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First Love  Emmy the Great

this is the first song i've tabbed but was looking everywhere for the chords and
find them so decided i'd give it a go myself. pretty sure its right or at least somewhere near.
free to comment. Emmy is Great!!
Emmy the Great
First Love
I [Am]remember [C/B]how we [C]met
but your [F]name I for[G]get
like the [Am]door that[C/B] I have [C]kept un[G]opened[E]
I re[Am]member [C/B]it was [C]wet
and the s[F]welt and the s[G]weat
and the [Am]shelter [C/B]of the [C]bed we we're [G]clothed [E]in
You were [F]stroking me like a [C]pet
but you [Am]didn?t own me [G]yet
and the [F]tape in the [C]cassette deck was [G]choking
Spat [E]out a broken hallelujah
[Am] [C/B] [C] [F] [G]  
[Am] [C/B] [C] [E]  
But I?ve [Am]seen the [C/B]way the [C]earth
throws its [F]aces with a c[G]urve
You were [Am]waiting [C/B]for the [C]words
to come[G] to yer.[E]
Just to [Am]say that [C/B]you pref[C]er to be [F]lonely
to be [G]cursed
and to [Am]do the [C/B]very wo[C]rst you can [G]do.[E]
Yeah I [F]remember you like a [C]verse
that I [Am]didn?t want to [G]learn
I just l[F]ooked into your [C]eyes
and I [E]knew yer.
Now the [F]thought of you is [C]burnt
[Am] [G] [F] [C] 
on my b[E]ody from the first time you did rewind that line from Hallelujah.
The original Leonard Cohen version.
[Am] [E] [Am] [E] [Am] [C] [F] [C]  
[F]Well I wish that I never [C]met you that day
You said [Am]I have a room and [C]music to play
[F]I have a room let me [C]show you the way
[Am]I wish that I?d never [C]come
[F]But now that I have, I would [C]do it again
I [Am]would forget like I?d [C]piss on a grave
I [F]would forget that I?d [C]piss on a grave
and the [Am]words as they came to my [C]tongue were halle[F]lujah. [C]Hallelujah!
And the [Am]sky was so much [C]bluer
Hal[F]lelujah! [C]Hallelujah!
And the [Am]world was so much [C]newer.
You said [F]I have a room
at the [C]top of the stairs
[Am]I have a room with a [G]view
[F]I know we all have a [C]cross that we bear
and [Am]I?d like to show it to [G]you.[E]
[Am] [C/B] [C] [F] [G]  
[Am] [C/B] [E]  
And you [F]left me in the [C]light
and you [Am]met me in the [G]light
and we [F]only had a [C]night between the [E]two.
You were [F]waiting for the [C]worst
You were [Am]listening for a [G]curse
but the [F]only thing I [C]heard was [E]hallelujah.
[F]Hallelujah! [C]Hallelujah!
And the [Am]sky was so much [C]bluer
[F]Hallelujah! [C]Hallelujah!
And the [Am]world was so much [C]newer.
you said [F]I have a room
at the [C]top of the stairs.
[Am]I have a room with a [G]view.
[F]I know we all have a c[C]ross that we bear
[Am]and I?d like to give it to [G]you.
[F]And I won?t forget how the [C]sky was set
I said [Am]I have a place to go [G]back to.
[F]La La La I will [C]have you yet
I will [Am]carry you there if I [G]have to.
[F] [C] [Am] [G]  
[F] [C] [Am] [G]  
No I [F]won?t forg[C]et no [Am]I won?t[G].
No I [F]won?t forg[C]et no [Am]I won?t[G]
No I [F]won?t forg[C]et no [Am]I won?t[G]
No I [F]won?t forg[C]et no[E].
[E]Woah Woah First Love[Am]

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