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I Want You  Elvis Costello

Song: I want you
Tabbed by:DJ
20th Jan 2013
From the 'Elvis Costello & The Attractions' album 'Blood and chocolate'
[A]Oh, my b[E7]aby, ba[A]by, I love you more than I can t[E7]ell,
I do[A]n't think I can l[A7]ive with - o[D]ut you, and I k[A]now that I n[E7]ever w[A]ill,[E7]
[A]Oh, my b[E7]aby, b[A]aby, I want you so, it scares me to d[E7]eath,
I ca[A]n't say any - m[A7]ore than 'I l[D]ove you!',
Everything e[A]lse is a w[E7]aste of b[F#m]reath![Em]
[Em] I want y[G]ou! You've h[C]ad your fun, you do[B]n't get well no m[Em]ore,
[Em] I want y[G]ou! Your fin[C]gernails go drag[B]ging down the [Ebm]wall,
Be ca[B]reful, da[C]rling, y[B]ou might fall!
[Em] I want y[G]ou! [C]I woke up, and o[B]ne of us was cr[Em]ying,
I w[G]ant you! You s[C]aid, 'Young man, I d[B]o believe you're d[Em]ying!'
I w[G]ant you! If you n[C]eed a second o - pi[B]nion, as you seem to [Em]do, these days,
I w[G]ant you! Y[C]ou can look in my ey[B]es,
And you can c[Ebm]ount the ways! | [B]/_/ [C]/_/ [C]/_/ [B]/_/ |
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
[Em] I want y[G]ou! Did you m[C]ean to tell me, b[B]ut seem to for - [Em]get?
I w[G]ant you! Since w[C]hen were you so gen[B]erous, and inar - ti[Em]culate?
I w[G]ant you, but i[C]t's the stupid det[B]ails that my h[Em]eart is breaking f[G]or,
It's the w[C]ay your shoulders sh[B]ake, and what they're sh[Em]aking for,
I w[G]ant you! It's kno[C]wing that he kn[B]ows you now, after o[Em]nly guessing,
[G] It's the tho[C]ught of him un - dres[B]sing you,
Or.[Ebm].. you undressing! | [B]/_/ [C]/_/ [C]/_/ [B]/_/ |
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
[Em] I want y[G]ou! He to[C]ssed some tatty comp[B]liment your [Em]way
I w[G]ant you, and y[C]ou were fool e - no[B]ugh to love it...
[Ebm] ...When he said, [Em] '[G]I---- want y[C]ou!'[B]
||: /_/ /_/ / /_/ | /_/ /_/ / / :|| (Twice)
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
[Em] I want y[G]ou! The tr[C]uth can't hurt you, i[B]t's just like the d[Em]ark,
It sc[G]ares you witless, b[C]ut, in time, you s[B]ee things clear and s[Em]tark,
I w[G]ant you! Go [C]on, and hurt me, t[B]hen we'll let it d[Em]rop,
I w[G]ant you! I[C]'m afraid I w[B]on't know where to s[Em]top,
I w[G]ant you! I'm n[C]ot ashamed to s[B]ay, I cried for [Em]you!
I w[G]ant you! I w[C]ant to know the th[B]ings you did, that [Em]we did too,
I w[G]ant you! I w[C]ant to hear he ple[B]ases you more t[Em]han I do,
I w[G]ant you! I m[C]ight as well be us[B]eless for all it m[Em]eans to you,
I w[G]ant you! Did you c[C]all his name out a[B]s he held you d[Em]own?
I w[G]ant you! Oh, [C]no, my darling, [B] not with that c[Em]lown,
[G]I----- want y[C]ou![B]
[Em] I want y[G]ou! You've h[C]ad your fun, you d[B]on't get well no m[Em]ore,
I w[G]ant you! No o[C]ne who wants you, [B] could want you [Ebm]more!
| [Em]/ / [G]/ / | [C] [B] I want you! |[Em] / / [G]/ / | [C] I w[B]ant you!
[Em] I want y[G]ou! Ev[C]ery night, when [B]I go off to [Em]bed,
And when I wa[G]ke up, [C] I wa[B]nt you!
[Em] [G] I'm go[C]nna say it o[B]nce again, till [Em]I instill it---[G]--,
[C] [B] [Em] [G]  
 I'm going... going to feel this way un - til you... kill it-----,

[C] I w[B]ant you! | [Em]/ / [G]/ / | [C] [B]I--- want y[Em]ou![G]
[C] [B]I--- want [Em]you! [G] | [C]/ / [B]/ / | [Em]/ ||
A = 022200 G = 320033
E7 = 021300 C = 8 10 10 9 8 8
D = xx0232 B = 799877
F#m = 244222 Ebm = 668876
Em = 022000 E(B5)no3 = 0789xx

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