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We Are the People  Empire of the Sun

the other examples I've seen on here either have chords missing, or they're not quite right,
so i did ones that sounded most correct to my ears.
the Dsus2/B may have an E bass, i'm not sure.
i'm 90% sure there's 2 guitars playing in the recording, but it's mixed in a way
that its' hard to hear.
the Em, i'm sure there's a guitar playing an Am shape 7th fret, but other than
that i can't hear much.
anyway let me know what you think
We are the people - Empire of the sun strum: v ^ x ^ v ^ x ^
intro[1] [+] [2] [+] [3] [+] [4] [+]
play first 2 lines of verse 1 as intro
verse 1
[Em] [(2)] We can remember [Dsus2/B] s[(2)]wimming in December,
[Cmaj7] Headin[(2)]g for the city lights,[Em] [(1)]in [B7sus4]1975[(1)]
[Em] We s[(2)]hare in each other [Dsus2/B] [(2)] Nearer than father
[Cmaj7] The sce[(2)]nt of a lemon, [Em]drips [(1)]from your [B7sus4]eyes[(1)]
[Em] [(2)] We are the people that rule the world
[Dsus2/B] A for[(2)]ce running in every boy and girl
[Cmaj7] All [(2)]rejoicing in the world
[Em/A] Tak[(1)]e me now [A] [add11/B] We c[(1)]an try
verse 2
We lived an adventure Love in the Summer
Followed the sun till night Reminiscing other times of life
For each every other The feeling was stronger
The shock hit eleven Got lost in your eyes
I [Cmaj7]can?t do[(1)] well when I [Em]think y[(1)]ou?re gonna leave me, but I [Dadd9]know I[(2)] try
Are you gonna [Cmaj7]leave m[(1)]e now [Em] Can?[(1)]t you be be[A/D]lieving [(2)]now (repeat)
verse 3
Can you remember and humanize,
It was still where we?d energized,
Lie in the sand and visualize like its 75 again
verse 4
I know everything about you You know everything about me
Know everything about us
I know everything about you You know everything about me
Know everything about us
(bridge, repeat, fade out)
chords in this song
Em Dsus2/B easy Cmaj7 Cmaj7 (used in the song)
 ---|---|---|---| ---|---|---|---X ---|---|---|---X ---|---|---|---|---X
 ---|---|-1-|---| ---|---|-1-|---| ---|-3-|---|---| ---|---|-1-|---|---|
 ---|---|-2-|---| ---|---|---|---| ---|---|-2-|---| -3-|---|---|---|---|
 ---|---|---|---| ---|---|-2-|---| ---|---|---|---| -4-|---|---|---|---|
 ---|---|---|---| ---|-3-|---|---| ---|---|---|---| ---|---|---|---|---|
 ---|---|---|---| ---|---|---|---| ---|---|---|---| ---|---|---|---|---|

[B7sus4] (eas[Bsus4]y B7sus4)[Em/A] [A] [add11/B] [Dadd9]
 ---|---|---|---X ---|---|---|---X ---|---|---|---X ---|---|---|---X ---|---|---|---X
 ---|---|-1-|---| ---|---|-1-|---| ---|---|---|---| ---|---|-1-|---| ---|---|---|---|
 -4-|---|---|---| -3-|---|---|---| ---|---|-2-|---| ---|---|---|---| ---|---|---|---|
 ---|---|-2-|---| -4-|---|---|---| ---|---|---|---| ---|---|-3-|---| ---|---|-1-|---|
 ---|---|---|---| ---|---|---|---| ---|---|---|---| ---|---|-3-|---| ---|-2-|---|---|
 ---|---|---|---| ---|---|---|---| ---|---|---|---| ---|---|---|---| ---|---|---|---|


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A A/D B7sus4 Bsus4 Cmaj7 Dadd9 Dsus2/B Em Em/A
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