l[G]ane
all [Am]worship the sun and t[D]he sand.[G]
And[Am] the migrants who com[D]e can't complai[G]n
for t[C]his is their [Am]promised land.[D]
[G]La la la la la la la la la,
la la la [Am]la la la la.
L[C]a la la la[D] la la [G]la la la,
[G]MGM stu[C]dios can[G]'t make t[C]he nut
[G]they're[C] auction[G]ing Dorot[C]hy's shoes.
[G]Gable i[C]s gone, [G]the good [C]witch is a slut
[G]and I'v[C]e got th[G]e parking[C] lot blues.
T[Am]he wizard brought ben[D]zadrine smiles[G]
a[Am]nd he never let Dorot[D]hy doze.[G]
Sh[Am]e died as she walked [D]down the aisle[G]
and[C] all that rem[Am]ains is her clot[D]hes.
O[C]ver the ra[D]inbow a Kan[G]sas tornado[Am]
[C]can twist up[D] a little gi[G]rlīs head.
A[C]unt Em's on re[D]lief and the t[G]inman's a th[Am]ief
a[C]nd even the wiz[Am]ard can't wake t[D]he dead.
[G]La la la la la la la la la,
la la la [Am]la la la la.
L[C]a la la la[D] la la [G]la la la,,
[G]The prophet [C]has come to t[G]his kingdom o[C]f lights
[G]but there's [C]no one to lis[G]ten or learn.[C]
[G]And the savi[C]or performs f[G]or the prophe[C]t's delight
[G]while dissen[C]ters are bani[G]shed or burne[C]d.
[Am]And the heretics[D] beg to be [G]heard
[Am]but the savior's[D] on tour for[G] the week.
[Am]Salvation is fou[D]nd in his w[G]ord
if[C] only he[Am]'d learn [D]how to speak.
A[C]nd Lincol[D]n is laugh[G]ing with [Am]Amos 'n' Andy
c[C]oncerning [D]the Great Civ[G]il War.
A[C]nd Paul Reve[D]re sleeps with[G] the worst[Am] looking creeps
w[C]hile revol[Am]ution's knock[D]ing at his door.
[G]La la la la la la la la la,
la la la [Am]la la la la.
L[C]a la la la[D] la la [G]la la la,
(single strum)
[G]Magdalene[C] Lane is t[G]he red lig[C]ht domain
[G]where everyo[C]ne's soul is [D]for sale.
[G]A piece o[C]f your hea[G]rt will do[C] for a start
[G]but you can [D]send us the res[G]t in the mail.
[Am]For we have [D]our own famili[G]es to feed
[Am]and we can't [D]let them star[G]ve just for you.
[Am]Well, we'd rathe[D]r not watch [G]while you bleed
so[C] come back [Am]in an hour whe[D]n you're through.
I[G]t's just a[D]nother city fu[Am]ll of sorrow,
i[C]t makes no [D]difference wh[G]y I came.
[C]I only kno[D]w I'm leavin[G]g here tomor[Am]row
[C]and only th[Am]e motel man[D] knows my [G]name

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